Thursday, 30 October 2008

Asses in my head!

Seriously, I'm sick of being squished by asses! 3 asses sitting on my head at one time!

Lol....ass = assignments la. Kacau betul. Got migraines constantly.....but somehow I'm used 2 it. Panadol aso no use. Ever heard of a guy small boy hu kena migraines daily dat he got used 2 them?

Mum: "Still got migraine onot?"
Me: "Ya..."
Mum: "Then....pain onot?"
Me: "Ya!"
Mum: "Reli reli pain ah?"
Me: "Ya...."
Mum: "I dun believe ah....muka biasa saja....wat kinda weird migraine u kena? Siao ah?"
Me: -_-"

Weh....reli painful la...dunno why/how I got used 2 them. I actually suspect got some kinda weird tumour in my brain but 2 doctors alredi say no way wor. My instincts bout dis damn strong eh....hw else cn I explain why da hell pain so long?!

So....shud I go do a scan of my head 2 whether anytin's wrong? HELP!!!!

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Self Created Quote 28/10

Felt like not blogging so many words today.

Pointing out others' mistakes openly takes a lot of courage.
Pointing out yours openly takes all of your courage.

Monday, 27 October 2008


Firstly, Happy Deepavali 2 every1!!! Ysterday was super hectic @ Brickfields!!! Firecrackers evrywhr, beautiful Indian costumes, & loud music blaring out of speakers @ evry corner!!!

Anyway, I came across dis post from Ainul, my secondary school fren. I hv 2 admit it reli touched me & I felt like showing it to evry1. it is....(click here).

She is damned accurate in her definition of racists, loving their culture, heritage, & identity, but not to the extent that they should condemn or discriminate against other ethnicities. The best part is when we can all live in equality w/out ridiculous restrictions horrendously hindering us from coexisting cooperatively.

Besides, who says that supporting your culture means you can't embrace others too? For instance, though I am a Chinese incapable of speaking my mother tongue, that doesn't mean I condemn those who can't speak English well. Some idiots in uni tend 2 discriminate me, thinking I'm a show-off "bas ketiga" jz bcoz I speak English instead of Chinese. So what if I hav a Terengganu Malay slang? I'm proud of it. If you can't bear the thought of a 16 17 year old Chinese struggling to learn his mother tongue, get lost.

Back to the topic. Racism is a dangerous issue which shouldn't be looked upon as a tool, especially in our multiracial M'sia. Simple comments by politicians can incite a lot of complications which only serve to further destabilize our country's harmony. all the people out there, especially those hypocrites on TV, watch your words. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to do my assignments relax the whole ma...

Friday, 24 October 2008

Weird Grammar...Weird Comments...

In case u guys dunno wat I'm referring 2, click here.

Some anonymous guy/gal is complainin bout me attacking others' grammar when mine's cacat. Ya la...i admit d one on dis blog isn't suitable 4 writing in exams...but hey, hu cares bout dat here rite? My blog's meant 2 b personal......real....."me". So...of course la i write like i wanna say it. Besides, writing in really prim & proper language bores me (& d readers)...

So guys/gals, pls take a look @ anonymous's comment, my response, & tell me yr thoughts. Feel free 2 comment @ d chatbox or @ dat post. I'll b glad 2 fuck off any absurd accusers. Eh...supposed 2 b "fend" la...i didn mean 2 say i wanna fuck any1. Is dat considered a malapropism? ~weird~

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Jungle Trekking!


Went jungle trekking wif Jagdeep, John, Hesmond, Sin Mun, (one of Jag's frenz hu I dunno d name), Mel Lee, & of course, Shi Hooi...

B4 u guys start condemning me, saying dat I'm a geek & jungle trekking is waaaay impossible, I'm glad 2 admit dat I did survive it wif no scratches, bruises, & NO LEECHES! (I planned 2 catch one 4 my web page design lcturer, Miss Low 2 eat)

While others were hopping & skipping around like experienced trekkers, Shi Hooi & I were stuck @ d bak. Imagine 2 first-timers wif heads bent down, lookin @ every inch of the path, checking where 2 step, & going so slow. Not 2 mention Shi Hooi whining bout her slippery shoes.

Quotes from...

Shi Hooi: "My shoes so slippery...."
"Why you all go so fast?"
"Dun fall off ah....dun fall off (talking 2 her shoes)"

Then came d fun part. D guys decided 2 sesat dengan sengaja. Pandai2 twist & turn merata2. Dahla damn scary c d ledge on our right so steep.

Quotes from.....

Jag: "Come Mel (jumping down a ledge).....fall into my arms."
Mel: "U got confidence meh? Sure can ah?"
Jag: "Sure...sure..."
Mel: "I dun wan...I go down myself :p"
Other guy: "Jag...I wanna fall in yr arms....(so gay!)"

D oni part I hated was washing my clothes @ home. Being d typical fussy freak, I spent gallons of water rinsing & washing my dirty clothes. Padan d "jauh raja" landlord 4 raising my rental. I use his water kau2 :p

Anyway, thx alot 2 Jag 4 bringing me along!!! Damn nice weh!!!

Monday, 20 October 2008

Modem Mengada!

Dengan penuh dukacita, saya ingin memohon maaf dari para pembaca blog ini. Disebabkan modem saya yang dipenuhi dengan kemengadaan, saya tidak berupaya melayari Internet secara konsisten sejak beberapa hari yang lalu. Dengan ini, saya menyusun sepuluh jari & memohon ampun sekiranya ada pihak-pihak tertentu yang terasa geram dengan tabiat modem saya yang gemar merajuk. Harap maklum.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Crapping Asshole(s)...

Talking, talking, crap around,
Somehow tinking we're all clowns,
Pls dun tink u r so great,
Acting bossy, "holding their fate",

Dumbly imagining u sit so high,
Wait until it's time for their reply,
When u realize your mistake,
Time won't retrace the steps it takes.

Humans cry alone, so goes the saying,
But no one'll join too when you're laughing,
Maybe to you, humility's unknown,
Jz u wait til you're left alone.

Yr arrival's heralded by your stink,
Your stupid words can really sting,
As much as they really hurt our ears,
Your social future is wat u shud fear.

Pls shut up, stop the caterwauling,
Or soon you'll be left with simply nothing,
Words spread around really fast,
This warning may be your last.


To Mr. J....dis is a public apology.

Ysterday, I condemned you (not in dis blog) like shit & 2day I saw dat I was wrong. No doubt, yr presentation has flaws bt 2day I realised dat u r a man of actions rather than words.

U r waaaaaay better than d person I critisized in my previous post. Dat person only talks alot but never produces results.

D execution of yr plans 2day was nearly flawless and impeccable. Once again, sorry for having the wrong idea bout u. U rock!!!!

Saturday, 18 October 2008

To The Person(s) This May Concern... so much yet produce so much crap....

Sakit telinga & mata la. Summore sakit ati hear others talk bout how u spoil every1's hard work. Lucky dey all manage 2 survive. Rmbr ah, respect us. Dun act like u so big la wei. U promise sooooo much, tellin us dat u "sure problem", yet u failed to perform well, not even decent.

Act like boss, better than others wor....padahal sendiri cari pasal. L8r in d future sure those ppl hate u then oni u regret. I'm sure now aso ppl hate u's jz a matter of time before every piece of land connecting u 2 d mainland gets cut off, leaving u in yr island. Ya....u can b rich/good looking/in power or any other fantasies u impose on yrself, but pls bear in mind dat u can enjoy those false dreams ALONE. Blame yrself la dat time.

I cannot tahan de c these kinda ppl. I oni dun wan make so much kecoh2 in front of others, keep quiet. Yr big talk & perasan-ness doesn't affect/inspire/awe me. @ 1st mayb la, bt then it gets 2 fake & annoying, I dun wanna listen anymore. **** off.

Friday, 17 October 2008

Woo ^_^

Weird huh....gatal2 go test new blog here(click) .D only feature I'm interested is d password protect post (or 3P...hehe) feature. I'll b posting on both blogs la...

New Hsemate ^_^

I hv a new hsemate!!! @ 1st tot he's workin, turns out he's takin Masters in IT @ UNITAR, Kelana

Damn tired ah meeting 4.00p.m. -> 7++p.m. Hv 2 settle d carnival stuff lo....penat weh. Hope it turns out fantastic 2moro!!!

K la...gtg...typing meeting minutes & making tedious adjustments 2 d carnival budget...damn tiring but fun & worth it weh!!!

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Happy Anniversary!!!

Since I've turned 17, dis marks 10 years dat I've knowned Lee Zi Ying....


Frenz 4ever!!!! :p

Monday, 13 October 2008

Semester 3!!!

Semester 3 dah sampai!!! Woohoo!!!

As usual, kena kacau by many ppl due 2 my GPA. Padahal got 3 ppl get 3.90, dey nvr kacau...

Heard dat d May intake got a few ppl get 4.0. Mengada la 2....padahal January intake got 1/4 d students oni ma....U guys/gals get more 4 flat students, u guys aso get more flunking students :p

Random news:

  • D damned WBLE still directs us 2 Sem 2 sbjects.....hw da **** r we supposed 2 d/load d l8est notes & tutorials...bangang betul...
  • I've jz realised dat I turn on my speakers pretty loud. Imagine me standing in my hsemate's room wif my room door & his room door closed, can hear d lyrics from my room clearly!!! Sry ^_^
  • Baru 1st day & we kena slapped in da face wif 2 assignments alredi. Karen was rite....short sem memang bahaya....
Lol...simply type stuff....I guess my blogging spirit blur2 abit after d holidays gua...

Sunday, 12 October 2008

What A Day/Night!


9a.m.: Wake up.

10a.m.: Listen 2 mum rambling sumtin bout b/fast. Decide to eat cereal.

10.15a.m.: Kena marah cz mum alredi cooked spaghetti which was supposed to be brunch. Decides to devour both cereal & spaghetti.

11a.m.: Kena nag, called dad 2 c whether he's picking me.

11.20p.m: Dad picks me. Say goodbye to my beloved room, stuff, hse, etc.

12.10p.m.: Bus sampai. Bye2 Kemaman!

12.25p.m.: Sakai bus stop @ Cherating 4 "lunch break". Jakuns in d bus frm K.Trgnu nid 2 eat.

12.45-1++p.m.: D whole bus waits cz an ***hole dissapeared. Memang menyampah, make d whole bus wait 4 him. Padan him kena marah by bus driver. Even d 12.30p.m. punya bus finish lunch break & overtake us de.

2++p.m.: Bus stopped 4 toilet break. Tiba2 when bas wan 2 jalan, a makcik pulak lost her handbag. After a super long time whr d old makcik searched 4 her handbag in d toilet, d makciks in d bus all sibuk, & me busy eating, she finds her precious handbag. Journey continues.

5++p.m.: Bus reaches Putra station. Take LRT & bus bak 2 PJ.

6++p.m.: Reached (PJ)home happily only 2 discovered dat d "jauh raja" (translate both word to English & say both quickly together) hse owner locked d grill. Dat day dun wan give keys cz say "I nvr lock d grill". "Bas ketiga" (English). Called him 2 harass him verbally.

6++p.m.: Went 2 Shi Hooi's place 2 wait 4 my damned hse owner 2 come bak. Got tired of waiting & went 2 Mid Valley wif Shi Hooi & Mel Lee.

7p.m.-2a.m.: Walk kau2, eat kau2, & watched "Painted Skin". Quite nice movie except for the obviously fake special effects. 4 some reason (dunno me or d actors/actresses), I feel like laughing evrytime dey cry on d silver screen. Weird....

2++a.m.: Went bak. Blogged.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

~The Dream~

Aiyo.....tidur petang la & dis is wat I dreamt....

I dreamt.....I was in UTAR.
I baru habis kelas, 1st day of Sem 3.
I socialized like gila dat day (as usual).
I was walking home (alone).
Section 17 ada pasar malam (must be Tuesday).
I bumped into Vaneshya & her sister/female cousin (short hair, slightly above shoulders).
We said "Hi" & she (the cousin/sis) was holding a list of marks in her hands.
They were saying something amongst each other: "You got 50% only?!".
Then, I proceeded to go back to my PJ home.

Until I stopped.

"Where da hell is my PJ home?!"

I woke up, in my Terengganu home.

I must be shifting houses waaaaaay too often in PJ.

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Finger Pointers

This freakin world is full of finger pointers.

From young, kids @ home will point @ other siblings, saying "He/She did it!".

As we grow older, school students point @ each other, gossiping/blaming others for anything.

In the office, even colleagues point @ each other when something goes wrong.

Yet, nothing can compare to the finger pointing we see everyday: our leaders.

Yes, they are the masters of finger pointing. Take global warming for example. Instead of doing something simple such as driving environment-friendly cars, walking instead of driving short distances, cutting the usage of private planes, these f***ing rich people decide to do something else: blame the people. Yet, aren't those freaks in the Parliament "people" too? Or....are they aliens taking over Earth politically? They implement all sorts of Acts, Enactments, & so on....kononnya nak halang ni halang tu from "further polluting our beloved planet". Then, ironically, they launch an absurd plethora of "green events" using what? Fancy confetti which aren't bio-degradable. Flashy lights & displays which definitely waste electricity. When all the hoo-hah is over, they go back in their not-so-fuel-eficient luxury cars.

Stinking hypocrites.

Let's not forget our economy. I'm nt so pro @ all those economy & business talk bt I do know 4 a fact dat the political leaders practise finger-pointing everywhere. When the economy is experiencing a slump, they make all sorts of noise.

This department didn't regulate the prices.

This department isn't loaning out enough money to the people.

This department isn't keeping an eye on the latest monetory developments.

My department? Oh....they're doing nothing cz we ran out of fingers to point @ ourselves. D only time dey actually point @ themselves is when something good happens. They'll come along proudly saying "we" did this did that....while in reality, they did nothing. We the people worked our butts off 2 support d country. And their ridiculous salaries.

Oh....ya....Malaysia's specialty: political scandals. This where fingers don't simply point around, as I'll explain later. Behind each others' backs, finger pointing is the norm. "Eh...u kno ah...dis one dat one did dat!" ..... "Ari 2 sy dengar ni buat cam ni....". But then, in our country, which happens to be the only country in the world with such a powerful tool, there is

~the FCuk~


If u dare point fingers at anyone powerful in the political scene, they'll cut your fingers off so dat u can't point @ another soul in yr life. Heck, i was even wondering why some races use chopsticks, not fingers when eating. We're smart enough not 2 let them see, let alone cut our fingers :p

Well, I guess dat's enuf finger-pointing 2day. If nt, some of u might even gimme d middle finger sign 4 crapping so much. Ironically, I myself have been pointing @ these people (above) with my own fingers. Hopefully, I won't get my fingers chopped off by the FCuk. After all, I'm only guilty of pointing my fingers @ d keyboard while typing, rite?

Eventhough the keyboard's only a "penumpang" to the computer, without it, I bet no one wud ever wan 2 even look @ d computer, let alone use it.

Hopefully, dat sentence made some(hidden) sense to u. It did cost our country a large chunk of its unity a few months back, not to mention the suspension of the idiot hu raised the issue. Oh, and not to forget, some fingers were cut off.

Friday, 3 October 2008

Oh Shit!!!

My 2nd day in kemaman. Went 2 kuantan wif parents 2day. My dad spent us lunch cz it's my b'day :p Here's sumtin I bet u guys/gals haven't gone thru b4:

Waitress: Can i hv yr order, sir?
Me: -lookin thru d menu- Erm....hold on ah....

Suddenly, d waitress nearly spills d stuff on d tray she's carrying.

Waitress: (flat in my face) OH SHIT!!!.....(attempts to act like she said notin) Wat wud u like 2 order, sir?
-D following events are not relevant-

Basically, I hv never ever heard or experienced a waiter/waitress swearing flat in my face!!! Dunno whether 2 laugh or curse @ her....

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday 2 narcissistic :p

Not so nice pic la...busy eatin dat time :p

BTW, my super slow dad refused 2 accept our help or admit his slowness....he actually spent time diggin thru his phone's menu.....& finally found d camera function....when my mum finished eatin a whole slice of d cake. So, d oni pic he has is of my mum holding an empty (& clean) plate...zZz

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