Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Happy New Year 08->09!!!

Happy New Year evry1!!!

2008 was simple to describe: FUN!!!

I rmbr being dumped into my PJ room b4 new yr last time. I could only hear, not watch the fireworks display :(

I rmbr fearing for my social life when stepping into UTAR. Dengar khabar dey all benci bananas. Turns out dey were kind enuf 2 accept a Chinese boy hu ironically couldn't speak Chinese.

I rmbr realising that no matter whr I go, some things never change. I'm still as childish as ever on d outside. Ppl still label me as a gossip freak.

I rmbr all d crazy stuff I did. 7 ppl in a Kancil.....balik tengah2 malam lepas jalan2 puas2.....lepak smpai pgi2....

Last but no means least, I rmbr all those moments wif my frenz. Whether it's major stuff dey did 4 me, or d simple precious moments spent whr words weren't needed, dey all meant alot 2 me.

Once again, thx 2 evry1 hu helped me thru 2008! Do stay in touch nex yr!

PS: Dis childish, immature, annoying brat needs you all.

Monday, 29 December 2008

Bye2 Kemaman....

I'll b leaving 4 KL in a few days.....I'll miss so many things!!

I'll miss.....

*My mum staring in d mirror & screaming "I'M TURNING OLD!!!!"

*My dad blundering wif techie words. "Mozzarella Firefox" any1?

*My parents arguing daily (i suspect it's 4 fun)

Scene 1
-dad turns on TV waay loud-
Mum: PEKAK!!!
Dad: Old lady!!!
Mum: Why on so loud?
Dad: U so noisy....nid 2 drown yr voice....
Mum: U bising la...
Dad: Old lady!!!
Mum: PEKAK!!!
-d blogger turns PEKAK from d argument-

Scene 2
-mum can't find sumtin-
Mum: Whr izit? Yer....whr izit?!
Dad: Tu la....dah NYANYUK!!!
Mum: Wat nyanyuk! U old man nyanyuk la!
Dad: U nyanyuk!
Mum: U nyanyuk!
-argument continues until d blogger turns old & nyanyuk-

Scene 3
-dad can't find sumtin-
Dad: Ha....whr I did I last c it?
Mum: Tengok!!! Siapa nyanyuk? U nyanyuk!!!
Dad: Old lady!!!
-blogger faints in frustration-

Scene 4
-for fun as usual-
Mum: Gemuk!!!
Dad: Pekak!!!
Mum: Gemuk!!!
Dad: Pekak!!!
Mum: Gemuk!!!
Dad: Pekak!!!
Mum: Gemuk!!!
Dad: Pekak!!!
-no wonder i feel abit deaf & fat recently....-

*3 ppl watching d same channel on 3 tv's in 3 locations in 1 house.
  • Mum claims dad is 2 fat & blocks d tv. Watches tv in her room.
  • Dad claims mum is 2 noisy & disruptive. Watches tv downstairs.
  • D blogger claims proves that both parents are noisy, fat, & waay interesting than watching tv. Watches tv in his room.

Of course, I'll miss my frenz too.

*C.E.@ lasering ppl while Baby's manja-ing wif evry1 -> both nvr get caught

*Z-ton "dene pewe"-ing while Morris rules d hse

*5d busybodying ard asking grades

*Apek making cold jokes resulting in ppl laughing wif at @ him


*Limah going 2 slp jz when evry1's waking up. (7a.m.)

*Chen being mysterious & secretive

*Erah & Ashliey-da giggling @ jz about anyting xcept d stuff which requires "yek2-ing"

* many more....dh mls nk taip!!!

I miss u all!!!

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Education Hypocrites

Pls la wei. Evry darned freak SEEMS to be concerned about our education system. Jabbering & arguing daily on tv.

U play with us lab rats, yet you send your kids to international schools, some even overseas.

U claim dat our national language will deteriorate cz of dis action, yet yr own grasp of both languages is embarassing.

U crap daily, yet we don't see any action.

U say it's all for our nation's benefit, yet I suspect it's mostly centered on u.

-inspired by ainul-
U greedy freaks are jz finding another corrupt way 2 eat money, aren't u? (thru "relocation programmes" 2 switch language)

Stinking hypocrites.

Kampung Halaman

Tak kira apa, Trgnu tetap tmpt asal sy. Biar ler sy technically dr KL, ni lah tmpt sy.

Lps ntah brp bln duk kat KL, rs cam len pulak balik Kmn. Xde dh highway2 bapok yg x henti2 bising ngan keter2. Xde dh org pelik2 mrata2.

Hok bes skali, ada prasaan selamat. X cam KL, sy kena scan surroundings sy 360 drjah smpai skru leher nk t'cabut time keluar jln2. Kat sini, kut suka ati le nk gi ane2. Xde kes ragut hok byk nebeng2. Klu KL, ari2 ada kes ragut. Kalu sini, ragut skali sja pun satu bndar tau. Dh....sape brani nk curi brg.....kekg org knl muka ko, wat malu je satu keluarga ko. Maklumle....area2 sni bknnya bsr ngat, sape2 pun knl.

Dhla len keadaan kat sni. X main le idup rat race hok terkejar ke sini ke sana cam bini nak dah branak kembar ari2. Traffic jam kat sini stahun skali ada ler. 2 pun satu bndr kecoh nk gi tgk traffic jam.

Org kat sni bek2 blaka. X cam kat kl. Klu kita wat muka msam, rs x elok pulak. Prasan sndri anak Dato' ke Tan Sri. Klu wat baik ngan org len, diaorg ingt kita gila, gatal, atau galok. Rs serba slh je ms nmpk jiran.

Haiz......kekg time ujung bln kena lerr balik KL. Nk kata berat ati nk tinggal parents, x ler sngt. Maklumla bonda sy tu galok ngat harass sy ngan call & sms smpai bateri tepon sy mati sokmo tgh2 dia call. Nk kabo rindu kwn x ler sngt sal kitaorg ada gok contact2. X krng gok hok gtl2 gi blog. X kira apa, bes gok balik Kmn.

Kpd bdk2 bndr hok duk ternganga smpai lalat trbang msuk mulut sal xtau ntah ****** mnde sy duk tulis sni, sori eh. Sy tetap org Trgnu.....


Monday, 15 December 2008


One simple thing I did most of the day.


Saturday, 13 December 2008

Essay: The Chronicles of a Traumatised Chick

Bored I decided to do wat I hv always loved doing: writing. Here's an essay for you to (hopefully) enjoy!

I lie there helplessly, incapable of doing anything as he pounds into me furiously. My insides have already gone past the definition of pain a long time ago. God, what have i done to deserve this? He simply picked me from the streets like an innocent child plucking a pretty flower. Struggling against his tight grip, I fail repeatedly to obtain my freedom. Back home, he wastes no time working on me, his hungry eyes scanning my entire body greedily.

I can feel the following level of pain coming. I might just be unable to withstand this much longer. The next few moments feel like an eternity as I reminiscent my "pre-trauma" days. I was a hot chick, roaming the streets unhindered as other males ogled at me amorously. Most of them dropped their jaws. Some even had their ego dropped by me when I proudly turned them away. There I was, a pretty, stuck up, invincible youngster ready to conquer the world. Little did I know what the world held in store for me.

Yet, where am I now? My terrified mind fails to identify the strange objects around me. A shiny snake is dripping water into an large bowl with holes. I see bubbling water being poured out of a weird object as it whistles loudly. Nearby, magically blue fire dance below a flat black object, He is stripping every inch of me savagely, oblivious to my loud protests. I am sure his neighbours can hear this. Yet why aren't they doing anything? Are they used to such sorrowful cries of anguish piercing the air daily? I can't believe these humans are so evil as to allow such horrifying things to occur unhindered without a sliver of concern.

My fear and terror only heightens when his female companion appears. No, not another sadist to burn an unforgettable image in my mind! I pray for my life as she creeps silently, a large smile plastered on her face. However, the arrival of this new person turns out to be my blessing in disguise: a crucial distraction to the man. In the split second that the man's grip on me loosens, I flee for my life. Frantically flying out of the alien place, I ran akwardly, searching for a safe place: home.

My mind fails to remember how much time I spent roaming outdoors, yearning desperately for the comfort of my home. I fail to notice the stares I got from passing strangers. After all, how often do humans get to see a not-so-hot-anymore-chick roaming the streets naked, disheveled and traumatised? After what seemed like an eternity, thank heavens I managed to find my way back home.

I will never stray away from my chicken coop anymore.

Friday, 12 December 2008

Thank You.

Thank you Tim & Louis 4 making me feel like studying (finally) during d last few days b4 management exam.

Thank you two d 2 hot chicks hu were kind enuf 2 tolerate me taking up 2 mattresses when sleeping @ their place (padahal nak study).

Thank you Hema 4 giving me a lift 2 PD block.

Thank you to the bastard who borrowed my "The Golden Compass" book 4 1 year & ruined it. (aparently, my in-built compass doesn't point out ppl hu dun take care of others' books).

Thank you future hsemates (plus one skinny fish) 4 allowing me 2 sleep 4 a few hours oblivious to their frantic calls of "Wake up!!! Got fire!!!/We're hungry!!!/Robbery!!!".

Thank you 2 d lengchai's hu didn mind me dropping by their place in d middle of d nite, pestering them, rebut-ing their tilam & pillow, & being d last 2 wake up while dey waited patiently :p

Thank you 2 d bunch of frenz 4 letting me c (4 d 1st) time how a drunk person looks like.

Thank you to the special person who made today one of the most perfect days in my life.

Thank you.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Happy B'day Nemo!

Hmmm......sumtin seems 2 b wrong!!!

"Hey....hv u seen him?"

"OMG...he's goin 2 b mad if I 4got it..."

"Ahaa! Now I rmbr! I sent him a b'day msg alredi....."

"Receiving msg....."

-Super long msg full of lovey dovey stuff is still loading......-

-Almost done loading....-

From all of us (especially her), Happy B'day Nemo!


Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Sleeping Or Not?

Are these ppl sleeping or not?

Sleeping or looking @ lecture notes?

Sleeping or thinking of new magic tricks?

Sleeping or covering her face from d paparazzi?

Sleeping or merely refusing to see each other? (there's a paper barrier!!!)

Sleeping of posing for an Ah Long commercial?

Sleeping or.....hey wait!!! Check out his wide open eyes!!! Not sleeping eh!!!

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Firstly, thanks 2 these 2 ppl -> One spying for gossip (d guy) & one listening for gossip (d gal).....

Eating cake frm d same plate 2gether?

Matching shirts, bags, & jeans?!

First, I put my hand near....

Then, it's yr turn....

Jz felt like cutting down on d captions 2day.....nt feeling well :(

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons

Time flies.

Cliched as it may sound, dat's exactly wat I thought while reading the "Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons" book. Going thru d motions of life wif these "Angry Housewives" simply made me think: "Time really passes in the blink of an eye." Now, as I blog here, I wonder.....How have my friends changed? How is my former school? What is my mother doing? Where will I be in the next few years?

So many questions flood my mind, yet the answers appear when the waters have receded.

I hold anticipation to many questions, yet the solutions come from my participation.

Weird huh? Seems like it was only yesterday I've came to UTAR, fearing for my social life due to my inability to speak in my mother tongue (which is supposed to be Chinese, nt English). Nw, I'm busy anticipating how to live in a hse nex yr wif 4 girls & no other guys (I'm nt a pervert!).

Time flies.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Uninspiring Pics...

Ready for some ugly pics?

Well, felt bored studying @ fren's hse 2day while he slept so I started taking crappy pics. Tak tau le kena rasuk ke entah apa masa tu....

I kinda feel like d pic conveys a "freedom" msg in a weird way...dunno why I like it....

Kononnya "antic" pic of a not-so-old-looking cupboard...

Of course la wanna mengada2 take pic of my new ODM watch :P

Out of further boredom, I "strangled" dis keychain, leaving d head behind untuk dipancung....

N then, out of frustration seeing my fren sleeping peacefully, I decided 2 "swap" his head....LOL :p

-pic removed due to hot response (ahem...ahem....)-

Totally uninspiring noobish pics la wei. Kisiao punya. Dah....nak wat kan blog saya -> suka ati la nk letak gambar2 ngarut :p

Tuesday, 2 December 2008


Hey....wait a moment. I eat (some of) my words. Yes, understanding can help us solve problems.

However, what if I jz can't u/stand some things?

Why are our laws failing to protect us from d foolishness of our rulers?

Why are humans discriminated based on the colour of our skin?

Why do some people get preferential treatment? Power? D ppl dey know?

Haiz.....I memang "cannot stand" it sometimes when it comes to "taking a stand" against the "understand" notion....

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