Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Pretty sleepy now so I'll jz throw in a bunch of photos. It's d mini no-tests season (4 days) so I reli nid 2 catch up on my sleep. I'm nt capable of sleeping in d claz easily like some ppl.

Ah Nee sleeping somewhr in S block, 1st sem.

Chris sleeping in DK. Usually sleeps during Hema's favourite lecturer's claz.

Kishan sleeping in DK. Practically capable of sleeping in any claz when he wants to.

Wei Kiet sleeping in SE block. Poor fella spent so much effort trying to steal my phn & korek it in hopes of deleting this photo. Too bad :P

Phoebe, not sleeping. Super sensitive to cameras, capable of knowing whn I wanna snap a photo of her snoozing.

That's it....I better sleep....

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Sori la wei....damn lazy & tired to update....not to mention dat I'm was disturbed by a sick bunny. As most AS students in UTAR will surely kno, our course is one of d courses yang paling banyak tests, quizzes, assignments, assessments, & etc. I better warn those interested in taking up dis ain't easy. Other students ada lab report every week, we have several tests weekly. Bukan main stress lagi la wei.

Here's Miss BBQ looking like a carrot (quoted from Victor Lim)...stress la studying while paying attention to lecturer in front.

The aftermath of our first calculus test....frantic scribbles on d table by one of our top students...

Oh...ya...d fact dat we're taking Programming as a subject aso bugs us like hell. Many clazmates dun seem 2 get wat d lecturer's teaching. Thank god I had Mr. Lau "Sien" Lerk 2 teach me d basics during Foundation. But then, d not-so-fortunate students end up so stressed during practical in d comlab dat dis happens...check out the photo below...

Well. one thing's for sure: we sure nid our daily dosage of sleep, tak kira kat mana la ya. Unfortunately, I'm not so pro as some ppl hu cn sleep instead of revising b4 d test.

Aiyo...readers must be wondering why d heck I used d word "stress" so many times liao....nvm la, let's use another pretty close equivalent: "tension". While other students are suffering under the stressful environment, some ppl still hv d time for some "tension" between them...oooohhhh.....

(Credits to Nyiam & Christine, my fellow paparazzis 4 d last photo. Perfect!)

Thursday, 23 July 2009


Tangguh skit la ya? Malas la...

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Lately, it seems dat I've neglected my blog...

Malas nak ambik gambar utk di-post kat blog...

N fortunately (for her), the hype surrounding miss BBQ is fading fast....

Wat 2 do? Study jela & hope dat annoying distractions dun come my way...

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

They're here. The dreaded tests.

Scored full marks for one test and 1/2 for another. Weird huh? Nevertheless, dat won't discourage me. I'm not going to whine about my marks cz dat won't change them. I won't put on a thick face and tell the world "I didn't study so I'm happy enuf wif my marks". I won't point fingers at others, blaming them.

I'll just see what errors I made and practice more. And of course, have fun along the way in a variety of methods. Lasering, playing pranks, outings, and lots of laughter coz I know that I'm not the genius most ppl tink I am.

After all, giving petty excuses for not being a genius is so lame, isn't it?

Monday, 6 July 2009

My mum's one of the coolest mothers on Earth.

Which other mum would call her son from 300-plus kilometres away, ask the customary "Are you at home?", then immediately proceed to instruct her son to elaborate wat exactly happened in the Transformers movie (cz her VCD was corrupted). Once the mother is satisfied with her son's recount of the movie, she does not hesitate to hang up & continue watching the movie. No "How r u?", "Wat u doin?", "How's yr studies?" or other motherly crap.


Saturday, 4 July 2009

Hidden But Not Unseen

I could ramble endlessly bout wat I did these few days but somehow, I don't feel like doing that.

~Watch Transformers. Most of it was nice. I jz can't blame myself for spoiling the movie wif 2 many "smart observations". For instance, d mum-hyper-on-cookies part was ridiculous. At the end, every1 was bloody & dirty except for Megan Fox who had perfect spotless skin even though she went thru shit. Better ask her wat cosmetics she uses.

~Went 2 Pyramid 2 do sumtin else bt ended up meeting wif sis & jalan2ing wif her. Watched Ice Age 3. D movie is nice only if u temporarily suspend logic for around 2 hours. Nevertheless, pretty fun.

~Went 2 Westin Armada Hotel, Mid Valley then Petaling Street in a few hours wif Nyiam & HC. Memang buat kerja gila jalan2 tengah2 malam.

Some things are hidden bt dat doesn't mean they're unseen to others. I know some ppl hu tink I dunno dat dey:
~told a big fat lie to the world
~hate me like hell
~cover their emptiness by acting like dey're so special
~fail to carry out things as promised (and expect me not to notice dat)
~act unconvincingly in front of me

I may not see everything, but I notice quite a few things. "Sorry" for being such a smart ass.

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