Monday, 31 March 2008


For some reason....well, actually, I got 20/40 for my 2nd Maths test!!! I seriously felt like committing suicide. But thx 2 my brother (take note: non blood-related brother) who got 40/40 (congrats!), I felt that I should follow his footsteps. Why end my life when I hav d chance obtain 4 flat results & show them off in future? So, rather than grab a knife or a huge bottle of pills, I decided 2 grab my keyboard & channel my emotions into dis poem:

One moment I was on top of the world,
The next moment I fell in a whirl,
Why oh why did you betray me?
With sweet whispers tempting constantly,
False promises brush against my skin,
How I longed for its touch of sin,
Alas! A mere illusion has passed by,
To be felt but never to solidify,
Though my scars will never disappear,
I will still fight on, facing my fears,
When the time comes I shall defeat you,
Though no one will know whether it's true,
Whether the battle of my lifetime will ever end,
Til my death I will never understand,
How my life's greatest enemy,
Will always be myself, nothing but me.

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Tagged by Khit Yeng!!!

1. Who is your all time inspiration?
My mum! She's so noisy, funny, sporting, cool, & up 2 date. Imagine a 1/2 century lady knowing d Top 10 song lists on FlyFM (not Lite & Easy) 4 d past few weeks!!! We kinda hav a Gilmore Girls relationship ala-ala Lorelai & Rory.

2. Have you had a crush on me?
No!!! Dat wud b so yucky!!!

3. If you were to be stranted on a deserted island, who are the 3 blogging buddies you would take with you? Why?
i) Z-ton
ii) Amin
iii) Michelle
All for the same reasons: We're all gossip-gathering, chattering, talkative, friendly, celebrity-news-experts!!!

4. Where is the place you wanna go to the most?
Anywhr as long as I hv my friends & family. Even if thr's no food thr I dun mind spending my last moments wif dem.

5. If you have only one wish to come true,what would it be?
I wanna stay united wif my family & friends 4ever & ever...notin else matters.

6. Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
Is this a trick question or wat? Isn't it proven scientifically?

7. What are you afraid to lose now the most?
My friends & family.

8. If you win 1$,what would you do?
Anytin as long as my friends, family, & I are happy.

9. If you meet someone you love, would you confess it to him or her?
Dream on!

10. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.
Intelligent, talkative (datz really good :P ), being able to bcome my fren w/out vomiting at d sight of me.

11. What are the requirements that you wish for your other half?
Happy go lucky (like me^_^)

12. Which type of person do you hate the most?
Hypocrites. If u can't do sumtin & admit it, I'll help u even if i rugi like hell. If u act smart but hav notin, expect notin but hate (and frequent lasers) from me.

13. Highlight of the week.
Seeing my friends everyday & getting a call from my mum.

14. If you have faults, would you rather the people around you point it out to you or you rather they keep quiet?
Tell me. I dun wanna hear others telling me that they heard from someone who heard you saying sumtin bout me behind my back.

15. What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
Friends & family!

16. Are you a shopaholic?
Yes, depending on my mood. (If u r reading dis, rmbr 2 invite me when u go shopping ^_^ )

17. What's on your mind right now?
I can't wait 2 c my friends 2moro!!!

18. If you have a chance, which part of your character would you like to change?
Nothing. I am who I am.

19. What's the last shocking thing that you see or heard? life's full of gathering hot gossip. Nothing shocks me....I'm used 2 it...

20. What's bothering you lately?
D fact dat I haven't seen my friends & my friends' cats back in Kemaman. I miss u guys/gals/cats sooooo much!! Note: Dun wry bout me missing my family. Mum calls me so often.

Who I tag: Any1 reading dis unless u hv been tagged. Cant u type abit ???


I'm so freakin angry! Here's d situation:

-D UTAR Foundation students r havin a sports carnival soon. So far, d response's kinda good.
-2 encourage students 2 join, evry1 has 2 pay. Those joining any sport, pay RM8. Those who don't, pay RM10. Cool? I actually went crazy & joined d badminton tournament. Hope 2 lose some weight.

But....some idiot(s) start making noise. D occasional spam is ok but "some ppl" never seem 2 stop whining. They go on & on & on & on & on (u get d idea, dis is a binomial expansion wif sum 2 infinity) bout:

"Why should I pay for this?"
"Why does everyone have to pay?"
"What if I hav no transport?"
"Why is it on weekends? We aren't that free!"

Correction: IMHO, it should be:

"Why da hell do I have 2 pay so much just 2 maintain a gf/bf?"
"Why da hell does everyone hav 2 do dat 2?"
"Wat if I hv no transport 2 go meet him/her?"
"Why do we hav 2 meet on weekends only? We need more free time!"

My suggestion:

1) Pay for the sports carnival & shut up. The reasons will be proved (ala-ala Maths) l8r in dis post.
2) Ask every1 else 2 pay 2. U wanna pay lesser? Join it! Heck, even a academic guy (some ppl prefer 2 call me geek@sotong@pondan@sissy@soft@half guy) like me joined it.
3) Find transport u smart ass! Hv u heard off public transport? And no, I dun mean public (minus d letter "l") transport. Dat is up 2 u & yr gf/bf. 4 further instructions, ask Edison.
4) Wat else do u do on weekends? I believe itz nt homework. Shopping? Hello....use d money 2 join d carnival. No wonder Dorae-Ong's complaining bout some students' inability to use their brains & count. TFK? I doubt u'll b able 2 sustain it 4 1 whole weekend. Tell me if u do. Edison'll b proud of u.'s wat I replied @ d forum:

Sigh... -_-

Seriously, I dunno wat da heck's wrong wif some ppl.

They can go:
-shopping 4 useless stuff
-buying d l8est games
-contributing immensely to TGV/GSC's bank accounts watching their favourite actors & actresses snog on the huge screen once in a while
-acting "cool"/"romantic" buying crappy gifts for their gf's/bf's
-going "yam char" @ Old Town & acting rich
-etc....(all money-burning activities)

YET: They make soooooooo much fuss over RM10. Hey, wasting yr time whining here actually burns a bigger hole in yr pocket. D time wasted making noise can actually be spent efficiently studying/reading. Check dis out:

Using yr time more efficiently 4 Studying/Reading/Revising
= Better understanding of yr studies
= Higher chances of acceptable/better/excellent exam results
= Higher chances of getting scholarship/reimbursements/fee waivers or
= Lower chances of flunking
= Lower probability that yr parents hv 2 fork out more money 4 a repeated semester cos u were busy whining & not studying
= Lower probability that you'll be surrounded by girls/guys obviously younger than you in class (they won't b interested in lookin 4 older, ancient bf's or gf's)

=Reduced spam/load on d UTAR server
=Drastically lower medical fees for other students suffering from sakit hati/sakit kepala/sakit mata readin redundant complaints
=Eases our lecturers' (or captains' :P) burden handling noisy pests

Let's apply wat we've learnt in UTAR:

-Oh, I were busy whining & not learning/revising/learning-

Let's apply wat the (other) attentive students learnt in UTAR:


=Saves yr kinetic energy typing
=Saves our kinetic energy moving our eyeballs reading crappy annoying replies

=Conserves the number of moles of carbohydrates used by students sighing when reading redundant replies

Lower electricity usage = Lower bills = Lower demand for money = Lower chances of inflation = Increased buying power amongst consumers = Getting more games/CDs for the same amount of money

Saves the other students from English language corruption after reading posts with annoying, redundant, pestiferous, obnoxious, improper grammar.

Computer studies:
Causes lesser monitor burn-ins which occur when the same image/words are displayed for a long time on d monitor. (In this case, it's the pitiful monitors displaying the same complaints everyday)

Last, but no means least:

Were u even paying attention? Count how many equations are above! U s*ck(optional 's')!

Argh.....wat's happening??? I can't type it out.... Kana....Kana....

-the following Chinese swear word popularized by Mr. Dorae-Ong has been censored-

Have a nice day everyone!

Nice? I finally got 2 laser sum1....hope he's nt 2 dumb dat he/she x sedar dia kena laser.....I reli miss debating!!!

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Seriously Weird Grammar!!!

Here's some interesting bits of weird grammar I've heard.

Believe it or not, I saw dis super weird word on d operating license of a PJ restaurant! Turns out dat PJ's Majlis Perbandaran has a huge vocabulary....

2) Quote from Paula Abdul: "I kno itz hard 2 concentrate when singing on stage cos u hv MONITORS in yr ears..."

Wat da heck do MONITORS hv 2 do wif our ears? Do d American Idol contestants hv ears capable of reading lyrics? D more appropriate words should hav been earpiece/headphone/earphone....even microphone wud be acceptable though itz wrong....but MONITORS??? Why da heck's she still a judge??? -_-

3) Courtesy of my sis hu heard dis @ a BBQ party: "Can some one tell me how 2 LAMINATE the chicken?"

Excuse dear girl (whoever it was my sis laughed @).....itz MARINATE!!! Go 2 a stationery/binding/photostat/document shop if u wanna LAMINATE it....n tell me if u find one a shop owner who is actually willing 2 LAMINATE it....I'll promote it on my blog....

Well...datz all I cn tink of 4 now....pls tell me if thr's anymore u 1 me 2 add....

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

CS Presentation!!!'s wat happened during computer studies presentation.

1) Mr E started introducing our group in a super-long winded speech leading 2 no where. It's scary how he manages to make d other students yawn within d 1st minute of our presentation. He must be gifted wif powers of boredom.

2) Miss S started presenting in our group, confidently explaining stuff bout CRT's (cathode ray tubes).

-Meanwhile, the other group members r spreaded out....some on d left, some on d right side of d projector screen-

3) Our "dear" Mr E decided 2 spice things up a bit. His super itchy foot with an in-built sensor manages to hunt down a switch.

Note: Out of the huge tangle of wires, finding a tiny switch (within bare seconds of standing there) requires extraordinary gift & talent.

Guess which switch? The projector switch!!! His foot executes a swift flick (that even professional cha-cha-cha dancers would be proud of) and voila! The projector is turned off!!!! No.........

4) Yong doesn't have the super talents necessary to stop Mr E in time. Instead, Yong focuses all his super talents to restrain himself from lunging at Mr E & killing him on the spot. Obviously, Yong has an incredibly large amount of patience power. Add that to the fact that Mr E's foot shows off its skill again by switching off the PC pulak!!!!

5) The audience, presenters, lecturer, insects on the ceiling, insects on the floor, insects in the dirty students' bags and cleaning makcik outside gasp. (Ni saja hiperbola nebeng2)

6) The current presenter, Miss S continues presenting using the cue cards she had instinctively wrote dat morning. Thank god!

7) Yong is suddenly asked to present first (to delay time). Stumbling, stuttering, shivering, shaking, trembling, Yong grabs a whiteboard pen & draws a diagram on d whiteboard to present his part. Apparently, only Yong knows wat he is drawing. Other students stare in confusion.

8) Mr T presents his part with a whiteboard pen too thanks to the lagging pc which hasn't booted yet. Luckily, he pulls it off well.

9) The pc is now on. Mr P presents his part. Students are on the verge of daydreaming. No....make that "deep sleep".

10) Of all the freakin deserving ppl on Earth, Mr E gets to present his part USING THE DAMN PROJECTOR. Mr E merely reads the stuff on the screen which Yong & Mr T had painstakingly prepared til 2am while the other team mates were in bed. Yong continues using his super powers of patience to prevent a murder from occuring in the PA147 classroom.

11) Class is now awake because they want to vomit due to Mr E's incredibly annoying, fake, ear-splitting, wall cracking, capable-of-scaring-pests-away slang. Yet another super power from Mr E. Yong's powers are waning. Murder approaching.

12) Mr E gladly does d conclusion.

Note: The word "gladly" above refers to Mr E's feelings only, not the class. Evry1 is still being tortured at this point.

13) Out of nowhere, Mr E conjures and hands out advertisement brochures which he claims to be "the team's research". Must be another one of his ridiculously useless super powers.

14) Thankfully, the presentation ends.

Note: "Presentation" in line (14) refers to Mr E's torture session. Actually, the class wouldn't mind if the other team members presented more stuff....

15) Lucky for the presenting team, the presentation had ended. Otherwise, their marks would have been deducted if the lecturer heard the students complaining bout d outdated-ness, irrelevance, redundancy, uselessness, and inaccuracy of the "research material" Mr E handed out earlier.

16) Yong's powers of patience has successfully prevented him from murdering Mr E. Yaay!!! Yong goes back in need of rest. After all, using up his patience "against" Mr E proved to be tiring, time-consuming, difficult, and definitely shortened Yong's lifespan drastically.

So....the question now.....who deserves to be the new character in the next season of "Heroes" on TV due to his super powers??? Vote in d poll on d right!!!

Sunday, 16 March 2008


I feel so burned out after d 3-hr dance claz ysterday. I even hv 3 tests dis wk!!! Argh!!! Anyway, juz 2 kill time, I'll type out d dance routine we're doin....check dis out....

1) 3 Basics+1 underarm turn
2) 3 New yorkers+1 spot turn
3) 3 Fall backs
4) 3 Cha-cha+spot turn+3 cha-cha
5) 2 Cuban breaks
6) New Yorker+3-step turn+new yorker+3-step turn+spot turn
7) Fan+Hockey stick (Back lock, cross basic, 4ward lock)
8) 3 Back locks
9) Turkish towel (3 basic (backwards), 2 syncopated, 1 normal)+4ward lock
10) Alemana+whip curl+4ward basic (Back lock, cross basic, cocoaracha, 4ward basic lock)
-start back at one-

Seriously, I dunno d spellings so I simply tembak....

Friday, 14 March 2008

Thx Mr. W!!!

Had Com Studies test 2day.

Wanna giv a huge bunch of thx 2 Mr. W 4 setting d questions. I luv dis style whr d answers r based on logic, experience, & thinking ability rather than facts regurgitated frm books. Even if I fail it, I kno I answered proudly & truthfully cos I didnt kno enuf stuff or answered in d wrong techniques, not bcos I wasn't skilled in regurgitating facts memorised from books. Real, honest students who get low marks rock waaaay better than robot asses who get high marks. BTW Hafiz, u r not a p**. U r hu u choose 2 call yrself. Read d poem below. It applies 2 all hu believe in it.

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Sincerely from my heart....

Yeah, I kno, dis sounds cheesy....but here's a poem I composed 4 2 great girls:

Reena d/o M.Palanivelu


Michelle Chua Khit Yeng


Any1 reading dis & feelin bad bout yr results

You kno why I did this poem. You know what happened to you. You know no one (including myself) will ever feel what you feel. But I hope you know that this is from me sincerely......

BTW, pls dun quarrel over why dis poem is 4 many ppl. Who says sharing is illegal?!

They're no reason for you to tarnish your face,
With pristine tears unmistakably full of grace,
Even though I am nothing but a friend,
I sincerely hope you will understand,
No matter what I'll be here for you,
As long as you promise you'll stay true,
Be yourself and not some other person,
Or completely transform into another's perception,
Who gives a damn what people say,
It's you who live your life every single day,
Though they may try to shape you in and out,
Just ignore them and think aloud,
One day hopefully they'll see their wrongs,
Hopefully til that day you'll still stand strong,
Deflect the knives they throw at your heart,
Just persevere never to fall apart,
Full of confidence and ready to face the world,
All you need is that little pearl,
Hidden deep down your beautiful soul,
A great story yet to be untold,
But please do me a simple favour,
Promise me that you'll never ever,
Forget the person who uttered these words,
Or neglect that inner voice you've always heard.

Thank you for reading!!! I hope I touched u enuf dat u cried. Yeah rite, Fergie sings "Big girls dun cry." To hell wif her. She isn't d president of d world. You are the president of your world. Remember dat.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Woohoo!!! SPM!!!

Found out I got 9 A1's & 1 A2!!!! Ya, I kno sum ppl will say "Too bad u didnt get straight A1's. At least itz straight A's" but honestly, I dun giv a ****. As a typical happy-go-lucky-no-worries guy, I'm super happy I got all A's!!! D extra A1 wud b nice bt not necessary. So, 2 those bullshit-in-my-face-trying-to-spoil-my-fun ppl, u haven't succeeded. Woohoo!!! Anyway, gratz 2 d following (a growing list):

Sharon Wee Xien Ai@Sa Len (mandarin 4 crazy) 10 A1, 2 A2

-->Practising her pose 4 d cam even while studying 4 SPM (c d Sejarah book thr)
-->Dis is no damsel in distress....behind dat fan lies a hot, smart chick!!!

Chen Kim Soong@Mr. Bachelor 4ST1 2006 10 A1, 1 A2

-->Even cooler: Practising his poses while sleeping. He must b having sweet dreams.
-->Crying, hiding, or plain acting? You decide!!!

Nurul Huda Hayati bt. Mohd. Sabri@Koda 9 A1's, 2 A2's

-->She got straight A's!!! Yaay!!! She deserves it coz she's always planning dis & dat 4 d claz. Best secretary u can get.....

Wan Farisha Nadia bt. Wan Mohd Amin@Fishball 9 A1's, 2 A2's

-->You jump, I jump!!! (check out d ground on d left-itz quite high!!!)
-->Bimbo lookalike??? No way!!! Dis "innocent lookin girl" 2 pull a surprise straight A's!!!

Chan Yan Xing@Muko 9 A1's, 1 A2

-->D ultimate Jay Chou fan....always singing, dancing, acting, talking, etc.....but top in exams. Go girl!!!

Che Engku Amin b. Che Engku Aziz@Mr. Mariah Aguilera 9 A1's, 1 A2

-->My lucky charm!!! I'm gonna get straight A's!!!
-->Where's my limo? I'm ready 4 fashion school!!! Banana Republic, here I come!!!

Faidhi b. Yusoff (seriously 4got hw many 's' & 'f') @Fei D 5 A1's, 5 A2's

-->Who gives a **** how many A1's or A2's he has??? He's still goin 2 conquer d world, starting frm dis tree....
-->But, 1st, he needs lots of energy!!! Snack time!!!

Special Mention: Reena Ratnadevi d/o M.Palanivelu@Bitchy Queen

-->Apa ni??? Belum amik result dh bawak baby??? Sape pulak ayahnya???
-->Many years l8r: "Ni dia saya dulu ms amik result...."

Info courtesy of my super penyibuk-noisy-chattering-hip-forever young-cool mum. Honestly, I could make it bak but I preferred it if my mum was d 1st 2 c my results. Leaves a lasting impression in her mind. I'm such a scheming freak!!! Anyway, sry guys I cudn't come 2day!!! I reli miss u all!!!

Monday, 10 March 2008


There I was....moping, groaning, moaning, whining (Dun get d wrong idea bout wat I was doing-->no aeroplanes involved) 4 weeks bout my card reader when it hit me. Who gives a damn bout my card reader? They're here 2 read my blog, 2 lighten up. Not hear bout some idiot (me) make noise & give excuses bout not blogging. So, here's a public apology. I'm sry I didnt blog. B4 my inner voice goes: "I had many reports....etc..." I better ask it 2 shut the **** up. I am at fault. 2 get d creative juices (if they haven't dried up) flowing, I decided 2 upload one of d poems I composed in secondary school....which also happened 2 be one of my favourite poems. D SPM fever's here anyway.


If only one word could be said,

Just to describe our examinations,

Then “torture” would surely ring in my head,

Because it’s merely my spontaneous reaction!


Dust particles fill the air,

As our neglected books are slowly opened,

We are slowly engulfed by a wave of despair,

Trying to recall what we’ve forgotten.


Formulas, figures, facts appear,

Forcefully pushed into our brains,

Regurgitated later on the exam papers,

Only to be forgotten again.


In some subjects, time’s always insufficient,

In others however it never ends,

Sometimes we use our imagination,

Creating answers we don’t even understand.


Finally, excitedly, our results arrive,

We chatter excitedly about who’s the best,

Then we start promising to strive,

Getting more A’s in future tests.


Unfortunately, that’s not entirely true,

Our fake promises will fade in the wind,

Working hard is something we’ll cease to do,

Our burst of energy thrown in the bin.


This infinite cycle goes on and on

Alternating between hardworking and lazy,

But that’s how we students are born,

Studying last minute is our top ability!!!

Since I can't upload pics, I'll hav a few choices:
1)Text-only blog
2)Blog using random pics found on9
3)Pester other frenz 2 gimme pics whenever anytin happens

I wud like 2 take d opportunity 2 offer my sincerest thanks 2 Tim 4 helping me finish d com studies assignment. 2 d other team mates, thank yourself if u tink u contributed anything decent. Dun expect a thank you from from me. I'm d guy sleeping at around 2 or 3 am for a few days straight doin work u couldn't bother 2 do properly. Claiming 2 b in my group is d max I'll tolerate frm u. If u dare say u did all, most, or a decent portion of the work, **** u.

I'll also say SORRY 2 my dear clazmates cos i can't come bak 2 collect my SPM results. I hv a test coming up. I reli miss u guys 2 d extent I nearly cried when I found out dat my test clashed wif d SPM result day. Dun wry bout d hall being silent w/out me cos my mum'll b taking the results enthusiastically. Get ultra-ready 2 meet (or run) when u c a makcik tak pasal2 coming 2 take SPM results out of no where. Sry again guys.

Monday, 3 March 2008

Sorry.... card reader is spoilt/merajuk wif me so I can't upload pics...which means pure text blogging....which equals 2 "boring" I'm really sry if u wan pics....anyway, I can't reli blog dis wk cos I hv assignments, reports, journals, & one last test coming up....luckily each test comes @ diff. weeks or i'll faint....sry again...

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