Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Presenting Mr. Ong@Doraemon!!!

Yes I kno....we all miss Miss Phua.....but we can't deny dat Mr. Ong @ Doraemon is as good a replacement as u can find.....

Mu tau x, (according 2 Michelle) Hafiz dgn selambanya panggil Mr. Ong "dude" ari 2 pas 2 Mr. Ong wat dek (x kisah je)....

Differences between Miss Phua & Mr. Ong:

-->One's female & one's male....duh!
-->Miss Ong's trademark: "Easy wat...", "No nid discuss ah..." & her squeeeeeeeky voice
-->Mr. Ong's trademark: "Crap", "Bullshit", "You guys sucks (wif a loud 's')", & his tendency 2 unveil graffiti on d walls 2 a surprised class!
-->Miss Phua rubs d whiteboard wif her hands, resulting in blue hands each time
-->Mr. Ong wears a glove on his right hand jus 4 wiping d whiteboard
-->Miss Phua picks random ppl 2 answer questions
-->Mr. Ong will SURELY pick those in pink, followed by red cos HE HATES PINK!!! Better get ready cos he'll notice anything pink including yr shirt, blouse, small pink patterns on any of them, pencilbox, and possibly (in the future) shoelaces & watches. Run!!!!
-->Miss Phua's in Kmpar now & Mr. Ong's in PJ....

-->Both are noisy, 'sot sot tei', but great maths teachers!!! (Reminds me so much of C.Razemin)
-->Both teach really fast but we u/stand somehow (again, I MISS U C.Razemin!!!)
-->Both prefer to write on d lower half of the white board due to physical limitations :P

Anyway, here's an additional part: random typo pics I took.

At 1st sight I was like any typical Car4 customer: "Ok...nothing wrong wif dis..." but then I realised: "Hey!!! If I buy a typical 100gm packet will it mean I hv 2 pay RM89.00?!" I tink it's probably RM0.89 per 100gm. If not, no one will wan 2 buy d food @ Car4....talk about daylight robbery!!! Not 2 mention it shud be (IMHO) 'teow', not 'tiow'....

Typo rating: How can u overcharge customers?! 8.5/10

From far away dis sign attracted me like a magnet....but then....I realised it wasn't cos of d "great offer" which was actually a marketing gimmick. It was my in-built-grammar sensor screaming inside of me: "Wat da heck is 3th?! How dumb!!! Even primary schl kids kno dis!!!" How can Body Glove print ads & plop them all over their stores w/out noticing sumtin as simple as '3th'?! I had 2 prance around d store acting like a potential customer while in reality I was searching 4 an opportunity 2 snap a pic of their ad w/out them noticing. BTW, hw can a freakin T-shirt cost more than RM20? I just dun get these 'branded clothes'...

Typo rating: Dis is like, so un4givable cos even primary schl kids kno it bt I guess Body Glove's 2 crazy churning out fake promos so dey didn't notice dis typo.... 7.5/10

I dunno whr da heck I took dis pic (4got) bt I sure rmbr d word 'Matel Gril' ringing in my head long after I took dis pic....

Typo rating: We students wouldn't really care but I tink potential buyers will nt like d fact dat their metal grills will be replaced by sum unidentified material called 'Matel Gril'.... 6/10

Spotted dis @ a famous bookstore in MV cos it caught my eye while I was book-scanning....guess they were so busy diversifying dat dey created a new category: 'Msyteries'. I can't even imagine how da **** I'm supposed 2 pronounce dis word. Any1 wanna try?

Typo rating: How can a huge bookstore do such an obvious mistake?! Dis is unforgivable!!! 9/10


My freakin card reader merajuk 4 a few days so I had 2 muster d courage 2 pester my hsemate so dat I cud borrow her laptop just 2 transfer pics frm my memory card 2 p/drive.....anyway, it's kinda late now so I'll upload a few pics only. I'm so sleepy I can't only upload "sleepy" pics.....guess who they are....

Gtg....I'm so sleepy after O2Jamming.....

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

A Freaky English Essay!!!

Well....Miss V gave a us a weird task: Write an essay using d 15 words given (in the given order) & using d 4 names given....weird huh? We were supposed 2 do it in teams of 3 but I went nuts & wrote my essay on my own while my teammates read it. I am such an essay freak!!!! Anyway, here's d essay I did:

Hesmond & Melly are a loving couple. Unfortunately, a "cruel twist of fate" catalysed by Michael & Michelle will be etched into Hesmond's memory forever.....

Today is Hesmond's first attempt at driving after he got his license. He plans to pick up Melly from her house so that they can go out on a romantic dinner. His "wild dreams and fantasies" regarding Melly's reaction at the sight of his brand new car are disrupted when he comes across Michelle, who is staggering and stumbling at the roadside. Obviously, Michelle is drinking what appears to be her tenth bottle of beer. when Hesmond stops his car to offer Michelle a ride, she responds by kicking his car tyres and cursing for no reason.

Meanwhile.....Michael is at home, coming up with countless schemes so that he can obtain the perfect moment to perform the action of "kissing" Melly. Melly, "oblivious" of Michael's "hidden intentions", is cooking while singing and baking a cake for Hesmond at the same time. Her smiling face is a complete contrast to what emotions she will portray in minutes.

When Hesmond reaches Melly's house, he hears a bone-chilling scream which he recognises as Melly's. The unbelievable speed at which he is running causes everyone who is seeing him to stop and stare, including the officer who is writing Hesmond's parking ticket, the florist across the street who is cutting flower stalks, and the old security guard who is reading newspapers.

Just as Hesmond bursts into the house, ready for a punching round with Michael, his angry face turns to shock. Michelle appears behind Hesmond after a minute, panting due to her inability to keep up with Hesmond. Strangely, a wide smile is on Michael and Michelle's faces. It turns out that Michael, Melly, and Michelle were planning a surprise birthday party for Hesmond. Michelle's job was to distract Hesmond while Melly's scream was just to scare Hesmond. This moment will definitely be etched into Hesmond's memory forever.....

Nice? Weird? I can't believe I did this while sticking to Miss V's evil constraints.....haha....

Monday, 11 February 2008

Post CNY luck!

Feels so great 2 reunite wif d Internet ^_^

1stly, thx 2 Miss M 4 visiting dis blog & bcoming d 1st person 2 leave a comment!!! Thx!!!

Came bak ysterday wif pocket full of angpau......went 2 empty it 2day. After claz, I went 2 The Pavillion, Times Square, 1 U, The Curve, Mid Valley, KLCC, and many more!!! Within 5 minutes of sitting @ d bus stop opposite Jaya One, d Rapid bus came. Talk about luck! Even my seat wasnt warm yet! Went 2 Sentral 2 buy bus ticket-->goin bak 2 Kemaman dis Saturday! Went 2 Mid Valley after dat 2 get d watch I was drooling 4 since last yr!!!!

Nice? No? Actually I tink dis watch is d non-neutral type --> u either hate it or love it.....or u pretend 2 say it's ok though u hate it inside so dat yr fren doesnt hate u. Hope it'll b accepted by my clazmates & frenz cos it costed RM500! Anyway, ate dinner @ went 2 wait 4 d Rapid bus. Took 1 freaking hour!!! Talk about bad luck!!! Luckily, while waiting, I met a hot European chick 2 chat wif. Actually, I met dis guy frm China hu was taking d same bus as me.

Apparently, in China.....

1)U dun even hav 2 wait 4 more than 5 mins 4 a bus.
2)U dun hav press d filthy bell 2 tell d driver u wan 2 get down cos dey stop at each stop.
3)D highways r wider so there's lesser jams.
4)The public toilets in M'sia & China are "on par" (I'm quoting him)

Last but no means least.....

5)Corruption does occur in China but only @ higher lvls & at a much lesser extent than in M'sians. Did u kno dat foreigners hav 2 pay @ least RM15 when entering M'sia or d freakin customs department will "search" u fully? Dat includes groping your body & digging through your bags (leaving them in a mess) !!! Dat's so freakin scary. It certainly helps create a "lasting 1st impression" 2 those entering. I'm seriously shocked!!!

Anyway, had 2 say g'bye 2 him cos I got down @ a diff. stop. Hope 2 c him again l8r cos he's so friendly & has great English.....goin 2 sleep now. I'm so f***ing tired after standing 4 1 hour wif a huge stack of papers in my bag. (Note: Imagine d lcture notes I photostat for 30+ ppl lying in my bag!)

Monday, 4 February 2008

Sophie Ellis Bextor - If I Can't Dance

Link: Click HERE 2 d/load!!! (right-click --> save target as)

One of my favourite hobbies is 2 try 2 decipher d hidden meaning of songs....4 example, I discovered dat Maroon 5 songs aren't really about girls....there's actually political meanings....anyway, here's my 1st attempt on dis blog....

Sophie Ellis Bextor - If I Can't Dance

A new dawn waits for us tonight
If you play the cards, you're holding right
I swear I'll keep in party line
Cross my heart and hope to die
If I lose myself to rhythm
Doesn't mean I lose control
If I can't dance
If I can't dance
Oh, baby, if I can't dance
If I can't dance
If I can't dance
Then I don't need any part of your revolution
Can you see the action in my head?
The town we're paiting turning red?
We need a new wave I can ride
If we are ever gonna turn this side
Politicize my own endeavors
I've no use for your protocol
[Chorus (x2)]
Oh darling don't be so unkind
The beat must never be denied
[Chorus (x2)]

If u simply listen 2 dis song, it seems like a naughty dance song....but somehow my instincts tell me dat Sophie Ellis Bextor isn't acting like a dumb chick wif meaningless songs...perhaps I'm over-imaginative but dis is wat I see in d song...

A new dawn waits for us tonight = A new change is coming soon

I swear I'll keep in party line = I'm sure I'll wait for it eagerly

If I lose myself to the rhythm = If I seem like I'm lost in my own ignorance

Doesn't mean I lose control = It doesn't mean I don't know what's going on

If I can't dance = If I can't get myself to accept your reasons for your actions

Then I don't need any part of your revolution = Then I don't want to be part of your false actions & hidden agendas

Can you see the action in my head? = Can't u c dat I'm actually thinking bout yr hidden intentions?

The town we're paiting turning red? = The innocent blood we're spilling in towns & cities

We need a new wave I can ride = We need a new leader, a new mindset, a new course of action

If we are ever gonna turn this side = If we are ever going 2 do the right thing

Politicize my own endeavors = Let every1 know the public's actual desire for a better world

I've no use for your protocol = I dun giv a **** bout yr restrictions

Oh darling don't be so unkind = Dear leaders, please stop this evil

The beat must never be denied = Our voice can never be oppressed

I'd like 2 stress dat dis is my 1st attempt....so....pls inform me if my translation's ok....tell me bout any of my misconceptions but pls dun attack me like mad.....thx 4 reading....


A super crazy 24 hrs !!! (Reality)

I cant believe wat happened in d past 24 hrs:

Went 2 Pyramid wif sis.....I sacrificed my study time 4 a little shopping ^_^ Talk about opportunity cost=time.....
Went bak in d evenin.....mopped d whole hse xcept d locked rooms (I'm such a perfectionist!!!) & ate J.Co donuts silently.....
Walked out 2 photostat Physics & Computer Studies lcture notes 4 d claz cos Im d new photocopy manager.....I prefer "Head of Duplication Department" cos it sounds better....
Got caught by hsemate while eating last donut....quickly finished it while pretending nothing happened....
Did Chem report which was due d next day.....
Blogged a bit
Continued Chem report
Went upstairs 2 pester hsemate 4 fun...
Continued Chem report
Walked around d hse 4 no reason
Continued Chem report
Pestered a different hsemate
Continued Chem report til finished cos I ran out of hsemates 2 pester....most went bak 2 kampung liao....
Studied Physics a bit by opening d Powerpoint slides & hitting "next" really quick
1 or 2 a.m. plus: Got lazy so I slept after d 3rd lesson (there were 5 of them)
Woke up & went 2 Com Studies claz....felt grateful I went out last nite 2 copy d lcture notes cos we had claz 2day...
Realised dat I made 35 copies of d lcture notes which I had gave out earlier....ARGH!!!! Rugi RM17.++
Had Econs tutorial:
Miss M: "K claz....hav u finished d tutorial exercise???"
Me: "Miss M.....I dunno how 2 do it...."
-showed kesian/frustrated face & displayed empty paper-
Miss M: "Nvm....we'll jus discuss it l8r & u cn c d answers"
-My inner monologue: "OMG!!! Thx sooooo much!!!! I luv dis lcturer!!!"-
Me: "Thx!!"
Miss M gave a full xplanation til I understood d exercises. She even had time 2 tell us about her clueless dad who met, chatted wif, & ate wif Preity Zinta & Asha Gill on separate occasions but never realised they were celebrities...totally clueless, huh?
Had Physics Test 1....simply did d questions & was freakin glad I didn pay dat much attention 2 d complicated chapters cos dey nvr came out!!! I seriously pity those who crammed d super-complicated formulas into their brains....strangely, d lcturer insisted dat our tables were "At least 5cm apart from each other" ....I mean, come on, as if dat will make a difference!!!
Experienced major energy drain during Physics lecture...imagine a lecture rite after d test

Energy raised again thx 2 Maths lecture. I dunno why d freakin claz nvr understands dat dey nid 2 SHUT UP DURING LCTURES....luckily Miss P managed 2 scare (by threatening) & impress (by demonstrating her fantastic Maths skills) d whole claz so dat dey kept quiet...kinda reminds me of Ckgu Razemin...
Went bak & blogged!!!!!

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Pyramid wif Sis (mixed)

K...I'm trying dis new concept wif a post which combines both fiction & fact cos i dun wan ppl 2 scroll down reli long 4 2 versions of d same events...

Other colours=reality

Went 2 Pyramid 2 meet sis. OTW there, as I sat in d bus....sumtin weird happened.

A guy jumped on board as d bus' doors were closing & robbed us at gun point. Basically, I was terrified!!!

Dat was d fiction part. Caught u off guard, didn I?

Here's d real part. At d Mid Valley stop, a guy went on board while lookin behind him all d time. When d bus driver made it clear dat he was staring at dis guy, d guy confessed dat he was jus robbed at d bus stop by 8 PEOPLE!!! D people held his arms, legs, & i dunno wat other parts while some ppl searched him (note: normal, not strip search) & took all his stuff. Note: I got dis info by eavesdropping while pretending 2 b uninterested (thx drama team 4 d lessons ^_^). D concerned bus driver convinced d poor guy 2 make a report @ d l8est police station. Talk about danger! I am like, so damned scared now dat I looked behind me so many times when I walked home 2day.

I went 2 Pyramid & met my sis. Note: No lovey-dovey disgusting hugs!!!

Her 1st line: "Have u eaten? I'm hungry. Can we go eat?"
My 1st line: "I ate but I can eat. Let's go!"

We went 2 eat caviar until we were full.

We went 2 Uncle Lim's where I accidentally sent 4 or 5 French fries flying to the floor with my clumsy hand. I must be watching 2 many reruns of Ugly Betty.

Went 2 buy clothes, clothes, & more clothes!!!

B4 we went bak, I bought donuts from J.Co....thx Michelle & my sis 4 introducing d donuts 2 me!!! I couldn't believe d line was so freaking long!!! Shud hav heeded my sis's warning which she repeated many times. Was unsure of which donut 2 pick so I smiled & asked d girl behind me wat da heck was "Glazzy".

Me: "Excuse me....watz d difference between "Glazzy" & "Assorted" donuts?"

She yelled "Pervert!!!" & slapped me. So much for friendliness. I better floss my teeth more often.

Her response: "Oh....Glazzy's just a fancy name for plain donuts wif sugar coating on top"
My reply: "Oh....thx ^_^"

I got 1/2 a dozen donuts, gave 2 to my sis, went home, & ate them silently w/out my hsemates' knowledge. Consider it revenge cos dey decided 2 eat J.Co donuts the day I slept @ my frenz hse. Of all the days 2 choose!!!

I better go. I hav a Chem report 2 finish b4 2moro & I'll b facing my 1st Physics test 2moro. Bye^^

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