Thursday, 31 December 2009

Do u hear dat? Silence. I've missed basking in it.

It's pretty weird relating the word "Yong" 2 d word "silence" huh? It's been ages la since I've gotten in touch wif my other side. Yea....yr eyes didn't read dat wrongly. Yong can actually shut up. For a few hours.

Lots of ppl mistakenly label me as budak kampung or budak bandar. Some hu knew me in school actually called me a KL kid frm d city. Some, on d other hand, tot I was d typical Trgnu kid. Well, no one is right or wrong. I dun mind being in KL, surrounded by d hustle & bustle. But then....whn I go bak 2 Trgnu, I'm perfectly fine wif d absence of MSN, FB & blogging for a few days or even weeks. In short, dun sedap2 label me wif a certain location la.....I'll adapt perfectly anywhr =p

I rarely find it practical to bitch 2 others abt "hw KL/Trgnu sucks", "my hometown is better", & all those nonsense. Yea, we're pretty lucky to b granted our own transport, gatal2 nak balik hometown evry few wks or so. Bt thn, try tinking of those hu dun hv d opportunity 2 go bak as dey please & u'll get my point. Menyampah la whn I c those ppl rushing off 2 go bak 4 a few days jz cz thr's a short break. Bazir transport fees & time. Dahla tak convenient nak suruh parents fetch & send u 2 d station.

We bitch abt dis & dat daily bt it makes no difference. We complain abt our lousy uni, lousy public transport system, government, & so on bt in d end, all we've wasted is our own time. For instance, my previous post bitching on d education system did not result in a press statement frm our Education Minister, saying dat changes will b made rite? So, y did I bitch then? Well, for starters, bitching:
  • Helps release tension/stress
  • Facilitates ice breaking very well
  • Improves one's communication skills (Honestly, hw many of u out thr hv come across silent ppl hu suddenly chatter like hell during a bitching session?)
  • Promotes critical thinking (If thr weren't any ppl contradicting d majority, evry1 wud bcome mindless robots, obeying the government blindly)
Hypocrite session aside (I bitch yet I condemn it yet I promote it), evry1 is bound 2 bitch la. Tak payah la buat muka tebal tu cakap dis isn't a morally correct pastime. 2 those condemning me now: It's nt as if u sendiri tu angel sangat.

Well, 2 wrap things up, things are not always wat dey seem like on d outside. Nt many ppl hv seen d eerily quiet side of me. Nt many ppl hv seen d studious, competitive side of me hu's out thr 2 beat evry1's marks. So, jangan sibuk nak judge orang lain k? (I myself shud heed dis advice la, hypocrite!). Hmm....I'd better go bak 2 my silence. Tak payah celebrate new year. Bazir tenaga. Macam la screaming & partying around is goin 2 do me any good.

Btw, my mum's asking me: "Shall we scream like mad @ 12a.m. l8r?". My gosh. God surely sent me one helluva crazy freak as a mum.

May your year be a meaningful one, regardless of whether it's uneventful, silent, or plain simple. Happy New Year =p

Monday, 28 December 2009

Sick of being sick.

Haih.....November was d mth whr I spoilt numerous electronic gadgets wif my touch of death.

Well, December is officially my "sick mth". Tak habis2 sakit. Bangun pagi2 2day, bkn main killer lagi migraine. Had 2 cancel my 2tion classes 4 d day. Doctor cakap it's a viral infection so I hv 2 "wait 48 hrs 4 it 2 surface & identify d virus frm d symptoms". In other words, I'll hv 2 wait helplessly 4 my doom :(

Friday, 25 December 2009

Good news first: Congrats to those yang scored in d recent PMR exam!!!
Since I hv notin better 2 do, here comes the bashing part:

Y da effing hell are d so-called "top scorers" multiplying like hell ah? It's like as if d gov's efforts 2 encourage reproduction actually resulted in a spike in d number of smart kids. God knows hw many million straight A's students will be churned out by our education system factory by the time I'm old and hobbling around. It's as if our Ministry of Education is such a miracle generator.

Firstly, is our education system reli getting any better hah? If I'm nt mistaken, thr are still thousands of idiots sitting out thr making noise & pointing fingers 4 nt being able 2 get jobs after graduation. Mula la the neverending saga about our local unis dropping standards. Wat do u expect la wei? Bukan main ramai lagi budak2 scoring hyper results....ntah yang mana uni kita nak pilih. Silap2 dey get a gaggle of dumb-dumbs hu can't even answer a simple Add Maths question. These idiots pun get thrown 2 hell knows wat course dey didn't-even-wanna-join-but-jz-take-it-cz-it's-wat's-given-for-free.

Then, our gov steps in wif words of encouragement confusion, claiming dat dey wan students hu are all-rounded. Wat exactly r dey tinking ha? Dey claim dey wan students hu excel in sports & other stuff bt whn d moment comes after Form 5, dey oni reward those wif gud results. Entah how many academic scholarships I've came across in d newspapers bt then, takde pun secebis sports scholarship. I've known frenz hu are exceptionally talented in d sports sector tapi tak dapat apa2 pun. Their schools use dem 2 get medals, fame, & watsoever then dump them. Kat uni pun cerita sama je. Jahat giler bt dat's d fact in M'sia. Our sports arena always kena curse bt no action is taken @ d root of d problem: kat bangku sklh. Ya la....ada MSSM, MSSD, & all those sports events bt wat happens after all d woo-waa-hoo-haa-yaay? Lepas confetti hilang, attention pun hilang. Kena tolak aside cam tu je.

So....wat's d point of me bitching here? Dun get me wrong, it's nt like I'm saying those straight A holders are useless. It's jz dat.....bukan main banyak nih....entah mana yang betul entah yang mana menumpang. My other point is, are academic results d only thing? Apparently, in Malaysia, d answer's a solid effing YES. I reli reli reli wish all those ppl yang pandai sports (definitely nt including me) get a chance la. If u tell me I didn't get selected over dat guy cz he cn knock me out wif one finger, I'd b happy 4 him cz he deserves dat scholarship. If u tell me dat some other person wif worse results got chosen instead of me cz of background or "plain luck", fuck off la. Macam la saya nk percaya. Maybe my application got lost somewhere along d way, jz like thousands of top scorers hu jz look a little too pale or dark to recognise as equal humans.

Well, hv a nice day. N dun let me catch any1 bitching abt their JPA-ni-bengang-la-lembap-betul-bank-in-my-free-cash. Menyampah.

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Zombieland =p

Hmmm....I seem 2 like movies which aren't so typical, do I? Anyway, Kishan requested 4 dis "review"'s more like I-jz-wanna-bitch-on-my-blog-n-tell-u-wat-movie-I've-watched-session each time la....

Anyway, here's the lowdown:
  • There's no stupid intro spent wasting time showing hw scientists discovered a new virus called XOXO1234 bla bla typical global scientists/politicians meeting & declaring an international emergency. Just wacky zombies popping out in d beginning.
  • U'll notice d absence of super-famous-celebrities sticking their faces in d movie. @ least the actors/actresses in dis movie look like ordinary ppl so d public won't go: "Shit....I'll only survive a zombie attack if I look good, walk around showing my six pack & glow in sunlight!". Besides, d guy is actually sorta adorkable.
  • Whn watching d movie, I actually felt like it gave me wat d trailer promised. Other movies usually give d biggest coming-soon-mega-blockbuster-wajib-tengok feeling in their trailers but fail to deliver. This one doesn't make u feel like u've been conned.
  • Oh, I almost 4got 2 tell u guys/gals: It's reli funny. No melebih2 trying-too-hard jokes by famous actors/actresses who suck. Jz watch out if u can't stand d disgusting parts involving blood splattering around.
  • N for once, there's actually a orang putih movie which doesn't spend ages in kissing scenes! If I'm nt mistaken, d only actual kissing scene in d movie lasted less than a minute. D couple's chemistry in d movie seems normal 2 me, which is just fine. After all, we can't expect our kisses in real life to last ages, with d ppl around us getting a spinning 360 degree view rite? Ada ker orang miang2 kiss sampai cam tu in reality?
  • Simplicity. Dat seems to be my "thing" these days whn watching movies. Simple intro, kill zombies, meet girl, kill zombies to save girl, happy ending. Senang je. Tak payah special effect melebih2 wif slow motion flying cars & all those crap. Bt thn, u jz hv 2 tell d geek in yr brain 2 shut up sumtimes. If nt, u'll probably wonder hw these ppl manage 2 kill so many zombies single-handedly.
Btw, I tink d cutest & funniest character in d movie is actually d big tough guy. Jz watch d movie & u'll see y I tink so.....


D thing is, many, if nt all clazmates will b saying: "It's finally over....woohoo!!!"

Bt I'll b d one cringing. I dun like long holidays. I wanna attend classes, see my frenz, chatter while d lecturer is teaching, & all those redundant stuff we take for granted. I seriously dunno wat 2 do now. Maybe I'll jz clean d hse. Mayb I'll find something new 2 do daily. Mayb I'll jz spend time eating.


Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Apa kata aku tapor mu? Ish....apa la ni....whn I wanna register, d website oni shows Lecture available. Then, whn I click, keluar pulak "Dis unit needs 1 Lecture & 1 Tutorial". Mana la I can register if it isn't there? Then.....go 2 UTAR check & Voila! All slots are taken. Kena la fill up d form & cam nak cari mana2 staff uni hu's responsible 4 dis & tapor smpai dia jd gila....amik kau!!!

On a lighter tone, I went out wif Amin, Z, Limah, & Ain @ Times Square 2day & went out wif Chris, Daph, & Nee @ Pyramid 2day. Thx alot guys 4 helping me burn time in a fun manner!!!

Btw, Zombieland's nice!


I said I'll do sumtin 4 u.

But I didn't.

Sry ah.....I guess Gossip Girl is 2 hard 2 resist. I'll make it up 2 u ^_^

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Hmmm....esok ada Academic Writing finals.

Ari ni kwn2 ada kat KL.....Z, Ain, Limah, Amin yg mmg lama dh sy x jumpa.

Hmmmm.....while most ppl will ponder "Which 2 choose ha? Go out 2day or study 4 2moro's exam?", I guess dey dun c sumtin obvious:

D outing is 2day.
D exam is 2moro.
Timing ada clash ker? No!!!!

Pergi je....baca notes dlm bas while ignoring other ppl punya staring la =p

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

The Princess & The Frog

Ok....went 2 watch d movie 2day. Finally, we hv a simple movie in d cinema after such a long without:
  • A blown-up melebih2 poster showing Photoshopped movie stars yang entah reti act tak (Boring la c d same faces often....)
  • Lots of unreasonable snogging (Do u hv any idea hw much time movies waste showing over2 kissing scenes whr d bloody camera rotates round & round d snogging couple?!)
  • Sex scenes which reli show notin bt simply play sensual music peppered with "Ooohs" & "Aaaahs" (Hands up for those hu wan movies 2 actually show our fav actors/actresses punya harta benda rather than them bouncing in bed, covered)
  • A complicated storyline (X-likes-Y-who's-the-ex-of-Z-who-killed-A-who-is-B's-long-lost-relative-etc....)
  • Global warming (seriously annoying thing keeps popping up in movies....come on la...WE KNOW!!!)
  • Total destruction, things being blown up jz 2 show off d l8est special effects technology (now it's seriously melebih2, I dah PUAS tengok natang nih!)
  • Good acting (or technically, voice-overs).....CHECK!
  • Simple, straightforward, & believable storyline.....CHECK!
  • Sentences which are easy on the ears (no melebih2 jargons).....CHECK!
  • No over-animation (whr d bright objects on d screen make yr eyes wanna pop)....CHECK!
  • A predictable yet desirable & appealing ending.....CHECK!
  • Basic humour without trying too hard (and no dirty sexist jokes).....CHECK!
Basically, I liked The Princess & The Frog coz of its simplicity. In this age whr those bloody filmmakers are trying 2 grab ppl wif catchy posters, billion-dollar-superstars, or eye-popping visual technology, a blast from our good old cartoon days is just the thing I nid 2 soothe my eyes. Thank you Disney ^_^


Laziness is in the air....


Chattin wif fren hu's still @ hometown
"Feel so lazy..."
"I also feel lazy....and don't even feel like coming back for exam..."

Chattin wif hsemate hu's only a few metres away frm me
"Eh...u wan me print exam slip onot?"
"Ya hor....4got de....wait ah...."
"U pass d file 2 me la..."
"Aiya...lazy....I email u la..."
(hsemate appears behind me)
"Oh...good....I no nid 2 walk. I put p/drive then give u la"
(hsemate disappears, went 2 kitchen)
Haih....lazy 2 walk la...I guess I hv to do dis..."
(Pushes "office chair", flying around d hse on wheels jz 2 pass a p/drive)

Chattin wif another hsemate
"Eh....she's(roommate) sleepin...vry nice pose summore...."
(Too lazy 2 walk over)
"Oooo....faster snap photo!!!"
(Also lazy 2 walk over)
"I send 2 u thru MSN..."
(Once again, lazy)
"Waaah!!! I send 2 ____(hsemate) now (thru MSN) la!!!"

Seriously, we all feel lazy especially during d exam season, don't we?

Monday, 14 December 2009

PM exam

Haih.....latest additions to my sick list:

  • vomit
  • cibit-ribit (diarrhea)
Oh yea....guess wat? Dey occured during my Pengajian Malaysia finals. -_-

Monday, 7 December 2009


There you have it...proof! Nid I say more?

I'm bak!!! (Not dat any1 cares much =p)

Well, for starters, d PC fair punya crowd's getting smaller. It must b coz of d economic crisis or probably cz we're gettin sick of these OMG-yet-another-PC-fair. Bought a pair of Sony in-ear earphones cz my bloody Philips one were dead. Erm...technically, one of them died la. Cn listen on d right ear oni.

List of murder victims last month due to my death touch:
  • PC
  • PC monitor
  • Handphone (broke screen, costed RM200+)
  • Hema's laptop adapter (sorry!!!)
  • Earphones
Haih....memang nasib malang. Hope dis month I get d "touch of life" instead la. Anyway, since I managed 2 snag a PSP frm Christine (dey hv 2 lying in d cupboard collecting dust), I cn watch "The Family Guy" til I go nuts =p

Oh, ya, b4 I forget, 2 those AS students creating a big fuss over nex sem's course registration, dun worry. UTAR won't abandon you r money...., k?

14th: List of subjects available for viewing. (during d 1st day of exams...haih....)
21st: Registration starts. ( last minute for exam or engage in a kiasu war wif other registering students?)

Hope u survived my incomprehensible non stop chatter dis time. Bye2~

Thursday, 3 December 2009

And the list continues....

(sent to mum via sms)

In chronological order:

feverish headache

and now....


Benci betul.....I feel a sore throat approaching.....

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

"Ladies, you can get your tiny brains to rest. Once again the world has proven - anything you can do, I can do better."

Yet another reason to watch Gossip Girl. The evil lines.....

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Sorry =p

I've noticed dat some blogs aren't being updated in d blog roll section on d right though memang confirm update liao actually.....entah la Blogger got wat prob....sry ah =p

Monday, 30 November 2009

Smlm bkn main happy lg sbb kedai 2 call sy, blh gi amik "package" sy....mana lerr tau, tetiba je sakit.



Any1 hu cn c me nw will kno @ a glance dat I'm sick. Mr. so-hot-in-here-why-u-shivering-haha Yong is wearing long pants, a jacket, & occasionally socks. Wat da heck? Sum1 yg memang tak takut sejuk suddenly wearing all these? Weird huh....Hema says I look like an Eskimo....

Well, @ least I'm sick now, nt during d finals la (touch wood)....

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Ramblings of an old man...

I was lookin ard 4 sumtin 2 write & I saw d Up DVD on my PC desk (sry ah HC, nt yet return 2 u).....

Descriptive/Narrative Essay

I swear she would have enjoyed this if she was alive....screaming happily in the air, free. As if on cue, the wind whispers in my ear, reminding me that I'm not alone. How did i end up several hundred feet up in the air, stuck with a talking dog and annoying boy? Who cares? I'm too old to think about these matters.


The wooden boards voice their dissatisfaction with creaks and groans but I can't blame them for straining under the load. After all, I am in the same predicament. Who would have thought that over the years, that young boy, full of zeal would turn into this old man struggling to take a few steps? Heck, even switching the television channel kills my fingers now.

I miss her.

The fight for dominance of the television. The scent of her shampoo as I embraced her. The light rays bouncing off her lush auburn hair. The eternal moments spent together. I struggle to hold on to the memories as my mind ages. It's like trying to keep sand from slipping through your fingers. As hard as you try, some grains eventually escape, lost forever.

I guess everyone will have their time on Earth. When they're gone, the best thing we can do is to cherish them. After all, life goes on.

Seriously boring & unpolished la dis piece. Biar lerr....saja gatal2 type abit oni ma =p

My Ass-A's.....

Dun get d title wrong ok? I'm jz gatal-ed 2 spam random essays here when I feel like doin so. Saja =p

Thursday, 26 November 2009

The Horror!!!






I'm such a bloody sceptic!!! Went 2 watch 2012 ysterday......Hema & I were pointing out all d discrepancies we observed throughout d movie. Over-zealous science students eh?

"Eh...whr cn liddat one...technically it'll b like dis..."
"If dis one can will be like...."
"Dis one memang melebih2 ni!!!!"
"Wat la dis tu pun ada..."

I reli enjoyed d shooting session!!! Nex time, I better duduk sbelah Hema....blh tembak puas2!

Btw, whn u watch 2012, pls numb yr mind abit & ignore d cacat-ness of its facts & its (sometimes) crappy acting. Sit back, watch d effects yang melebih2 kaboom-kabaam-fly-here-fly-there & all those destruction d public seems to be so addicted to watching. God knows hw many times I was annoyed with d explosion, cheesy predictable dialogue, & OMG-u're-seriously-trying-to-make-me-cry parts....haih....tengok je la ya?

I'd rather watch Esther murder the world in 3 years time. More drama & definitely better acting frm dat superb actress.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Simply throwing a photo here (took it randomly otw 2 Jusco). LoL =p

Monday, 23 November 2009


Note to public: Beware of Yong Chyn Wei.

Approach with caution....
  • Highly dangerous human specimen --> Handle with caution
  • Volatile emotionally
  • Known to explode for no reason
  • Calm at times, easily provoked on unknown occasions
  • Can cause serious burns on victims if left untreated

  • Exudes an obvious "Don't come near me aura" when in "danger mode", especially when awakened from his nap
  • Telltale signs include: Sour face, constant angry expression, sharp eyes
  • Please approach with caution

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Well...obviously la ada new template! Gatal2 tangan 2day.

In fact, my hands were so itchy dat I walked 2 Jusco, bought ingredients, & went bak home 2 make sushi wif my hsemates. Uber nice...siap invite2 lagi Ah Wei....

I shall let the pics do d talking (more on FB) =p

Well...after all d trouble & stress...we're finally here!!! Approaching d end of Sem 3 I guess....

Memang lama tak pegang kalkulator...entah la reti guna ke tak....well, @ least I hv my ever-reliable hsemates 2 pester....

who might just kill me wif their killer stares.

Well, at least thr's a pretty nice morning view...

Evening view....

and of course, nite view =p

Will nex sem b as fun as dis? Better keep my fingers crossed.....

Monday, 16 November 2009


I'm back! My bro fixed my pc =p

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Yr 1 Sem 2

D results are out.....I met some of my expectations then hor, damn lucky wei. My nice parents nvr nag me kau2. Thank god I hv such parents. Though dad nags abit, his intentions are good la. He knows I cn score so he pushes me abit 2 score lo. Too bad I dunno whether I'll b as gud as him onot la =p

"Pass de can liao must try hah....dun slack...."

Thank you!!!!

Oh...ya....wonder how my frenz are doin in programming....Kishan, Daph, Nee, PB & d others how ah? I super super pray u guys/gals score in yr programming....u all memang put alot effort in! If dun score l8r I'll blame myself tau!!!

Tuesday, 13 October 2009


What if I suddenly realise I'm not homesick @ all? Selama ni, aku ingt aku bkn main "kuat hati" lg....x nangis pun ms sy mula2 duk kat KL. Suddenly reality hits me jz like dat.

When was d last time I missed home? I can't comprehend wat's happening.....y dun I miss this place anymore? Coming here doesn't incite euphoria, excitement, happiness, or any emotions any more. It's like......I've detached myself frm my home.

Where is my home now?



Bak 2 normal now.....saja emo2 awhile earlier =p
Home is not where my house is. It's where my heart is.
I hv several homes in Kemaman, several in KL, one in Poland (miss u like hell!!!), several in Shah Alam, several in Kampar, & all around the world....
I'm not lost la. Just gatal2 tangan =p

Sunday, 27 September 2009


It's over.

Thanks to....

Hema, for tolerating my unrelenting pestilence.
Kishan, for constantly reminding me 2 b happy-go-lucky & take it easy.
Daphaney, for the company and last minute help.
Michael, for the endless entertainment/distraction on MSN while studying.
Phoebe, for the superb crash course.
Zhen Hui, for providing countless Facebook fun & madness.
Pui Yee, for sama2 hoping for our failure (inside joke =p).
Chris, for helping me @ d last moment though it seemed futile.
Victor, for occasionally helping me see things in a different light.
Ah Nee, for helping me even when I randomly shove a question in yr face.

Special Mention:
Christine, for providing me a place 2 hang out b4 & after d exam (and most importantly, a DS!!!)

Mum & Dad, for being there & constantly reminding me not to push myself too hard. Come on la, hw many parents in d world tell their kids: "Dun study la...go play games awhile....". Uber cool!!!

Thursday, 24 September 2009

One more....

It's over(hopefully).

Regardless of how well or badly I did, I'm super happy dat I could at least write down sumtin during d test. Reli hoping dat I won't see his face again in d same claz nex sem.

One more to go. I don't wanna disappoint Dr. Wong. Here goes....

Monday, 21 September 2009

I've found my new home ages ago. D prob is, I've been inundated wif calls & smses asking me abt my current room. Padan muka me la.....gatal2 pop notices on9.

God knows hw many times I've said "'s been rented out..." 2day (or even dis wk!). So, I jz went 2 d website 2 drop notice. Reli hope I get no more annoying calls after dis...haih...

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Modern Mum

Wat da ****?!?!?!?!

I jz found out dat my mum's making ketupat.

And she learnt it from YouTube.


Fighting on...

I really have to fight for this subject.

D fella is one helluva an asshole....if u tink dis is merely a personal opinion, try asking my clazmates. I bet 99% of them will agree. So....I'm here trying to cram around 10 chapters into 4 days....which means I nid 2 settle 3 chapters a day, 1 chapter in 3 hours.

I'll survive. I wanna prove 2 dat asshole hw useless he is. I'm perfectly capable of learning the subject from scratch wif d help of my friends & primarily myself =p

Friday, 11 September 2009

Well....went 2 UTAR 2day 2 settle d hse matter. Turns out dat evry1 had to sacrifice sumtin in d end.

Highlights of the day:
-->Went 2 c programming lecturer 2 bug him wif questions & c whr I went wrong in d mid term...mostly theory questions la I suck =p

-->Watched Hema & Kishan getting splashed (MAJOR) @ d genting klang road near TBR. I tell u ah....we were all screaming as we turned bak & watched dem gettin drenched wif filthy water (thx 2 speeding cars).

-->Did one past yr paper (programming). Finally I start studying la....bukan main kecoh & bangga =p

Thursday, 10 September 2009


I'm seriously lazy. Life....studies....blogging...facebook....u name it. Semuanya kena abandoned.

Except cleanliness la. Nothing beats d satisfaction of killing those stubborn dirt stains on d floor, drowning d hse wif my vacuum's noise, & of course, nagging Hema (Saying "Dirty girl!!!!" almost daily). Apparently, my hsemates dun share the same enthusiasm. I watch wif itchy fingers as they rendam the utensils in d kitchen sink....leave the rubbish unattended....haiz~

~Went out for "The Orphan"~
I dare say it's one of the best, paling unique movies I've seen. Definitely not a typical cookie-cutter movie. I mean....take a look @ d movies in d cinemas nowadays. They always fall into the following categories.

i) Comedy love stories
->(vice versa aso can ah)Guy meets girl, guy clashes wif girl/falls in love @ first sight. After all sorts of nonsensical drama woven around a thin plot, we all kno d typical happily ever after ending.

ii) BOOM BOOM POW movies
->Regardless of wat freakin plot dey come out wif, these movies are basically the same. Dey attract u wif action packed-snippets in their commercials. When u reach d cinema, u actually realise dat's wat d whole freakin movie is abt: packed wif action. Wif explosions happening everywhere, panicky music, lari sini lari sana, boom here boom there, the whole thing jz leaves u stunned. Mayb I'm fussy bt then, I'm lookin 4 a legitimate storyline here la. Not some non-stop wham-in-my-face action. Dun u get sick of dat after 30 minutes into the movie?

iii) Horror movies
->Thank god these movies are getting lesser by the numbers. I've told all my frenz dat I'm super scared of ghosts. If u wanna play a joke on me, DO NOT involve ghosts. I sure can cry wan.

So......wat's so different abt The Orphan?
->Esther's nt yr typical main character. She's mean, evil, obsessive, & doesn't give a 2nd thought abt getting wat she wants. Heck, I was even screaming "Go Esther" in the cinema! I kno some parts of d movie are a bit disgusting (d bloody, violent scenes which stupid FINAS censored, d lousy sex scene) but overall, dis movie reli rocked me. Definitely nt evry1's cup of tea (my fren hated it) bt I dare say dat girl is one helluva actress. Can kick Dakota Fanning aside if she keeps this up la.

~Settled my favourite subject punya coursework~
->I kno many ppl hate me unintentionally cz I love dis subject (which dey suffer at). Hey....dun bother blaming my "xtra" in Foundation kay? Nonsense. U'll notice dat I'm always good @ certain subjects & shit in the rest. Consistency isn't my forte. So....if u hate me for scoring in dis subject, take a look @ my coursework marks 4 other subjects & u'll b laughing :P

~Suffering for my finals (arriving nex Monday)~
->Malas la!!!!

K la...I'd better go start revising abit. I didn come 2 degree 2 score gila high (done dat before liao) bt I didn't come here 2 leave w/out good results. Scoring jz nicely & enjoying uni life @ d same time....possible? Y not? :p

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

U ditch me, & I ditch.....

Ainul Mardhiah Ubaidillah!!!!

Berani mu gi Poland x kabo ke aku!!! U asked me 2 send u ms kat KLIA & I agreed. Gane pulak mu x kabo2 ke aku yg mu gi dh?! Ish!!!

Biarlah. Dh jd gitu. Since mu ditch sy w/out warning, I'm goin 2 ditch some1 too. Baru sedap skit tgn gatal sy nih....

Saturday, 15 August 2009


Another killer week is coming!!! 2 tests on Monday, 1 on Friday, & 1 more comin on Saturday!!! Benci!!!

Well, the fact that so many tests are coming only serves to further encourage me to procrastinate, won't it? So, here I am, typing hell knows what. So many annoying problems have been flooding my mind lately, caused by equally annoying people. On one hand, there's a bunch of people who deserve the orang-paling-hipokrit in the world for saying one thing & doing another.

On the other hand, there's one guy: Mr. Annoying-As(s)-Hell. I jz dun understand how da hell such an annoying jerk can exist in this world! Dat day, I was actually considering:
  • >Wat's d possibility dat such an annoying person exists on Earth?
  • >Wat's d possibility dat d person would come to UTAR to study?
  • >Wat's d possibility dat d person would end up in d same campus, faculty, course, and tutorial group as me?
And yet, I'm unfortunate enuf to be bestowed wif d presence of dis nuisance in my life. There's d fact dat he:
  • >Loves to pop unnecessary, long-winded questions (especially during the final claz of the day) while d whole claz is itching to go back.
  • >Stops halfway while asking his question, attempt to explain his question, confuse the lecturer like hell, piss the claz like hell, and finally ask us to forget wat he was asking jz bcoz he himself didn't kno wat he was asking.
  • >Come sticking his face within centimeters of yr face, spooking the hell outta u whn he asks u stuff.
I could go on and on rambling bout dis annoying fella but then, he would have already graduated by then, assuming dat I dun kill him 1st. Even then, I dun tink I'll b able to continue blogging bout his annoying traits while I'm in jail for killing him, rite?

Well, here's a bunch of photos (not sleeping ones ah!) showcasing d several poses my clazmates hv:

Chris, sleepy mode. (Dis isn't a sleeping photo!)

Victor Lim, "thinking" mode? (Actually it's his way of 'sitting' in claz la)

Kishan, god knows pose number wat. Dis fella can come up wif poses naturally anywhr.


Miss Hema, wif a pose I seriously can't describe. Well, I hv 2 admit her head looks sorta like a rose.

BTW, I've further updated my other blog.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

After a week's hiatus, my bloody pc I'm back. Sadly, after only one day, my pc buat hal lagi. Kena lerr hntr gi kedai skali lg...haiz...

Anyway, I'm in d blasting mood. Get the password from me.


After reading d post, u'll probably be wondering wat da hell's wrong wif me. So wat?

Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Pretty sleepy now so I'll jz throw in a bunch of photos. It's d mini no-tests season (4 days) so I reli nid 2 catch up on my sleep. I'm nt capable of sleeping in d claz easily like some ppl.

Ah Nee sleeping somewhr in S block, 1st sem.

Chris sleeping in DK. Usually sleeps during Hema's favourite lecturer's claz.

Kishan sleeping in DK. Practically capable of sleeping in any claz when he wants to.

Wei Kiet sleeping in SE block. Poor fella spent so much effort trying to steal my phn & korek it in hopes of deleting this photo. Too bad :P

Phoebe, not sleeping. Super sensitive to cameras, capable of knowing whn I wanna snap a photo of her snoozing.

That's it....I better sleep....

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Sori la wei....damn lazy & tired to update....not to mention dat I'm was disturbed by a sick bunny. As most AS students in UTAR will surely kno, our course is one of d courses yang paling banyak tests, quizzes, assignments, assessments, & etc. I better warn those interested in taking up dis ain't easy. Other students ada lab report every week, we have several tests weekly. Bukan main stress lagi la wei.

Here's Miss BBQ looking like a carrot (quoted from Victor Lim)...stress la studying while paying attention to lecturer in front.

The aftermath of our first calculus test....frantic scribbles on d table by one of our top students...

Oh...ya...d fact dat we're taking Programming as a subject aso bugs us like hell. Many clazmates dun seem 2 get wat d lecturer's teaching. Thank god I had Mr. Lau "Sien" Lerk 2 teach me d basics during Foundation. But then, d not-so-fortunate students end up so stressed during practical in d comlab dat dis happens...check out the photo below...

Well. one thing's for sure: we sure nid our daily dosage of sleep, tak kira kat mana la ya. Unfortunately, I'm not so pro as some ppl hu cn sleep instead of revising b4 d test.

Aiyo...readers must be wondering why d heck I used d word "stress" so many times liao....nvm la, let's use another pretty close equivalent: "tension". While other students are suffering under the stressful environment, some ppl still hv d time for some "tension" between them...oooohhhh.....

(Credits to Nyiam & Christine, my fellow paparazzis 4 d last photo. Perfect!)

Thursday, 23 July 2009


Tangguh skit la ya? Malas la...

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Lately, it seems dat I've neglected my blog...

Malas nak ambik gambar utk di-post kat blog...

N fortunately (for her), the hype surrounding miss BBQ is fading fast....

Wat 2 do? Study jela & hope dat annoying distractions dun come my way...

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

They're here. The dreaded tests.

Scored full marks for one test and 1/2 for another. Weird huh? Nevertheless, dat won't discourage me. I'm not going to whine about my marks cz dat won't change them. I won't put on a thick face and tell the world "I didn't study so I'm happy enuf wif my marks". I won't point fingers at others, blaming them.

I'll just see what errors I made and practice more. And of course, have fun along the way in a variety of methods. Lasering, playing pranks, outings, and lots of laughter coz I know that I'm not the genius most ppl tink I am.

After all, giving petty excuses for not being a genius is so lame, isn't it?

Monday, 6 July 2009

My mum's one of the coolest mothers on Earth.

Which other mum would call her son from 300-plus kilometres away, ask the customary "Are you at home?", then immediately proceed to instruct her son to elaborate wat exactly happened in the Transformers movie (cz her VCD was corrupted). Once the mother is satisfied with her son's recount of the movie, she does not hesitate to hang up & continue watching the movie. No "How r u?", "Wat u doin?", "How's yr studies?" or other motherly crap.


Saturday, 4 July 2009

Hidden But Not Unseen

I could ramble endlessly bout wat I did these few days but somehow, I don't feel like doing that.

~Watch Transformers. Most of it was nice. I jz can't blame myself for spoiling the movie wif 2 many "smart observations". For instance, d mum-hyper-on-cookies part was ridiculous. At the end, every1 was bloody & dirty except for Megan Fox who had perfect spotless skin even though she went thru shit. Better ask her wat cosmetics she uses.

~Went 2 Pyramid 2 do sumtin else bt ended up meeting wif sis & jalan2ing wif her. Watched Ice Age 3. D movie is nice only if u temporarily suspend logic for around 2 hours. Nevertheless, pretty fun.

~Went 2 Westin Armada Hotel, Mid Valley then Petaling Street in a few hours wif Nyiam & HC. Memang buat kerja gila jalan2 tengah2 malam.

Some things are hidden bt dat doesn't mean they're unseen to others. I know some ppl hu tink I dunno dat dey:
~told a big fat lie to the world
~hate me like hell
~cover their emptiness by acting like dey're so special
~fail to carry out things as promised (and expect me not to notice dat)
~act unconvincingly in front of me

I may not see everything, but I notice quite a few things. "Sorry" for being such a smart ass.

Saturday, 27 June 2009


Since Blogger doesn't allow me 2 post password-protected posts, I'll post some stuff like dis on my WordPress blog. Ask me for the password & I'll most probably give it to you anyway.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

I'm Not Dumb!

It's not dat I'm becoming dumb.
It's jz d fact dat things aren't as easy as they used 2 be.
Laziness isn't the asset as it used to be.

Random pics.

D view from my condo, taken when I felt d sky colour was sorta nice.

A photo of d class' girls, taken somewhere in Sem 1.

Basic Professional Writing tutorial, Sem 1.

Mengada sign in Jaya One, taken last week.

A sweet smile, taken in KLCC.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Baju Bertimbun

Mula2, sedap le sy procrastinate smpai laundry menggunung.

Sampai ms retribution, kena ler basuh dgn penuh lengohnya...

Mentang2 dh survive ordeal tu, procrastinate lg...

Ni dh smpai ms lipat bju pulak.


Saturday, 20 June 2009


Ni memang angkara Cik Pei San @ BBQ (Blur Blur Queen) & Daphaney.

Gmbr2 ngada Miss BBQ memang cukup tempting utk sy laser puas.

Miss Daphaney pulak x abih2 srh sy wat account semata2 nk laser org.

So, sy join Facebook le. Mana la tau tgn sy hok mmg dh lembik gi rock/wall climbing ni kena pulak 2nd round ngan si Facebook...x abih2 kena klik sini klik sana, taip sini taip sana....tengok2 smpai pulak ms add org. Nk t'cabut jari add org. Dhla Facebook jahat 2 duk refresh list "suggested frenz" non-stop.


(Actually, ni akibatnya ada niat jahat. Kononnya nk bukak account utk laser & seksa org, mana tau kena seksa pulak....)

Update: Enjoyed my 1st nite in Facebook. 1 nite only 40+ ppl add me liao :
I bet frenz hu sign in 2moro sure shocked seeing BBQ's photo comments....


Life can seem like it's upside down at times...

But then, we have frenz 2 help us thru life sumtimes...

Helping a little wif our studies...

SMS-ing/chatting wif us in times of boredom (or blurness)...

Lending a shoulder to lean on (or actually leaning their shoulder near u la)...

Sticking 2gether thru d times...

Friday, 19 June 2009

Wall Climbing

Uber tired.

2 those hu pakat-ed to threaten me wif isolation if I didn't turn up 2day, thank you. I never knew a fat ass like me could do wall climbing :P

2 my two parents hu travelled all d way from Kemaman, dropped by, said hi, unloaded supplies, & gave me a mini oven (b4 u get ideas of me wasting money, lemme tell u it's used), thank you soooooo much!!!!

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Tennis Finals

Guess it's time for a lighter post after the previous one :P

Few weeks ago, we went 2 Mr. Kishan Kumar's place 2 watch d tennis finals (I seriously dunno wat tournament it was). Stakat nyibuk2 je & aso 2 watch Hema havoc2 wif Kishan as usual.

Tuan rumah, Mr. Kishan

Madam Rumah Miss Hema, the gila2 Djokovic fan...

Unfortunately, since Djokovic was out, Hema chose 2 b anti-Kishan. She supported Soderling in d finals. Tau2 jela wat happened.

Presenting....penyibuk2 lain yang menganggu Hema dan Kishan....

Cik Daphaney...

Cik Yen Nee...

Sori la ya muka blogger takde. Bukannya ada org nk tgk pun :P

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

My Effing Scholarship

~Being a scholarship holder isn't easy~

2 events yesterday made me want 2 say dat.

1) Some guy (in claz) kept asking bout Hema's grades (subject by subject) & her GPA. After every answer he said "But you're Hema! U can't get dis kinda marks! You're Hema!"

Do you know how seriously irritating dat is? Dahla lecturer tengah ngajar kat depan, budak ni sibuk kacau kita, dengan sedapnya demoralizing us. Saying dat "U're nt supposed 2 get dat results" is sorta motivating 2 us; it shows dat ppl look up to us. However, there's a limit whereby those repeated comments should stop. Period. After dat, it becomes demoralizing & annoying, not to mention plain rude.

Ppl look @ Hema & I & immediately assume we're geniuses while d fact is, we worked our asses off 2 get d scholarship. Ko tau tak, nk dapat scholarship tu bukannya mustahil. U jz hv 2 work for it. Having scholarships doesn't mean we're super special 4-flat students, especially in degree. So wat if we got barely above 3.1 in our first sem? Wat's important is dat we tried la. After all, we're humans.

2) Some girl (outside claz) said dat she had 2 worry bout spending & saving her parents' money while Hema & I didn't cz d 2 of us had scholarships.

My first reaction (inside) was

Wat the fuck?!

U tink we damn fun ah ada scholarships? We're d ones working our butts off 2 keep our scholarships barely afloat while others sedap2 skip classes & get a PTPTN loan. Here's one more thing: Having a scholarship doesn't mean we're rich or have more money to spend. It means we care enuf bout our parents' finances & hope save more money. Others pulak can skip classes, go on outings, balik rumah frequently. Who's d one wasting their parents' money? Ngata orang tapi tak sedar diri.

OK la, maybe we have no right to comment on how you burn "save" yr parents' money. But then, ko ingat mentang2 Hema & I ada biasiswa, ko boleh tepek muka kita ngan label "Xtra money to spend"?

Wat da hell do you tink you're saying?!

The money we saved from the scholarship does not go into our hands to fling around. We DO NOT, we repeat, DO NOT have extra money to spend jz bcoz of our scholarship.

Since you're so adamant bout saving yr parents' money, here's some tips from Mr. I-have-more-money-to-spend-so-I-don't-give-a-damn-bout-my-parents'-finances a.k.a me:
  • ~Cut your class-skipping acts. If you use your brain & think,
Skipping classes does not equal saving yr parents' money.
In contrast, you're skipping something yr parents' actually paid for.
Sorry ah....I retract d last statement. U have a loan rite? Not yr parents paying...sorry2...
  • ~Get better grades. Dat reduces d chances of u failing & repeating subjects. Tolong gok mak ayah mu jimat skit yuran.
  • ~Reduce yr outings. I simply don't get the point of goin out, spending money, & then claiming that "My parents aren't dat well off....I nid 2 help them save money."
  • ~Cut travel costs. Balik rumah every weekend tapi kabo nak jimat duit.
  • ~Off d damned electrical appliances when u're nt using them. Suka2 je keluar rumah tapi kipas, lampu, laptop bukak siap ngan lagu/movie lagi untuk hantu2 bilik enjoy.
Kalu nak ngata orang, tolong pandang cermin sikit la ya. Ada masa free tu, gi lerr study. Takyah nak duk sibuk doing nothing atau termenung saja2, x wat mende2. Sy dah muak tengok mu havoc2 dekat finals sibuk nk sumbat otak mu.

Ada lagi ni sy nk lepas geram. Entah le watpe ada gok segelintir pemuda skrg hok galok ngat nunjuk benda2 mahal diaorg beli, tempat2 posh diaorg gi, cuisine2 mahal diaorg mkn. Memang la xde apa yang salah kalu belanja duit hok mu ada, especially kalu duit tu mu yg cari (kerja kot?). Tapi kan....tak pernah ker ko terfikir nk kabo ke mak ngan ayah mu: "Bulan ni takyah bg allowance byk ngat la...takpe2"??? Dari mu beli brg2 hok memang xleh bawak ke kubur, baik mu tolong skit parents ko tu yg susah ngat cari duit utk mu guna sedap2.

Ni ada skit lg paradoks nih. Ada gok minah2 hok wat dek je ms cikgu ngajar. Kalu rasa muka cikgu tu nyampah skit, ponteng. Masa tutorials wat tak tau je, sedap2 tak buat. Kalu tak pun duk salin je. Takpe kan? Kot2 ni stail mu study la....siap ngan sedap lg mu pokpek dlm kls, pas tu ngata cikgu tu. Sy blh fhm kot. Tp yg memang sy x faham ni, lps exam mu duk kecoh2, kabo formula2 ngan soalan2 semuanya "ada dlm kepala tapi takleh keluar". Dah....obviously la ada problem kat sini. Atau ada 'missing link' yg sy xtau dlm kisah ni? Someone sabotaged u?

OK, assuming nasib mu memang malang la. Mu dah cuba tapi xleh jawab gok. Yg sy memang x faham ni, gane pulak time result keluar, mu boleh ngan bangganya kabo kat sedunia: "Memang x study sehabuk pun." Habis, watpe pulak tadi mu duk kecoh2 sal exam yg mu xleh jwb? Pesal contradiction melebih2 ni? Entahla...

Memang byk & "berbunga2" le sy tulis ari ni...tu pun x abis lg sy marah ni. Sorry la ya si pembaca malang. Kalu sy marah kat insan2 hok gatal mulut provoke sy bukannya guna pun. Bukannya diaorg blh faham gane susahnya hidup org hok ada scholarship.

Behind our happy smiles, there are other things.
We're smiling cz we saved our parents' money. I'm nt sure whether u will even recognise dat feeling.
We're smiling cz our efforts paid off (even if mine was only 50%). Shut up if yr efforts ain't enough to justify yr results.
We're smiling cz we know we've made our parents happy.

But then....our insides aren't filled wif laughter constantly.
There's d pressure inside (indirect or direct) from others, watching & awaiting our failure.
There's d fear dat we'll lose our scholarships suddenly, killing our parents' wallets & hearts.
There's d battles wif exams which we are forced to win no matter what, unlike people who barely scrape thru & feel nice condemning others.

And of do expect me to smile hearing accusatory, insensitive, rude, blatant, dumb comments from people who have no sense of looking @ their own reflection first?

Haiz....d life of a scholarship holder....who says smart ppl only attract other smart ppl? Dey attract unwanted idiotic comments too.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Lessons For The Day

Being frustrated wif my inability to do my tutorials (I tink I'm simply turning dumb la....pls stop!!!), I've decided to provide my readers (are there even any?) some lessons 2day instead.

Lesson 1)
Do not expect humans to have the magical ability to create real objects out of mere images.
  • Observe d pic. Ya....there's a pic of a fire extinguisher...but no fire extinguisher. D same thing's happening all over Metrojaya Times Square.
  • Imagine a fire happening. Wat do we do? Cast a spell & turn d pic into a real extinguisher? Throw d pic into d fire, reciting an incantation? Here's wat: Just run.

Lesson 2) Do not expect others to feel syok too when u r busy syok-sendiri-ing (SS2-ing).
  • Miss Blur Queen on the left is either syok-sendiri-ing over her phone or merely figuring out how 2 activate d camera (typical blurness). Meanwhile, d 2 supposed subjects of her photo are being abandoned.
  • Mr. M has turned his attention 2 sum1 else playing basketball while frustration is clearly spelled on Miss Y's face. Haiz....

  • Unfortunately, when d blogger came 2 the rescue wif his cameraphone (same model as Blur Queen's one, it's jz dat d blogger isn't blurring over his one), Miss Y is so frustrated dat she refuses 2 take a pic. Note: Her Royal Blur-ness was still blurring/SS2-ing @ d moment dis pic was taken.

Lesson 3) Dun be an ass on the road.
  • Seems dat d ass-on-the-road virus is contagious. Notice d ass driver stopping his/her Kancil in d middle of d traffic light junction+yellow box....sakai betul....

  • Even dis motorcyclist has been ass-ified. Another person hu wants 2 mati awal.
(Note: A few moments after dis pic was taken, both asses took d opportunity 2 speed ahead while d traffic light was still red.)

Lesson 4)
Dun take lessons from a dumb fella.
  • D guy on d right is smart enuf 2 approach d genius on d left (seriously, he's damn smart) 2 ask for lessons. Well, considering d fact dat u hv been taking at least 3 lessons from d blogger hu feels dat he's becoming dumber currently, should you follow dis 4th lesson?

Til d next update....bye2....may you retain yr sanity~

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