Saturday, 28 June 2008


As usual.....Yong the procrastinator.....lazy wat? Here's more lazy ppl....

Sleep on d way 2 UTAR.....

Dah sampai UTAR, buat apa dalam kelas? Tidur la!

Some sleep alone....

Several sleep in pairs.....

Ocassionally in threesomes....

Some even sleep studying/doin tutorials:


In pairs...

Some require neck support from others....

(D guy on d right dah sakit bahu tahan d sleepin guy on d left)

(Dat girl dah sakit kepala cos d pink one sandar 2 long)

Where's d best place 2 sleep? During others' public speaking speech la....especially if use Powerpoint....cikgu sibuk tengok depan x sedar....lampu tutup....tidur nyenyak....

While some girls are sleepy (woke up early 2 apply makeup), some guy(s) (check out Captain Wong behind!) are super awake!!! Hey...dat includes d cameraman....nid energy 2 stalk ppl & snap pics silently u kno...

Who says I'm d only lazy one? See the lazy aura in my claz!!!

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Public Speaking....

K...fine, Adrian....I'm 2 lazy 2 send it 2 u so I'll paste it here....

Good morning I bid to my intelligent audience. Yes, you heard me correctly: my intelligent audience. Now....when I said “intelligent”, what is the picture which forms in your mind? Is it the image of a geeky, unsociable person? you imagine an intelligent person as someone who can own the whole cybercafé when gaming? When the word “intelligence” comes to mind, some of you might even visualize a string of A’s and 4-flats floating in the air. Today, I’ll be talking about the word “intelligence”. Hopefully, by the end of my speech, most, if not all of you will see “intelligence” in a different light and then appreciate the intelligence in yourselves.

Firstly, let’s look at our society’s perception regarding the word “intelligence”. The Malaysian education system is largely responsible for shaping our mindsets into believing that excelling in academics is the only form of intelligence. For example, I’m sure many of you have overheard parents praising their friends’ children for scoring good results but have you ever in your life heard someone’s parent praising a child for being able to go solo against 5 players in DOTA and still win!!!”? There is a 99% chance that none of you has ever heard any child in Malaysia being praised as “intelligent” for a reason other than obtaining good exam results. Other skills such as gaming proficiencies are simply labelled as useless hobbies.

Next, let’s have a look at a famous psychologist’s definition of “intelligence”. In 1983, Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences became known worldwide. In his theory, Gardner rejected the idea of one’s abilities or gifts arising from his or her general intelligence, thus eliminating the word “intelligence” as a general meaning. Instead, Gardner classified “intelligence” into 8 main categories covering various aspects of a person’s life. For example, a person who is bodily-kinaesthetic intelligent will be good in physical activities such as sports. On the other hand, one who possesses verbal-linguistic intelligence is typically good in speaking, reading, writing, and other language related matters. Basically, Howard Gardner’s theory implies that each and every one of us is intelligent, only in different areas.

Last but no means least, I myself will proceed to question the very definition of intelligence. To me, anyone is intelligent as long as he or she believes so. There is no definite meaning of intelligence. One who does badly in class may be a prodigy as a working adult, shooting up the career ladder. Conversely, a person who can memorize books and excel in exams may be capable to only do that: memorize but not apply the knowledge. Now...which person can we categorize as intelligent? Or...are both people intelligent in their respective fields? Other than the stereotyping process of "intelligence", the fact that some people call others or even themselves dumb simply annoys me. You may be not so proficient in some fields but I'm sure you know you are good at something, be it gaming, sports, socializing, or just anything!!!

As a conclusion, everyone has the potential in them to become famous, great people in their respective fields. Unfortunately, our education system seems to do nothing other than prohibit non-academic intelligence from being developed. Before I end my speech, I would like to reinstate that intelligence has various interpretations as I have elaborated earlier but NO ONE, I repeat, NO ONE, is dumb, stupid, useless, idiotic, or such. Only people who are stupid enough to call themselves stupid are in fact, stupid. Hopefully, your views regarding the word “intelligence” has broadened. Thus, I end my speech with a sincere thank you to all the intelligent people present for just listening and sharing your intelligence. May you appreciate your very own intelligence. Thank you.

Friday, 20 June 2008

Condolences 2 Reen

Nothing long. Just simple.

My condolences 2 Reena over her father's passing. Stay strong, Reena!!!

Friday, 13 June 2008

Outing @ Pyramid 13/06/08

Saw Jin Ling @ Ah Ring at UTAR dis mornin.....tengok2 she said d Kemaman guys/gals nak jumpa kat S'way Pyramid....of course la I nak ikut....

After claz, went home. Slept & woke up whn Ah Ring called. Naik 2 taxis cz thr were 6 of us. Damn taxi driver took d NPE instead of Federal....saja nk kikis duit org....RM10-11!!!

Walked & walked & talked & talked & pokpek.....better put pics than describe wat we did la...BTW, met d UTAR twin freshies (they're in dance club 2!!!) & turns out they're PTS students taking Actuarial Science 2!!! Yaay!!! Dat reminds me of Dominic....I miss u soooo much!!! PTS-ers rock!!!

Hey...dis is d 1st time Im doin dis "photo editing" pls tell me if I suck, k??? Simply copied & pasted d pics evrywhr ^_^

Went bak by taxi (no meter ones left) 4 RM15/taxi. Considered acceptable considering d number off ***hole taxi drivers tinking im new in KL & trying 2 fleece me...

Im super tired now....sleep.....

QUOTE: I went 2 J.Co's 4 donuts & d J.Lo song "My Love Don't Cost A Thing" was playing.....guess wat I heard one of d staff singing loudly???



Thursday, 12 June 2008

Random Upd8 12/06/08


Im still awake, doin 2 reports
-> Phy & Chem which r due 2moro (technically, 2day). Dis is soooo deja vu...ala2 Sem 1. "Some ppl" never learn from past mistakes do dey??? I'm such a hypocrite!!! ROFLMAO!!!!


Ya rite....Im still awake....doin Chem report pulak. Btw, thx 2 Ying Keat & Angie 4 d fantastic dumplings...dunno wat energy pills u 2 ppl inserted in them!!! I'm still so energetic @ dis time!!! I wonder how I'll look @ claz 2moro...I mean, 2day ^_^


Baru "finished" reports. Planned 2 go early 2 "fill in d blanks" bt realised I hv 2 wait 4 d damned photostat shop 2 open around 8.30 cz I'm photostat-ing d report cover 4 almost evry1. Sry I can't make it, Tim!!! (He's d best lab partner u cn ever find!!!!). I'm 2 energetic so I hv 2 drink more coffee. Strangely, it helps me sleep (WTF?!).

Planned 2 wake up l8r bt thx 2 TIM hu sms-ed me around 6, I only slept around 1 hr plus. Went 2 UTAR super cranky (dat happens when I dun get enuf slp). Evry1 could c dat I was diff. dat day. So swei.....I cudn focus during d practical & Tim had 2 do most of d stuff....I owe him big time!!! Anyway, dis happened:

Lecturer: Yong, hurry up, yr group's d only one hu nt yet finish....we wanna on d lights....(doin experiment regarding light whr hv 2 switch off lampu).....

Cranky Yong: Too bad (emphasized)....u hav 2 wait 4 us....nt yet habis....

-Tim stares @ Yong's rudeness-

OMG...wat did I do???? Argh!!! In addition, those idiots (can't mention names) cari pasal. Dey:
->Did sloppy reports
->Simply did experiments 4 d sake of finishing early
->Didn even pack stuff cz dey wanna finish their partial report & get lost
-> Nt serious in lab

So...x pasal2 all TD1 kena bebel 2day....including d ones hu teruk & those "innocent" ones....ARGH!!! I despise ppl gettin punished/scolded 4 sumtin dey didn do!!!!

3.30p.m. Went 2 PC block pulak. Played badminton almost non stop til 5.30p.m. Dun 4get d fact dat I slept only 1 hrs+ las nite.

6.00p.m. Reached home. Strangely, I'm still energetic, jz hungry. I'm seriously weird. Blogging now ^_^

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Thank you (1) !!!

This post is dedicated to all the fantastic fans & readers of dis blog hu hv helped me increase d blog counter dramatically!!! Thx!!!

Gathering in large numbers 2 share gossip....

Calling friends 2 spread d l8est gossip....

SMS-ing gossip around!! (though ur in d middle of a lcture...)

Explaining d various complicated scandals in our semester 2 others....

Jotting down any suspicious activities....

Thanks to u guys, the lives of these people have been "enriched" & "coloured" wif more gossip daily!!!

Receiving gossip in groups....


Can't take his eyes of dat pic...

Even our freshies are addicted!!!

Once again, thank you!!!

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Me = IDIOT???

After all d hype & excitement, d movie outing 2moro has been cancelled :( I was soooooo lookin 4ward 2 seeing Michelle....mayb soon ^_^

Had a super tiring day:

8am-10am Chemistry (Chem) Lecture
11am-1pm Physics (Phy) Lecture
2pm-4pm Problem Solving & Programming (Prob & Prog) Lcture

4pm: Other classes go bak whining bout wat an annoyingly tiring day 2day was. But wait!!! TD1's nt free yet....

4pm-5.30pm Writing 4 Science (Science) tutorial....argh!!!

Malunya 2day....last week I photostat d Science tutorial bt 4got 2 insert d comprehension passage. Tengok2 I realised during d weekend dat TD2 ada tutorial on Monday!!! Some sort of mabuk/gila/kind/naive/helpful side of me made me type a "guide sheet" 4 them. Not answers la....jz guides on d main points & wat lines 2 look 4 d answers....I even wrote in d paper askin them 2 look 4 answers themselves & told them 2 hide d paper frm d lcturer in case she salah faham....

Well, TD2 had their tutorial w/out any probs. 2day, during TD1 tutorial, some smart ass tot d paper I gave was d answer. He DIDN DO HIS TUTORIAL & jz brought d paper I gave & PLACED IT ON D TABLE IN PLAIN SIGHT!!! Tiba2 je:

-Lecturer holds paper high up, askin-
"Who did this answer sheet?"
-Class goes so silent, even a mosquito fartin cud b heard-
-I raise my hand- "Me."
"So u r d one givin dis paper 2 them?"
"Erm...actually....I photostat-ed d tutorial questions late & dey didn hv time 2 do it so I gave them dis paper...."
"So u r giving them answers?!"
"No....if u look @ d paper, it's jz a guideline & d main points....I didn giv them any answers...."
-Lecturer scans paper- "Erm...ok..."
-Class resumes noisy atmosphere, we didn even hear Mohan monologue-ing bout 'his beloved sum1'-

WHO DA ****ING HECK PLACED D PAPER ON HIS TABLE??? X faham ker dat ur supposed 2 DO YR DAMNED ANSWERS ALONE!!! Wat rosak je imej sy dpn ckgu....plan 2 apologise 2 d lcturer l8r....


Monday, 9 June 2008

Yaay !!!

Dis is so freakin weird!!!! Turned on d TV as usual 2 watch d 8TV Quickie (I nvr get thru whn I call even jz 2 say elo!!!). Tgk2, ada lerr sorang guest...nmpk familiar je muka cheeky & rmbut spiky dia....sape eh??? OIAM kan???

Dats whn Rina announced "IZ"!!! La.....OIAM Season said sy x reti tgk citer2 local? Tau le sy tgk sokmo Gossip Girl, Ugly Betty, American Idol, Desperate Hsewives, dat doesnt mean sy x tgk citer local tau!!!

As usual, I watch tv while listenin 2 songs while doin homework while using d pc....thought nk break skejap so I bukak Firefox. D moment Firefox loaded on my pc, tiba2 je Rina/Iz said "D 1st 3 ppl 2 log on 2 my wbsite nw & leave their email'll win my EP!!!". While resisting d urge 2 scream like a freak in my room, I went 2 Iz's wbsite ( & left a msg on d C'box!!!

D nex day (2day), I opened my blog & guess wat??? Iz left a msg!!! Thx Iz!!! I even got an email inviting me 2 his B'day party....was wondering whether a 16-year old kid (hu sumhow manage 2 get placed in UTAR) boleh masuk onot when I read: Saturday evenin!!!Wat da ****?! Argh!!! Clash wif my dance claz....had 2 send an email 2 apologizing....I hope he doesn't tink I'm jz a jerk wanting free EP's....he's probably laughing his head off imagining a short 16-year old in uni dancing ballroom & latin....LOL...

Anyway, Im hopin & waitin dat I get da EP frm Iz....hopefully.....Iz, if u r readin dis, I'm sry I cudn't go 2 yr party....HAPPY B'DAY!!!

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Lousy Weekend.....or is it ???

Dis weekend has been reli boring....

1) Most of my clazmates balik kmpung so I'm alone in boring PJ.
2) All my hsemates balik kmpung so I'm alone in dis creepy hse.
3) I dun hv a roommate so I'm alone in my messy room.
4) I'm d photostat manager@photostat guy@C.E.O of Duplications Department so I hv 2 settle d photostat list d whole w/end.

Settling photostat list equals:
-Hu missed a few papers
-Wat's evry1's balance
-Hu discontinue
-Hu wanna bcome new "customers"
-Hu cancel then change their mind so "conveniently"
-Hw many papers of each sbject I hv 2 print

So, I cn conclude dat

Class Photostat Manager = Constant Painful Migraine!!!!

Stuff I've put on hold cz of d photostat thingy which took 2 days:
Tutorials 4 Wk 3
Physics & Chem practical (both due in Wk 3)
3) Coming up wif
new schemes 2 torture d ppl I hate in claz (thr r a few ppl hu I despise)
4) Pre-readin & learnin a "certain subject".
D damned lecturer sux til many students including me end up drowsy & confused like ****. So....I'd rather confuse myelf than pay d lecturer 2 do d job 4 me.
5) Bloggin (Sry!)

Special mention->Thx 2:
1) Chris 4 MSN-ing wif me 2 calm me down whn all my bulu roma suddenly stood up las nite.
2) Ah Soon 4 sendin msgs which begin wif "F__er" & makin me laugh.
3) Tim @ Tai Kor 4 sending me his condolences.
4) Sharvina @ Miss Shana Khan 4 makin smile whn I go thru her msgs.
5) All d science stream guys & gals hu still treat me as an adik though I'm a childish, immature, annoying, noisy, 16-year old uni student hu happens 2 get reli lucky in d exams. I luv being d kid in d claz :p
6) Reena 4 makin me smile evrytime I tink of her & Betty pops up in my head simultaneously!!! :p
7) Hafiz Boroi 4 tolerating my annoying msgs whn I 4get hw much he paid me las wk (sry!)
8) "YamiXAngel" @ my Mapling buddy 4 still msg-ing me though I lama x main Maple.
9) Michelle 4 remembering me though we haven't met each other 4 a looooong time. PTS-ers rock!!!!
My parents 4 nvr failin 2 call & pester me few times evryday. I miss them!!!!

Hmmm....nw my w/end doesn't seem so bad after all, does it? Thx alot guys!!!! XOXO

Wednesday, 4 June 2008


I kno dis is noob-ish/childish/dumb.
I kno dis is pointless.

But I can't resist blogging dis!!!

My hsemate nextdoor borrowed my Sem1 reference books 2 hv a look @ dem. While I was watchin Gossip Girl on tv, I heard him repeating SEX....SEX....SEX... loudly so many times. @ 1st I tot I misheard "sets" but then.....I heard him spellin it out on d phn...."S...E....X" so many times!!! B4 I could scream "PERVERT!!!", I heard him sayin "SEXTON.....S...E...X...T...O...N"!!! Turns out it's d Physics' reference book punya publisher....haiz....

PS: Dun blame me 4 writin such crappy stuff....I cudn resist ma....ROFLMAO!!!!


Well, usually I hate d effin' (f***ing) rain cz my clothes (yes, HAND-WASHED!!!) tak kering2. But....d damned water company (SYABAS?) changed d pipes a few days ago....

Sequence of events

12 noon:
Event: Came bak frm schl.
Quote: "0.0 Ada orang tgh tukar paip2 kat depan rumah....clean PJ water soon!!!"

Event: That effin' drilling & shouting is still on!!! Argh!!!
Quote: " m I supposed 2 listen 2 myself O2Mania-ing if they're so loud? Who cares....bukak loud2 til my hsemates aso can hear!!!"

Event: After I mengada2 invite 4 hsemates out 4 dinner planned @ 7, d damned rain arrive at exactly wat time? 7pm!!! WTF?! OMG?! Argh!!!
Quote: "**** u rain!!!"

Event: D guys r still diggin' & drillin'.....d taps in d hse start ejecting water equivalent to Kopi O in terms of looks & longkang water in terms of smell....
Quote: "I wanna mandi!!! Waaaaa...... -cries like an asshole- :("

Event: The damned pipe-laying is STILL ON?! Don't dey kno dat most homo sapiens nid 2 sleep @ dis time???
Quote: "I hate u, asshole jerks!!! I wanna sleep!!!"

Result: D next day, Yong appears in UTAR dreamy, sleep, cranky, whiny, lifeless. UTARians rejoice as Yong is not his usual talkative self. No noise pollution 4 1 day!!!

But.....2day, super heavy rain came in d evenin. Wat else? Rather than curse the rain like an ungrateful idiot, of course la I sleep!!! Woohoo!!!

6pm: Wakes up blur2. My 1 thought: Hey, DINNER!!!! (really) I walk stumble, stagger, & shuffle out of my room & who do I c? Other hsemates aso baru bangun....ROFLMAO!!! Finally d rain did sumtin good 4 all of us after all.

FYI: My clothes are still not dry. I dunno whether 2 curse or praise 2day's rain.

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