Sunday, 27 September 2009


It's over.

Thanks to....

Hema, for tolerating my unrelenting pestilence.
Kishan, for constantly reminding me 2 b happy-go-lucky & take it easy.
Daphaney, for the company and last minute help.
Michael, for the endless entertainment/distraction on MSN while studying.
Phoebe, for the superb crash course.
Zhen Hui, for providing countless Facebook fun & madness.
Pui Yee, for sama2 hoping for our failure (inside joke =p).
Chris, for helping me @ d last moment though it seemed futile.
Victor, for occasionally helping me see things in a different light.
Ah Nee, for helping me even when I randomly shove a question in yr face.

Special Mention:
Christine, for providing me a place 2 hang out b4 & after d exam (and most importantly, a DS!!!)

Mum & Dad, for being there & constantly reminding me not to push myself too hard. Come on la, hw many parents in d world tell their kids: "Dun study la...go play games awhile....". Uber cool!!!

Thursday, 24 September 2009

One more....

It's over(hopefully).

Regardless of how well or badly I did, I'm super happy dat I could at least write down sumtin during d test. Reli hoping dat I won't see his face again in d same claz nex sem.

One more to go. I don't wanna disappoint Dr. Wong. Here goes....

Monday, 21 September 2009

I've found my new home ages ago. D prob is, I've been inundated wif calls & smses asking me abt my current room. Padan muka me la.....gatal2 pop notices on9.

God knows hw many times I've said "'s been rented out..." 2day (or even dis wk!). So, I jz went 2 d website 2 drop notice. Reli hope I get no more annoying calls after dis...haih...

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Modern Mum

Wat da ****?!?!?!?!

I jz found out dat my mum's making ketupat.

And she learnt it from YouTube.


Fighting on...

I really have to fight for this subject.

D fella is one helluva an asshole....if u tink dis is merely a personal opinion, try asking my clazmates. I bet 99% of them will agree. So....I'm here trying to cram around 10 chapters into 4 days....which means I nid 2 settle 3 chapters a day, 1 chapter in 3 hours.

I'll survive. I wanna prove 2 dat asshole hw useless he is. I'm perfectly capable of learning the subject from scratch wif d help of my friends & primarily myself =p

Friday, 11 September 2009

Well....went 2 UTAR 2day 2 settle d hse matter. Turns out dat evry1 had to sacrifice sumtin in d end.

Highlights of the day:
-->Went 2 c programming lecturer 2 bug him wif questions & c whr I went wrong in d mid term...mostly theory questions la I suck =p

-->Watched Hema & Kishan getting splashed (MAJOR) @ d genting klang road near TBR. I tell u ah....we were all screaming as we turned bak & watched dem gettin drenched wif filthy water (thx 2 speeding cars).

-->Did one past yr paper (programming). Finally I start studying la....bukan main kecoh & bangga =p

Thursday, 10 September 2009


I'm seriously lazy. Life....studies....blogging...facebook....u name it. Semuanya kena abandoned.

Except cleanliness la. Nothing beats d satisfaction of killing those stubborn dirt stains on d floor, drowning d hse wif my vacuum's noise, & of course, nagging Hema (Saying "Dirty girl!!!!" almost daily). Apparently, my hsemates dun share the same enthusiasm. I watch wif itchy fingers as they rendam the utensils in d kitchen sink....leave the rubbish unattended....haiz~

~Went out for "The Orphan"~
I dare say it's one of the best, paling unique movies I've seen. Definitely not a typical cookie-cutter movie. I mean....take a look @ d movies in d cinemas nowadays. They always fall into the following categories.

i) Comedy love stories
->(vice versa aso can ah)Guy meets girl, guy clashes wif girl/falls in love @ first sight. After all sorts of nonsensical drama woven around a thin plot, we all kno d typical happily ever after ending.

ii) BOOM BOOM POW movies
->Regardless of wat freakin plot dey come out wif, these movies are basically the same. Dey attract u wif action packed-snippets in their commercials. When u reach d cinema, u actually realise dat's wat d whole freakin movie is abt: packed wif action. Wif explosions happening everywhere, panicky music, lari sini lari sana, boom here boom there, the whole thing jz leaves u stunned. Mayb I'm fussy bt then, I'm lookin 4 a legitimate storyline here la. Not some non-stop wham-in-my-face action. Dun u get sick of dat after 30 minutes into the movie?

iii) Horror movies
->Thank god these movies are getting lesser by the numbers. I've told all my frenz dat I'm super scared of ghosts. If u wanna play a joke on me, DO NOT involve ghosts. I sure can cry wan.

So......wat's so different abt The Orphan?
->Esther's nt yr typical main character. She's mean, evil, obsessive, & doesn't give a 2nd thought abt getting wat she wants. Heck, I was even screaming "Go Esther" in the cinema! I kno some parts of d movie are a bit disgusting (d bloody, violent scenes which stupid FINAS censored, d lousy sex scene) but overall, dis movie reli rocked me. Definitely nt evry1's cup of tea (my fren hated it) bt I dare say dat girl is one helluva actress. Can kick Dakota Fanning aside if she keeps this up la.

~Settled my favourite subject punya coursework~
->I kno many ppl hate me unintentionally cz I love dis subject (which dey suffer at). Hey....dun bother blaming my "xtra" in Foundation kay? Nonsense. U'll notice dat I'm always good @ certain subjects & shit in the rest. Consistency isn't my forte. So....if u hate me for scoring in dis subject, take a look @ my coursework marks 4 other subjects & u'll b laughing :P

~Suffering for my finals (arriving nex Monday)~
->Malas la!!!!

K la...I'd better go start revising abit. I didn come 2 degree 2 score gila high (done dat before liao) bt I didn't come here 2 leave w/out good results. Scoring jz nicely & enjoying uni life @ d same time....possible? Y not? :p

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