Tuesday, 28 April 2009


It's here. The dreaded accounts paper.

So wat? I'm aiming 2 merely pass dis paper. Seriously.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Is option 4 still available? Cz I'm taking it for now. (Dat doesn't mean I'm nt considering others)

Thx 2 my fat mouth mentioning "sick", guess wat I got: sick(nesses)
  • A nose forever dripping wif disgusting mucus
  • Minor bouts of cough which appear & dissapear
  • Fever (I rarely consider d aircon in d damned bookshop nearby as acceptable, yet I was shivering there 2day)
  • Heaty (direct translation from cantonese "yit hei")
And as usual, d darned migraine is here.

Can someone gimme a hug? Other forms of pity also appreciated.

BTW, I thought my was good @ tactics....here's another cheeky mum. I guess all mums are.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

I was checking my emails, & I came across one about a kid's arm being crushed.

According 2 d email, a 8-year old child in Iran was caught stealing bread. "According to Islam", his arm should be crushed by a car. D email included pics of a child's arm being crushed by a car's tyre. (Dunno whether it's Photoshopped)

I find dat ridiculous. Though I'm neither an Islam nor one hu knows much bout its laws, I'm sure I haven't heard of anytin like dis. IMHO, those spreadin pics like dat & simply saying stuff bout Islam don't know wat they're doin.

Any comments from Muslim readers? I'd really like clarifications.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Exams & Options!

Books are powerful. They can change people, communities, countries, the world, lives....

They can also make you feel sleepy instantly.

Unfortunately for me, I dun hv any1 2 stare at currently....

I dun hv d brains 2 sit around relaxing....

I dun hv any1 2 cling on and annoy

Option 1: Study

Option 2: Act like a crazy fella, hoping dat I'll get exempted frm exams.

Option 3: Hug my bag & books, hoping they'll help me somehow.

Option 4: Tell evry1 I'm sick.

Option 5: Raid Kinokuniya. Any1 wanna join me?

  1. Option 1 seems 2 b d most correct one, yet I'm too lazy.
  2. As crazy as I may seem, I'm nt as crazy as d gal in Option 2 posing by d roadside.
  3. Option 3 is infeasible due to my lack of absorption abilities (except absorbing fat).
  4. Since I memang dah ada a constant migraine, Option 4 is pointless.
  5. Option 5 isn't possible cz no one wanna teman me.

Aish.....I guess I'll take d last option. Stare blankly @ nothingness, doing nothing. Hey....wait!!! I see food!!!

Last Claz -.-.-.- English

1stly, thx alot 2 our dear Dr. Roy 4 dis (say d next word aloud, Kishan style) fantastic pose.

Seriously la. Thx 4 d great claz, Dr. Roy. We'll definitely remember it....but in case some ppl x ingat, ni dia gmbr2 x seberapa utk ingtkn all of u~

Munch munch munch....notice dat d majority of munchers are girls....haiz....

There's one muncher refilling her serviette....

Btw, Dr. Roy aso provided us drinks!

Caught in d act! Dr. Roy jz couldn't resist takin pics of us adorable students (all xcept d not-adorable-at-all-student snapping her) :P

Aish....ada jugak orang xleh resist....mentang2 la last claz, nk jugak pokpek 2 org....

Disclaimer: These pics are totally candid. I did nt intend utk meng-uglify-kan siapa2 kat dlm gmbr ni....termasuk:
  • D girls sumbat-ing demselves wif Dr. Roy's wonderful cakes & sandwiches...
  • D guy caught wif a super-full mouth in d background of one of d pics (I swear I only noticed dis whn uploading d pics jz nw!)
  • Any1 caught in d pic @ d precise moment dey were blinking (Sry!!!)
  • Any ppl wishing nt 2 b caught 2gether :P
  • D weird stranger we've nvr seen b4 in any of our English classes (in 1 of d pics)

Friday, 17 April 2009


I wanna study yet dis migraine's torturing me...so, blog la!

Guess who these ppl are? Some may be sorta easy, d others....not so....

1) Dis girl is easily identifiable la. Enjoys bombing ppl. Highly capable of studying last minute with scary results.

2) Looks way younger than her age. Well versed n household matters such as cooking & chores.

3) Don't be fooled by her innocent, blur looks...she's one helluva guy magnet!!!

4) Hardworking top student. Wat can I say more?

~repeated people~

Ya la...I kno dis post is sorta lazy. Blame my migraine, k? Hehe :P

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

If u wanna burn some calories, do house chores. Beats d hell outta those smart asses/jocks goin 2 expensive gyms.
No expensive, bulky equipment needed
No complicated instructions needed (unless u're totally dumb)

N best of all, instead of getting kedekut, perasan-ed, & selfish benefits (like a few ripped muscles used 2 show off or woo girls), yr whole hse actually benefits from it.

Seeing my fat reflection in d gleaming surfaces around my hse definitely beats d idea of slaving jz 2 c my not-so-photogenic body in d gym mirrors.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Jz as I finished my last test of d sem, happy 2 relax 4 @ least one day, u come along. Oblivious 2 my desperate pleas of "Shut Up!", u continued rambling & reminding me bout hw close d finals are.

I hate u.

But then, u do hv a point. Making me realise dat d finals are actually....near.

N for dat, I thank you :P

Well, d finals are near. I'm goin 2 take a mini break & it's bak 2 studying. Went 2 Legend Hotel 2 stuff myself @ d buffet dinner. Turns out my sis arrived @ d same time. Masuk saja d restaurant, we terus pergi sapu sushi. Ambik banyak2 salmon (& other fish) strips!!! Then, I laughed 2 myself like a sadist as I ate d heads of d "baby squids" 1st, followed by their legs....muahahaha!!! Then, mula la sapu dis sapu dat. Wait patiently as d chef slice salmon strips, & sapu them up once he placed them on d counter (I wasn't d only one doin dat, k?)

Bt then hor....I sampai je rumah dah mula lapar....haiz....dahla gemuk, x abis2 makan~

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Camne ni?

Ntah ler watpe leni sy cam tgh naik rollercoaster emosi. Jap2 duk suka sengeh jap2 emo pulak. Benci betul.

Watpe sy galok ngat nk nyibuk dlm hal idup org len? Kot2 dh biasa ngat jd tukang counsellor, tmpt org len curahkn hal idup diaorg? Smpaikn sy pulak gatal nk cedok2 hal org len yg mmg x t'fikir nk tuang kat sy mslh mrk.

Sy ni optimis ngat ker? Time sy duk suka2 sal dpt 1/3 dr mrkh dlm ujian, nmpk tgk org len duk sedih sal dpt 1/2 mrkh. Ntah nk rs guilty ker nk duk sengeh2 lg....ntah knp org gini nk ngat pksa diri. Ish....molek dh mrkh mu....syukur gok skit. Kn aku tmpr mu smpai jd gila bru tau.

Mmg pelik ler sy leni. So wat? Bknnya ada sorang manusia kesian kat Afrika hok mati evrytime sy duk gelak ketawa :P Apa slhnya optimis?

Note: Ingt x sy kabo sy wat 1/3 je dr soalan dlm ujian Algebra bru2 ni? Bru je dpt result smlm. Lbh kurang smua soalan hok sy wat dpt mrkh penuh. So.....mrkh hok sy dpt, 1/3 dr mrkh penuh gok. Sedap lg dr org len hok duk merapu2 curah blaka brain matter diaorg kat kertas ujian. Las2 sy gok hok duk sengeh kat situ :P

Monday, 6 April 2009

Failure My Ass!

Dis post was embarrassing to re-read. I guess my emotions run wild once in a while =p

Saturday, 4 April 2009

I'm the failure.

Failing to eat my lunch cz I'm pushing to get my group's assignment done early instead of d usual last minute thing I'm used to.

Failing to tell d difference btween bar graphs, column graphs, vertical, horizontal, and all the crap.

Failing to produce barely satisfying work quality.

Failing to live up to the expectations of being a group leader, unlike others who refuse to carry the responsibility.

Failing to get higher marks than other ppl who already stamped "fail" on their foreheads in the first place.

I am -the- failure. Not you.

Hope you're happy to know my tears-inducing-migraine is back.

Friday, 3 April 2009

Waking Up?

All of a sudden, I kena hit pulak by dis freaky idea.

"Why da hell am I pushing myself 2 b d top?"

"Why am I so stressed out, competing wif others?"

Wake up! I guess I'll revert 2 my foundation/high school persona.....enjoy my studies, not slave over them! There's no point pushing myself & getting good grades if I'm goin 2 graduate as a 4-flat freak wif no social life. Well, I guess dat kills my new yr resolution bout getting in d President's List so dat my face appears on d notice boards evrywhere. Tau pun muka tak fotogenik :P

So....does dat mean I should jz relax & enjoy d ride? Naah....it's jz dat I'm starting 2 open my eyes again & realise dat no matter wat, my parents, family, & myself will be damned happy as long as I do my best.

So wat if I scored less than 1/2 of d marks for my calculus test?

So wat if I only attempted 1/3 of d questions in d Algebra test?

There's no point whining over that. I tried my best at dat time & I can b happy, knowing dat's wat I've got. No point getting higher but complaining dat "I failed 2 reach my target", rite? But then, I hv 2 admit dat d "complaining" part is useful 4 pestering others. Wat else can be more annoying than a small kid lost in d middle of degree whining constantly, rite? :P

Wat's more meaningful is my life. I wanna gain sweet memories in uni. I wanna absorb all d sensations. I wanna create some of d fun myself. N best of all, I feel like dat darned migraine pestering me 4 months is getting its butt kicked by dis new spirit!

OMG....I'm so hyper now....it's like a breath of fresh air jz entered my lungs!

I wanna:
  • Kill dat guilty conscience bout being fat. I dun care if I have a belly. As long as I'm healthy inside & outside, it's better than having a stick body while being sick 24-7
  • Enjoy my life
  • Remove d damned "top student" signboard imprinted on my forehead
  • Gain more frenz
  • Foster closer r/ship wif my frenz
  • Have fun!
So, 2 those asses out there (including my old thoughts) saying dat

"U hv d potential, u can b a top student.....jz work harder"

"Dun give up....u can score higher"

Fuck. Off.

I have d potential. Evry1 has d potential. Wat differentiates each of us is not wat we have. It's wat we decide 2 do wif wat we have. N how satisfied we feel.

Hmm....gtg....better study abit 4 2moro's test.

Gud nite.....& hello, Mr. immature-dun-give-a-damn-underaged-Yong! I'm bak!

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Not exactly 100 & not exactly truths...

Damn bored & feel like procrastinating.....but then....I'd better do dis fast....

~tagged by Devin~

001. Real Name: Yong Chyn Wei
002. Nickname(s): Yong
003. Age: 17+
004. Horoscope: Libra
005. Male or Female: Male
006. Elementary: Tadika Yong Kwang....quitted 1/2way :P
007. Middle School: SK Sultan Ismail
008. High School: SMK Sultan Ismail 2
009. College School: Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman
010. Hair colour: Black
011. Long or Short: So~So
012. Loud or Quiet: *
013. Sweats or Jeans: Sweats
014. Phone or Camera: Phone
015. Health Freak: None :p
016. Drink or Smoke: None
017. Do you have a crush on someone: Yes
018. Eat or Drink: Wat sorta question is dis?
019. Piercings: None
020. Tattoos: None
021. Social or Anti-Social: *
022. Righty or lefty: Righty
023. First piercing: None
024. First relationship: None
025. First Best Friend: I wanna put 3!!! Ziying, Z-ton & C.E.@
026. First Award: Academic la :P
027. First Kiss: Still available :P
028. First Pet: Hamster
029. First Big Vacation: Evryday's one for me!
030. First Love at first sight
031. First Big Birthday: Totally unnecessary
032. First Surgery: None
033. First sport you joined: Badminton

This or That
034. Orange or Apple juice: Mixed?
035. Rock or Rap: Rock
036. Country or Screamo: None
037. NSYNC or Backstreet boys: Both
038. Britney spears or Christina Aguilera: Both
039. Night or Day: Both....hw can u compare these two?!
040. Sun or Moon: Both....hw can u compare these two?!
041. TV or Internet: Internet
042. Playstation or xbox: Haven't tried any of them~
043. Kiss or hug: Cn I give/take both?
044. Iguana or turtle: Both
045. Spider or bee: Spider
046. Fall or spring: I take them all!
047. Limewire or iTunes: None
048. Soccer or baseball: None

049. Eating: As usual
050. Drinking: As usual
051. Excitement level: Dis question is so unnecessary....ask others & u'll kno
052. I'm about to: Eat b'fast
053. Listening to: Muse - Map Of The Problematique
054. Plan for today: Study, have fun!
055. Waiting for: Dis damned tag 2 end
056. Energy Level: High!
057. Thinking of someone: Yes
058. Want kids?: Not now I guess
059. Want to get married?: Still early for now
060. When?: Age of 27?...
061. How many kids do you want: 2
062. Any name on the mind: Nope
063. What do you want to do: Anytin's fine!
065. Mellow future or wild: Mixture of both
066. Something you would never try: Notin scary enuf yet...
067. When do you want to die: Dat's a fact which doesn't bother me...

Which is the better in the boy/girl you like(in the future)
068. Lips or Eyes: Both
069. Romantic or Funny?: Both
070. Shorter or Taller?: I dun mind
071. Protective or Caring?: Both
072. Romantic or Spontaneous?: Both
073. Nice Stomach or Nice Arms?: Both
074. Sensitive or Loud?: Both
075. Hook-up or Relationship?: Relationship
076. Trouble Maker or Hesitant?: Both...more fun wat!
077. Muscular or normal: Anytin can~
078. Kissed a stranger: No!
079. Broken a bone: Wat da ****?
080. Lost glasses or contacts: Wat sorta question is dis?
081. Ran away from home: Hmm....hu cares?
082. Held a gun/knife for self defence: Dunno....
083. Killed somebody: o.O Depends...
084. Broken some one's heart:
085. Had your heart broken:

086. Been arrested: Yea rite.....
087. Cried when someone died: Yes
088. Liked a friend more than a friend: Yes

Do you believe in
089. Yourself: Yes!
090. Miracles: *
091. Love at first sight:
092. Heaven: *
093. Santa Claus: No
094. Tooth Fairy: No
095. Kiss in the first date:
096. Angels: Nope

Answer Truthfully
097. Is there 1 person you want to be with right now? : Yes!
098. Are you seriously happy with where you're in life now?: Yes!
099. Do you believe in God? : Depends on my mood
100. Post as 100 truths and tag 10 people.

Note: All question marked * means I dun hv a particular answer 4 dat question. As quite a few ppl kno, I hv diff. modes/faces/personalities. D answer 2 those questions would depend on hu I am @ dat time....

Btw, I tag any1 hu's interested in tellin d whole world a few truths :P

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