Friday, 30 May 2008

Malaysian Politicians....

I can't stand d amount of clowns/parrots in d M'sian political scene nowadays. They're evrywhr doin d same thing, copying one another. After d interestin elections whr M'sians showed they weren't so dumb after all & knew hw 2 vote, all of a sudden, blogs bcame d "IN" thing. Out of nowhere, we hav ppl claiming dat blogs changed d course of d election. Hello....M'sians hv been bloggin since a long time ago, u *ss heads!!! Mentang2 la d elections so drastic, blame us bloggers pulak. Then, tiba2 je u nak nyibuk2 gi wat blog baru. Then, mengada2 tell d n/papers "I hv no comment now. U can read it in my blog which is 'blablabla'..." X pasal2 evry M'sian politician nak blog pulak. Busy laser-melaser each other on9. Kacau....

Then, some smart guy/gal(s) suggested dat d Parliament proceedings shud b shown live 2 d public evry mornin. I bet M'sians will thank those ppl like hell. We stay glued 2 d tv, anticipating 2 c who raises issues important 2 d public. Tiba2 saja d Parliament kecoh2 wif ppl squabbling 2 "defend the needs of the public". Well....seeing d amount of dramas, reality shows, soap operas, & etc. shown on our TV nowadays, I bet d each M'sian is "professional" enuf 2 judge which politicians are doing their job (raising issues important 2 us) & which ones r not. D fact dat M'sians r watchin them will definitely encourage those politicians 2 work their butts off debating issues. As a bonus, we M'sians get free reality tv/drama/name calling 2 watch evryday!!!

Due 2 d fact dat Im nt supposed 2 say much 4 fear dat I get thrown in a jail or sumtin (dat's d "in" thing 2 do nowadays), I hope u guys/gals faham2 la dat these r strictly my opinions only. No hasut2, no fitnah2, no defamation here k. I didn mention any names & I dun mean 2 aim @ any1. Pls.....powerful, fair, unbiased arm of d M'sian law, spare me & go catch those jerks smiling on posters lying all over lamp posts, billboards, & roads long after elections hv ended. They're d assholes causing global warming cz dey dun bother 2 pick up their trash after the elections are over. Hey...wait....mayb someday, somewhere (hopefully on tv), some smart fella will suggest a law dat all politicians hv 2 kutip their posters after d election. I'll definitely vote 4 dat person.

Thank God!!!

1 Mth. Dat's d amount of time I managed 2 survive w/out d Internet. I cant reli tell u guys wat happened bt 2 make it simple:

1) My PC rosak/gila2.
2) I miss blogging & miss reading blogs.
3) I'm so sorry 2 all of u guys.....

So....wat cn I say? More apologies? Itz nt my fault anyway.....damn Celcom broadband! (yea, I'm usin dat now) Anyway, bak 2 business as usual. I'll b bloggin as if notin happened :P

Tuesday, 20 May 2008


Parents. This word alone can cause many teenagers to sigh. Most, if not all teenagers simply detest their parents. They do not hate their parents to the point that they want to run away from home. Instead, their feelings and emotions can be accurately described as annoyed, bored, tired, and embarrassed. We simply cannot understand why our parents are so boring, old, ancient, and annoying. Do not forget their outdated fashion taste.

First and foremost, parents simply cannot stop nagging their children. They find so many faults in us teenagers. The number one priority would be cleanliness. “Why is your room so dirty?”. Well, I do not think my room is dirty. At least it is cleaner than my brother’s room. But wait! My parents are walking towards my cupboard. Once they open it, they start complaining again. “What kind of clothes are these?”. Once again, I have to justify myself while facing this onslaught of criticism. Even Simon Cowell would be proud with my parents. Apparently, they have something Simon calls the “it” factor. My friends and I have a special attribute Randy Jackson calls the “yo” factor. What about Paula Abdul? She’s just there to warm the middle seat.

The next item in my checklist would be boredom. Many parents cannot stop talking about their past. They will describe in detail, with demonstrations included, on how they washed their clothes manually. Whenever they walk past a car, they will say, “We couldn’t even afford a car last time!”. When they spot ice cream vendors, they will begin to tell how rarely they ate ice cream in the past. Well, who do you suppose is washing her/his designer clothes in the new washing machine? Who’s driving that Lamborghini? Who’s finishing that tub of ice cream as we watch TV? Our parents.

Our parents also come with an in-built antenna for finding opportunities to embarrass us. They will interrupt your shopping marathon by asking you to buy that flowery dress designed for kids. Maybe they will even grab a box set of Enid Blyton’s fairy tales at the bookstore. What about calling out your nickname loudly in a supermarket? As they get older, the in-built antenna will only continue to be upgraded into more annoying versions. Therefore, make sure you enjoy your life in the early stages of your life.

In this modern era of globalization, the advance of technology has brought wonders to our life. Meet Friendster, MySpace, You Tube, Google, and Veoh. No, these are not our friends from outer space. These are websites which have become best friends with each and every teenager who has access to the Internet. Unfortunately, our parents are clueless when it comes to computers.

“Why can’t I open my email account?”
“You haven’t typed the password.”
“Why is the Internet so slow?”
“You chose dial-up instead of broadband.”
“Why can’t I print this document?”
“Did you turn on the printer?”
“Do I left, right, single, or double click?”
The writer faints in frustration.

Oh, sorry….just taking a “break”. Back to the topic; parents can also transform into clueless beings when talking with teenagers. When you ask them to get your Dolce and Gabbana bag, they will ask you why you said “Don’t say and get better.”. A simple remark such as “Cool…” will be replied with “Why do you want to drool?”. It seems as if they need hearing aids or a dictionary. Unfortunately, we live on their allowance, food, and supervision. Any attempts to correct them would be marked as “rude, blatant, and intolerable”.

Our parents can never stop comparing us with our peers. “Look at him/her. He/she got a string of A’s in his/her exam? What about you?”. I would love to reply by saying that they cheated in the exams but this would invoke a huge-scale drama. Occasionally, they compare you with your cousins. “Look at him! He’s studying overseas on a scholarship! When are you going to do that?”. Why do our parents never seem to realise that studying overseas causes money to flow out of the country? In addition, getting the damned scholarship seems impossible because of WHO I AM, not WHAT I ACHIEVED.

Frankly speaking, each and every human has his/her faults. Thankfully, I have a great mother. In fact, she’s more youthful, talkative, friendly, cheerful, “sporting” than me. Have you met a lady who is half a century old yet chatters like a kindergarten kid? Meet my mother. She watches Korean dramas every night. She sings along to Maroon 5 songs. She listens to FlyFm, not Light and Easy! And yes, she dances along to the new Korean show on 8TV! She does not hesitate to yell “He’s so cute!” whenever a good looking actor appears on the television. Even when my father is next to her. My mother banishes my father to the older television just so that she can watch reruns of Ugly Betty. Yes, we have the DVD of Season 1. On the other hand, my father is the old fashioned, computer-clueless, boring parent. When I grow up, which one of them will I follow? What a headache. Parents.

Friday, 2 May 2008

Weird toilets..

Went 2 M.Valley wif my parents. Spent time goin round & round & round lookin 4 a spot 2 park. Tengok2 we pusing2 from d "old" MV til appear @ D Gardens. As usual, I rushed around lookin 4 a toilet. Tengok2 thr's a guy in a suit sittin @ d entrance. Upon closer inspection, I saw d sign

"Premier Toilet....RM5 per entry"

I was goin "WTF?!" 5 bucks?! Even d ones @ KLCC r RM2!!! Well...I guess dat....

U enter d toilet & walk on
Pewter tiles from Royal Selangor in a confusing contemporary design(RM0.50)

U push the
Cashmere coated doors threshold (RM0.50)

As u" do yr business", u cant help feeling cool under d
Glow in the dark disposable radium lighting illumination (RM0.50)

Then, u use
Molten bronze 2 flush cleanse d toilets (RM0.50)

Molten silver 2 wash yr butts derriere (RM0.50)

Molten gold aurium 2 wash yr hands (RM0.50)

while u stare @ yr reflection in d
Diamond coated encrusted mirrors (RM0.50)

U wipe yr hands wif
Flattened platinum sheet
toilet paper bathroom tissue (RM0.50)

and use the
dryer purifiers wif Tommy Hilfiger perfume scented air and UV rays (RM0.50)

Total: RM 4.50
After ridiculous extra charges gov. tax (10%): RM 4.90

Hey...wait....u dirtied contaminated their stupid exclusive toilet washroom...another RM0.10!!!

Which brings us to: RM5.00

Interested? I walked all d way 2 d "old" MV toilets. My butt didn complain of any differences in d "ambience". My wallet thanked me. Thank god.


Ok, here's wat I did 2 days ago.

After finishing d last exam paper, we were supposed 2 go play badminton...but...

(outside PE block)
Yong: Let's go now!
Ming Sern:'s cancelled alredi....didn u hear???
Yong: Wat?!

(Yong spots Jagdeep)
Yong: Hey, whr u guys goin?
Jag: Snway Pyramid!
Yong: I wanna go!
Jag: U kno d way thr?
Yong: Erm...ya....
Jag: Great! U guide us thr!
Yong: Wat?!

(Idiotic Yong gives d wrong directions til Jag took an xtra long route 2 Pyramid)
Yong: OMG......Im so sry....
Jag: Itz ok...I wonder whr d girls are?
Yong: Thr r more ppl? (dah ada 4 ppl including us)
Jag: Ya....d girls r in d other car....

(Jag calls d girls)
Jag: They're still on their way...
Yong: Wat?! We took d wrong way & we arrive 1st?! (Girls.....haiz -_-)

So....basically, we
-went bowling....(my 1st bowl masuk longkang but my 2nd one STRIKE :P)
-Went ice skating...1st timer bt I dah biasa rollerskating so boleh mengada2 skate around while others stumble :p

Nemo & Jason........Shi Hooi & Sherlyn

Then....x pasal2 I jatuh....tu la....melebih2....ada weird lebam2 (spots?!)

Then I wat muka tembok, went 2 Mel Lee's hse. Kononnya raikan birthday kawan....tgk2 her cousins' (7-year old twins) b/day. As usual, I makan alot (x malu). Drank 1 can of Soya Bean, 2 cans Kickapoo, 2 cans Carlsberg. Balik pun bloated liao. Dey all main cards while I sat there yawning cz I studied til l8 nite 4 d past few days. These ppl can go non stop.....main til late nite....I only managed 2 hitch a ride bak @ 1.30a.m. !!!! Omg....damn sleepy....

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Low IQ !!!

Im so dumb. Reli. Im officially tarnishing d image of PTS students wif my serious case of low IQ. Lol....

My mum sms-ed me: We're eatin dinner @ legend hotel on d 1st of May. We're leavin KL on d 3rd.

Wat I read: We're havin dinner @ Legend Hotel. 3rd May.

So....dis mornin....

Me: Err mum....u'll b comin down on d 3rd & we're eatin dinner rite?
Mum: I'm in KL now!!!
Me: WTF?! (Actually I said "Wat!!" only) Ok.....we're havin dinner on d 3rd rite?
Mum: No...2day! I sms-ed u, rmbr???
Me: Ok then....
Mum: We're LEAVIN kl on d 3rd la..
Me: Ok...

Wat I did after dat:

1)Rushed around packin my stuff. I seriously tot I was goin bak l8r so I selamba jerr left my stuff lying around.
2)Washed my clothes immediately which i abaikan so lama...
3)Clear a lot of junk.

That's when I came across this scribbled on a piece of paper in my bag. Might as well post it b4 I throw d paper:

Plagued by fatigue & sleepiness,
All the energy sapped out of us,
The end of dis lecture is wat we yearn,
Eagerly awaiting 2 escape this prison.

Numbers, figures, facts appear,
Inducing d ultimate sensation of fear,
Dreams appear and our minds flutter,
Cradled by personal imagination, unseen by others.

We watch him/her ramble excitedly 2 d claz,
Painfully waitin 4 time 2 pass,
I wonder who is paying full attention?
Dat guy/gal deserves a f***ing distinction!!!

Dat ends my post 4 2day. I might b tellin u guys wat weird stuff I did ysterday.....l8r :P Thx 4 readin & happy holidays!!!! Woohoo!!!!

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