Saturday, 25 September 2010


Well, typed this quite some time ago. Copy paste je kat sini sbb tgh exam lg...huhuhu....

SCHOOL. This word alone sends countless Malaysian students grabbing the nearest book, running for cover, or in some unfortunate cases, turning hysteric. I’m sure that some naysayers will be exclaiming: “What nonsense!” but wait! Try taking the test below:

I confess that I’ve experienced:

Conveniently ‘misplacing’ my homework as I put on a great show of digging through my bag, knowing all too well that it’s lying at home, pure and untouched.

Wishing that Mr. Procrastination would help my assignments complete themselves.

Losing ‘quite a few’ strands of hair due to involuntary hand movements while answering a test or revising for one.

Staring intently at the exam paper, hoping for answers to magically appear while chanting curses involving the examination, examiner, and examination board.

Laughing gleefully while walking past seniors or juniors studying for a major exam.

So, how did you score?

At the very least, Malaysian parents can rest assured that their children will be well trained, both physically and mentally. Consider this: school kids have to wake up in the wee hours of the morning, combat sleepiness during lessons, and prepare to sprint to the cafeteria to avoid the recess crowd. After adding multi-kilogram schoolbags, extracurricular activities, tuition classes, and other factors into the equation, I can’t help but wonder why I’m seeing more and more obese kids these days.

Mentally, these young adults gradually develop strategy-planning skills worthy of Sun Tzu’s approval. Armed with a meagre 24 hours a day, students have to juggle classes, homework, extra classes, extra homework, tuition classes, tuition homework, and yes, EXAMS. Undoubtedly, kids these days are far tougher than they look. Try touching that pint sized girl and you might end up with a taekwondo demonstration, complete with the finishing touches of her deadly fingers toned by piano, violin, and countless musical and art classes. To add icing to the cake, try taking into account that potential weapon she’s wielding (the godly HUGE sack of books!) and you might think twice before touching or even going within a 10-metre radius of her.

These days, knowing the exam format is just as important as possessing the ability to swallow textbooks (metaphorically speaking). In addition to the usual WHAT, students are also expected to know HOW to answer exams in order to score higher marks. Surprisingly, I have yet to come across a reference book on exam formats. Hmmm....potential bestselling book idea anyone? I’m sure Malaysian students will fling their novels on bloodsuckers and hairy beasts if they spot this next must-have reference material to add to their mini library at home, wouldn’t they?

All in all, we can see clearly for ourselves the multitasking, multi-talented superhumans that Malaysian schoolkids are turning into, under the kiasu pressure of our society. Makes me feel thankful for the carefree life I had in school last time. Takde la pressure melebih2 cam ni. We were more concerned over saving our ass in a game of Tan Duduk or making that jump in Tenteng, rather than pondering over our tuition schedule for the day.

Thus, the next time you see a child in a school uniform, do not take the kid lightly. That kid’s time management skills may put most adults to shame. Even that suspiciously bloated schoolbag may turn out to be his daily cardiovascular training and muscle toning tool. Now...who says our young generation isn’t getting enough exercise? Just don’t bump into that kid by mistake....a physical trashing of a lifetime may lie awaiting....

Wednesday, 22 September 2010


After countless times of watching a person call wolf (or technically call bluff), I guess it'll eventually be ingrained in my mind. Not that I can help doubting the person, can't I?

I guess it's my fault. After all, I'm supposed to give unconditional love and trust to my dear friends. Regardless if they have the tendency to perform a full-blown lie flat in front of my face often.

The agony of trust. And of course, lingering effects from a distorted sleep schedule.

Saturday, 18 September 2010


Yes, she's daring. I find it fine that she chooses to be who she is. And do what she wants to do with herself. Pretty daring, intriguing, and interesting.

Except for this. Disgusting!!!

And yes. It is MEAT. If you can't get more of this, CLICK HERE!!!

Tuesday, 14 September 2010


Monday, 13 September 2010

Zahidah Aimi bt. Mohd Zaki!!!!

Tonite marks the departure of Miss Z...pergi overseas....huhu.... T_T

I've known her since primary school....bak whn we were only 8.

Lompat PTS sama2.
Masuk kelas sama lepas lompat.
Pergi sklh menengah sama.
Duk kelas sama all d way til Form 5.

I remember the countless nights we chatted on the phone sampai parents kita marah. Almost a nightly affair, wasn't it. We even discussed whether nak lompat PTS together. Nmbr tepon rmh siap tepek lg kat otak aku. Entah ler dh brp ketupat kita wat kut tepon.

I remember dropping by your house countless times, occasionally unannounced. Just for the sake of hearing you scream and run into a random room to grab a tudung :P And no, I didn't peek. Saja nk wat mu jerit XD

I remember your first love. And everything that followed.

Zidah Mimi. Zaiton Sameon. Cik Dene Pewe. Aku ingt blaka nama2 glamour mu.

Take care & hv a safe trip, k? I reli reli look forward to seeing you next year!


Thanks sooooo much for the support!!! I reli love all of u :D

I've been getting msges frm secondary schl frenz, my family, my uni frenz, my mum's frenz (si mulut besar tu!), even strangers!

Well, there was one stranger who stood out in particular.

She read my article and somehow, it 'inspired' (yeah, dat's d exact word she used!) her. Decided to search for me on FB and voila! Apa lagi....add la!

Apparently, she shared the same sentiments regarding d stuff I wrote on. Imagine this la....tengah2 dia peluk her Indian frenz, tiba2 ada org ckp "Eee....tak geli ke?". Such horrible ppl......babi betul!

It's sad how our nation is occasionally portrayed as disjointed, while in fact we're just fine. Orang kat bawah ni ok je b'campur aduk. Ada je a few stupid fellas who can't get the concept of unity. Heck, we dun even bother to mention the word "unity". There's no need to mention it when we don't bother differentiating something which already exists naturally. It's like....imagine referring to each other as "humans" on a daily basis. Redundant cz we're already dat, rite? Sama je wif d word "unity" for most of us. Tak payah sebut la weh.

Well, thx lots and lots 4 d support. I can't thank you guys enough la weh. Oh, btw, in case ada insan2 yang tak beli paper tu smalam (how dare you! T_T), here's the link.

Once again, thanks!!! Hope to write more soon~

Sunday, 12 September 2010

My Debut Article!!!


My first ever published article keluar la weh :p

So, apa tunggu2? Buy, jangan tak buy!!!

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Can't fool me, you sneaky little pest.

For the record, consoling yourself by repeatedly saying "I'm not lying, I'm just telling part of the truth and concealing the rest." ain't gonna work on me.

Especially with my detective-like tendency to piece clues and figure out what you're unsuccessfully trying to hide from me.

Friday, 10 September 2010


You guys/gals know d Bimba & Lola shop rite?

Try switching the 'a' from the first word wif the 'o' from the second word. What do you get?

LoL :p

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Zee Avi

I spontaneously bought Zee Avi's CD


Her album's damn good, I tell ya!!!

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Tired. Super tired.

Walk walk walk walk...hunt for books......walk walk walk walk.....hunt for shoes....walk walk walk walk....hunt for food....

On another note, I'm super proud dat 2 girls complimented on my conversational Malay. Damn gud wor....dey were confused cz I sounded like a Malay yet looked like a Chinese. Hehehe....aku siap guna influence aku 2 get extra stuff & better service in both shops....blek :p

Sadly, some aunty called me uncle today. How dare she. Her kid was blocking me, and she said "Eh....move aside...uncle wan 2 pass...". I stared. Then she corrected herself "Move aside la....gor gor wan 2 pass...". Itu baru betul! Kan aku buat anak kau motherless baru tau. Cekik kau.

Dear Spammers

Dear email spammers, thank you for providing me laughter pagi pagi ni. I know that in an effort to trick people into opening your emails, you try to use names which the unsuspecting humans might relate to. For might be Yong ___ ___ perhaps?

Or perhaps "icywhinytiger"?


Bengongnya la korang ni. Nok sangat copy "family name", galok ngat nk tipu aku konon. Mentang2 email aku icywhinygnome, ko ingat ko pakai letak nama haiwan nk ganti "gnome" tu blh tipu aku eh? Bengong :p

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