Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Yr 1 Sem 2

D results are out.....I met some of my expectations then hor, damn lucky wei. My nice parents nvr nag me kau2. Thank god I hv such parents. Though dad nags abit, his intentions are good la. He knows I cn score so he pushes me abit 2 score lo. Too bad I dunno whether I'll b as gud as him onot la =p

"Pass de can liao must try hah....dun slack...."

Thank you!!!!

Oh...ya....wonder how my frenz are doin in programming....Kishan, Daph, Nee, PB & d others how ah? I super super pray u guys/gals score in yr programming....u all memang put alot effort in! If dun score l8r I'll blame myself tau!!!

Tuesday, 13 October 2009


What if I suddenly realise I'm not homesick @ all? Selama ni, aku ingt aku bkn main "kuat hati" lg....x nangis pun ms sy mula2 duk kat KL. Suddenly reality hits me jz like dat.

When was d last time I missed home? I can't comprehend wat's happening.....y dun I miss this place anymore? Coming here doesn't incite euphoria, excitement, happiness, or any emotions any more. It's like......I've detached myself frm my home.

Where is my home now?



Bak 2 normal now.....saja emo2 awhile earlier =p
Home is not where my house is. It's where my heart is.
I hv several homes in Kemaman, several in KL, one in Poland (miss u like hell!!!), several in Shah Alam, several in Kampar, & all around the world....
I'm not lost la. Just gatal2 tangan =p

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