Tuesday, 23 March 2010

A decision.

A difficult decision is about to be made. Well, having my parents' support helps alot.

To those friends hu r in d same predicament as me:
Hang in there. Consider everything carefully & critically. Dis is one helluva matter which can affect yr whole life. N of course, b tough.

To those frenz hu are watching me do dis:
I reli reli hope 4 yr understanding & support. Pls pls pls dun make it harder on me by attempting to convince me to go in a certain direction which you think is right. Jz lend me yr thoughts, forget any attempts at pujuk-ing, & be there 4 me, k?

To my parents:
Thanks alot for understanding. I guess dis runs in d family blood (given our interesting history), doesn't it? =p

Monday, 22 March 2010


I post dis at the risk of being called a OMG-u're-still-effing-whining-abt-dis-since-las-yr?? asshole.

My stupid headache is still bugging me. Slp more, eat more, rest more, relax more, dey all still don't work. Really affecting my daily life and studies (I tink....probably....) la wei.

How annoying.

Friday, 19 March 2010

Alice In Wonderland.

Here's d thing:


U'll end up disappointed if u go in wif dat mindset. Try being abit more open to d movie instead. Anyway, here's a so-called "review" of d movie (more of a Q & A session la)

Are the actors and actresses really doing their job?
-While watching the movie, did u actually feel any "connection" wif d actors/actresses? Did you actually start considering them as real people instead of characters during the movie. If u did, they probably did their job.

Is d script good?
-I'll hv 2 say dat Alice's script is pretty much a no-brainer (for those hu hv read d story).

Is d storyline, d plot development, d flow commendable?
-Dis matter is really subjective. Some ppl will feel pissed cz their favourite characters/scenes frm d book got cut. Some will find d movie boring. Some will be lost. And some will be totally engaged in d movie.

Wat did u get frm d movie?
-See whether the original author or d movie director tried to present anything to us instead of d usual colour-bursting-special-effects crap we tend to focus on these days. After all, aren't movies supposed to let us leave the cinema hall wif a feeling of something learnt?

Well, to me, I tink dat a majority of d ppl are goin 2 feel disappointed wif d movie. I'd blame d posters & advertisements. I bet many ppl will enter d cinema expecting a cheerful, bright, colourful movie. Bt instead, IMHO, I tink d movie was a tad too serious and mature compared to its expectations. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed it. Do try to spot d hidden stuff in it ^_^

Edit: I tink d movie was sorta balancing between ooh-aah-wow-pretty-fantasy and dark-secretive-can-you-decipher-this la. Sorta like halfway between seriuos and funny. Definitely nt goin 2 please d general public dis way....

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Be Prepared.

Yeah....u prolly heard dis many times b4 bt here it is:

Be prepared if u choose Actuarial Science in UTAR. Really prepared to work yr ass off.

Unless u're one of those rare geniuses (who my lecturer claims hv shorter lifespans), chances are, AS will be one helluva tough course if u're taking it in UTAR. Tak tau la other place camne.

Tests after tests after tests.
Assignments dropping like bird shit on yr car.
Sucky management office.
And yes.....most importantly, juggling your social life.

I'd like to quote a super smart bt humble person I know, "Do you study for the knowledge or passing?". Sometimes, we kno we can't afford d privilege of slowly taking our time to appreciate and treasure d knowledge we gain cz we're too busy trying to study in a manner necessary for our survival in exams. Bt then, we hv 2 rmbr dat his words do bear some significance. After all, @ d end of d day, merely having a cert is reli goin 2 make yr life shit & meaningless.

I kno it's super tough. I kno dat u kno dis fact. So, brace yrself & stand strong, k? I'll definitely try to help u as much as I can, even if I hv 2 play d role of budak jahat saying "I told u so, u idiot!!" sumtimes. Though a first-class honours isn't possible for everyone, I'm pretty sure dat hard, consistent work can ensure our survival :)

So, be strong, k? You know who you are~

Monday, 8 March 2010


I'm starting to feel the momentum
Impatiently awaiting your confession
For no good shall arise in succession
To my temper reaching its final remnant

Is a confrontation your hidden desire?
The only way to put out this fire?
Dragging yourself in this quagmire
Further provoking my building anger

It seems you only want the fame
Our bonding is just a petty game
I don't know whether to feel shame
Hurt inside, quietly maimed

How much more can I take?
Will you just continue to fake?
Don't think nothing is at stake
For now our links are starting to flake.

Sunday, 7 March 2010


Saturday, 6 March 2010

Stupid effing sakai kanasai neigbours frm dunno which part of hell!!!!!

Wat's wrong wif u ah? Pounding/banging on d wall/floor in d middle of d noon, around midnight, past midnight, and now 5a.m.!!!! Evrytime I've taken days to finish consoling myself, convinced that dat particular dumb nail in yr wall comes off often or that you're pounding on spices using yr lesung @ ungodly hours, d annoying "rhythmic" pounding starts again. Do you seriously know how annoying it is for my sleep to be disturbed in d middle of d nite?

U're so dead la. I'm complaining to d management as soon as I can. I'll get d guards on standby 24-7, ready to act on my signal (whn yr stupid pounding sound starts) so dat dey cn burst into yr hse, shock d shit outta you, & let me do d honours of swearing & cursing u once I find out who you are. Oh, ya, I'll make sure yr door suffers maximum damage when d guards bang on it & dat yr ears suffer maximum damage frm my yelling. And I'm nt compensating you a single bit on repair fees or medical fees unless you can compensate my lost sleep.

Ya....I kno.....rambling here's pretty useless la. Bt then, if ppl hv nothing better 2 do than 2 wake me up @ unearthly hours, I seriously hv nothing better 2 do than to curse like shit here. @ least it helps soften d headache I'm geting frm insufficient sleep. Oh, ya, btw, I hv class in 3 hours.

Fuck you. Jz u wait til i find out hu u are.

Friday, 5 March 2010

Sticks on Legs

Wat's up wif d increasing number of sticks I c walking evrywhr ah? Tetiba je it's an effing trend to b as thin as possible. Some of these gals actually look like dey cn snap if d wind blows. Itu pun nt yet including d weight of their handbags....haih....

Lidi Berkaki. Hmph. Menyampah.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Kalau xtau atau x pasti, senang je....

Diam. X payah gatal2 peningkn org lain.

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