Thursday, 31 December 2009

Do u hear dat? Silence. I've missed basking in it.

It's pretty weird relating the word "Yong" 2 d word "silence" huh? It's been ages la since I've gotten in touch wif my other side. Yea....yr eyes didn't read dat wrongly. Yong can actually shut up. For a few hours.

Lots of ppl mistakenly label me as budak kampung or budak bandar. Some hu knew me in school actually called me a KL kid frm d city. Some, on d other hand, tot I was d typical Trgnu kid. Well, no one is right or wrong. I dun mind being in KL, surrounded by d hustle & bustle. But then....whn I go bak 2 Trgnu, I'm perfectly fine wif d absence of MSN, FB & blogging for a few days or even weeks. In short, dun sedap2 label me wif a certain location la.....I'll adapt perfectly anywhr =p

I rarely find it practical to bitch 2 others abt "hw KL/Trgnu sucks", "my hometown is better", & all those nonsense. Yea, we're pretty lucky to b granted our own transport, gatal2 nak balik hometown evry few wks or so. Bt thn, try tinking of those hu dun hv d opportunity 2 go bak as dey please & u'll get my point. Menyampah la whn I c those ppl rushing off 2 go bak 4 a few days jz cz thr's a short break. Bazir transport fees & time. Dahla tak convenient nak suruh parents fetch & send u 2 d station.

We bitch abt dis & dat daily bt it makes no difference. We complain abt our lousy uni, lousy public transport system, government, & so on bt in d end, all we've wasted is our own time. For instance, my previous post bitching on d education system did not result in a press statement frm our Education Minister, saying dat changes will b made rite? So, y did I bitch then? Well, for starters, bitching:
  • Helps release tension/stress
  • Facilitates ice breaking very well
  • Improves one's communication skills (Honestly, hw many of u out thr hv come across silent ppl hu suddenly chatter like hell during a bitching session?)
  • Promotes critical thinking (If thr weren't any ppl contradicting d majority, evry1 wud bcome mindless robots, obeying the government blindly)
Hypocrite session aside (I bitch yet I condemn it yet I promote it), evry1 is bound 2 bitch la. Tak payah la buat muka tebal tu cakap dis isn't a morally correct pastime. 2 those condemning me now: It's nt as if u sendiri tu angel sangat.

Well, 2 wrap things up, things are not always wat dey seem like on d outside. Nt many ppl hv seen d eerily quiet side of me. Nt many ppl hv seen d studious, competitive side of me hu's out thr 2 beat evry1's marks. So, jangan sibuk nak judge orang lain k? (I myself shud heed dis advice la, hypocrite!). Hmm....I'd better go bak 2 my silence. Tak payah celebrate new year. Bazir tenaga. Macam la screaming & partying around is goin 2 do me any good.

Btw, my mum's asking me: "Shall we scream like mad @ 12a.m. l8r?". My gosh. God surely sent me one helluva crazy freak as a mum.

May your year be a meaningful one, regardless of whether it's uneventful, silent, or plain simple. Happy New Year =p

Monday, 28 December 2009

Sick of being sick.

Haih.....November was d mth whr I spoilt numerous electronic gadgets wif my touch of death.

Well, December is officially my "sick mth". Tak habis2 sakit. Bangun pagi2 2day, bkn main killer lagi migraine. Had 2 cancel my 2tion classes 4 d day. Doctor cakap it's a viral infection so I hv 2 "wait 48 hrs 4 it 2 surface & identify d virus frm d symptoms". In other words, I'll hv 2 wait helplessly 4 my doom :(

Friday, 25 December 2009

Good news first: Congrats to those yang scored in d recent PMR exam!!!
Since I hv notin better 2 do, here comes the bashing part:

Y da effing hell are d so-called "top scorers" multiplying like hell ah? It's like as if d gov's efforts 2 encourage reproduction actually resulted in a spike in d number of smart kids. God knows hw many million straight A's students will be churned out by our education system factory by the time I'm old and hobbling around. It's as if our Ministry of Education is such a miracle generator.

Firstly, is our education system reli getting any better hah? If I'm nt mistaken, thr are still thousands of idiots sitting out thr making noise & pointing fingers 4 nt being able 2 get jobs after graduation. Mula la the neverending saga about our local unis dropping standards. Wat do u expect la wei? Bukan main ramai lagi budak2 scoring hyper results....ntah yang mana uni kita nak pilih. Silap2 dey get a gaggle of dumb-dumbs hu can't even answer a simple Add Maths question. These idiots pun get thrown 2 hell knows wat course dey didn't-even-wanna-join-but-jz-take-it-cz-it's-wat's-given-for-free.

Then, our gov steps in wif words of encouragement confusion, claiming dat dey wan students hu are all-rounded. Wat exactly r dey tinking ha? Dey claim dey wan students hu excel in sports & other stuff bt whn d moment comes after Form 5, dey oni reward those wif gud results. Entah how many academic scholarships I've came across in d newspapers bt then, takde pun secebis sports scholarship. I've known frenz hu are exceptionally talented in d sports sector tapi tak dapat apa2 pun. Their schools use dem 2 get medals, fame, & watsoever then dump them. Kat uni pun cerita sama je. Jahat giler bt dat's d fact in M'sia. Our sports arena always kena curse bt no action is taken @ d root of d problem: kat bangku sklh. Ya la....ada MSSM, MSSD, & all those sports events bt wat happens after all d woo-waa-hoo-haa-yaay? Lepas confetti hilang, attention pun hilang. Kena tolak aside cam tu je.

So....wat's d point of me bitching here? Dun get me wrong, it's nt like I'm saying those straight A holders are useless. It's jz dat.....bukan main banyak nih....entah mana yang betul entah yang mana menumpang. My other point is, are academic results d only thing? Apparently, in Malaysia, d answer's a solid effing YES. I reli reli reli wish all those ppl yang pandai sports (definitely nt including me) get a chance la. If u tell me I didn't get selected over dat guy cz he cn knock me out wif one finger, I'd b happy 4 him cz he deserves dat scholarship. If u tell me dat some other person wif worse results got chosen instead of me cz of background or "plain luck", fuck off la. Macam la saya nk percaya. Maybe my application got lost somewhere along d way, jz like thousands of top scorers hu jz look a little too pale or dark to recognise as equal humans.

Well, hv a nice day. N dun let me catch any1 bitching abt their JPA-ni-bengang-la-lembap-betul-bank-in-my-free-cash. Menyampah.

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Zombieland =p

Hmmm....I seem 2 like movies which aren't so typical, do I? Anyway, Kishan requested 4 dis "review"'s more like I-jz-wanna-bitch-on-my-blog-n-tell-u-wat-movie-I've-watched-session each time la....

Anyway, here's the lowdown:
  • There's no stupid intro spent wasting time showing hw scientists discovered a new virus called XOXO1234 bla bla typical global scientists/politicians meeting & declaring an international emergency. Just wacky zombies popping out in d beginning.
  • U'll notice d absence of super-famous-celebrities sticking their faces in d movie. @ least the actors/actresses in dis movie look like ordinary ppl so d public won't go: "Shit....I'll only survive a zombie attack if I look good, walk around showing my six pack & glow in sunlight!". Besides, d guy is actually sorta adorkable.
  • Whn watching d movie, I actually felt like it gave me wat d trailer promised. Other movies usually give d biggest coming-soon-mega-blockbuster-wajib-tengok feeling in their trailers but fail to deliver. This one doesn't make u feel like u've been conned.
  • Oh, I almost 4got 2 tell u guys/gals: It's reli funny. No melebih2 trying-too-hard jokes by famous actors/actresses who suck. Jz watch out if u can't stand d disgusting parts involving blood splattering around.
  • N for once, there's actually a orang putih movie which doesn't spend ages in kissing scenes! If I'm nt mistaken, d only actual kissing scene in d movie lasted less than a minute. D couple's chemistry in d movie seems normal 2 me, which is just fine. After all, we can't expect our kisses in real life to last ages, with d ppl around us getting a spinning 360 degree view rite? Ada ker orang miang2 kiss sampai cam tu in reality?
  • Simplicity. Dat seems to be my "thing" these days whn watching movies. Simple intro, kill zombies, meet girl, kill zombies to save girl, happy ending. Senang je. Tak payah special effect melebih2 wif slow motion flying cars & all those crap. Bt thn, u jz hv 2 tell d geek in yr brain 2 shut up sumtimes. If nt, u'll probably wonder hw these ppl manage 2 kill so many zombies single-handedly.
Btw, I tink d cutest & funniest character in d movie is actually d big tough guy. Jz watch d movie & u'll see y I tink so.....


D thing is, many, if nt all clazmates will b saying: "It's finally over....woohoo!!!"

Bt I'll b d one cringing. I dun like long holidays. I wanna attend classes, see my frenz, chatter while d lecturer is teaching, & all those redundant stuff we take for granted. I seriously dunno wat 2 do now. Maybe I'll jz clean d hse. Mayb I'll find something new 2 do daily. Mayb I'll jz spend time eating.


Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Apa kata aku tapor mu? Ish....apa la ni....whn I wanna register, d website oni shows Lecture available. Then, whn I click, keluar pulak "Dis unit needs 1 Lecture & 1 Tutorial". Mana la I can register if it isn't there? Then.....go 2 UTAR check & Voila! All slots are taken. Kena la fill up d form & cam nak cari mana2 staff uni hu's responsible 4 dis & tapor smpai dia jd gila....amik kau!!!

On a lighter tone, I went out wif Amin, Z, Limah, & Ain @ Times Square 2day & went out wif Chris, Daph, & Nee @ Pyramid 2day. Thx alot guys 4 helping me burn time in a fun manner!!!

Btw, Zombieland's nice!


I said I'll do sumtin 4 u.

But I didn't.

Sry ah.....I guess Gossip Girl is 2 hard 2 resist. I'll make it up 2 u ^_^

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Hmmm....esok ada Academic Writing finals.

Ari ni kwn2 ada kat KL.....Z, Ain, Limah, Amin yg mmg lama dh sy x jumpa.

Hmmmm.....while most ppl will ponder "Which 2 choose ha? Go out 2day or study 4 2moro's exam?", I guess dey dun c sumtin obvious:

D outing is 2day.
D exam is 2moro.
Timing ada clash ker? No!!!!

Pergi je....baca notes dlm bas while ignoring other ppl punya staring la =p

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

The Princess & The Frog

Ok....went 2 watch d movie 2day. Finally, we hv a simple movie in d cinema after such a long without:
  • A blown-up melebih2 poster showing Photoshopped movie stars yang entah reti act tak (Boring la c d same faces often....)
  • Lots of unreasonable snogging (Do u hv any idea hw much time movies waste showing over2 kissing scenes whr d bloody camera rotates round & round d snogging couple?!)
  • Sex scenes which reli show notin bt simply play sensual music peppered with "Ooohs" & "Aaaahs" (Hands up for those hu wan movies 2 actually show our fav actors/actresses punya harta benda rather than them bouncing in bed, covered)
  • A complicated storyline (X-likes-Y-who's-the-ex-of-Z-who-killed-A-who-is-B's-long-lost-relative-etc....)
  • Global warming (seriously annoying thing keeps popping up in movies....come on la...WE KNOW!!!)
  • Total destruction, things being blown up jz 2 show off d l8est special effects technology (now it's seriously melebih2, I dah PUAS tengok natang nih!)
  • Good acting (or technically, voice-overs).....CHECK!
  • Simple, straightforward, & believable storyline.....CHECK!
  • Sentences which are easy on the ears (no melebih2 jargons).....CHECK!
  • No over-animation (whr d bright objects on d screen make yr eyes wanna pop)....CHECK!
  • A predictable yet desirable & appealing ending.....CHECK!
  • Basic humour without trying too hard (and no dirty sexist jokes).....CHECK!
Basically, I liked The Princess & The Frog coz of its simplicity. In this age whr those bloody filmmakers are trying 2 grab ppl wif catchy posters, billion-dollar-superstars, or eye-popping visual technology, a blast from our good old cartoon days is just the thing I nid 2 soothe my eyes. Thank you Disney ^_^


Laziness is in the air....


Chattin wif fren hu's still @ hometown
"Feel so lazy..."
"I also feel lazy....and don't even feel like coming back for exam..."

Chattin wif hsemate hu's only a few metres away frm me
"Eh...u wan me print exam slip onot?"
"Ya hor....4got de....wait ah...."
"U pass d file 2 me la..."
"Aiya...lazy....I email u la..."
(hsemate appears behind me)
"Oh...good....I no nid 2 walk. I put p/drive then give u la"
(hsemate disappears, went 2 kitchen)
Haih....lazy 2 walk la...I guess I hv to do dis..."
(Pushes "office chair", flying around d hse on wheels jz 2 pass a p/drive)

Chattin wif another hsemate
"Eh....she's(roommate) sleepin...vry nice pose summore...."
(Too lazy 2 walk over)
"Oooo....faster snap photo!!!"
(Also lazy 2 walk over)
"I send 2 u thru MSN..."
(Once again, lazy)
"Waaah!!! I send 2 ____(hsemate) now (thru MSN) la!!!"

Seriously, we all feel lazy especially during d exam season, don't we?

Monday, 14 December 2009

PM exam

Haih.....latest additions to my sick list:

  • vomit
  • cibit-ribit (diarrhea)
Oh yea....guess wat? Dey occured during my Pengajian Malaysia finals. -_-

Monday, 7 December 2009


There you have it...proof! Nid I say more?

I'm bak!!! (Not dat any1 cares much =p)

Well, for starters, d PC fair punya crowd's getting smaller. It must b coz of d economic crisis or probably cz we're gettin sick of these OMG-yet-another-PC-fair. Bought a pair of Sony in-ear earphones cz my bloody Philips one were dead. Erm...technically, one of them died la. Cn listen on d right ear oni.

List of murder victims last month due to my death touch:
  • PC
  • PC monitor
  • Handphone (broke screen, costed RM200+)
  • Hema's laptop adapter (sorry!!!)
  • Earphones
Haih....memang nasib malang. Hope dis month I get d "touch of life" instead la. Anyway, since I managed 2 snag a PSP frm Christine (dey hv 2 lying in d cupboard collecting dust), I cn watch "The Family Guy" til I go nuts =p

Oh, ya, b4 I forget, 2 those AS students creating a big fuss over nex sem's course registration, dun worry. UTAR won't abandon you r money...., k?

14th: List of subjects available for viewing. (during d 1st day of exams...haih....)
21st: Registration starts. ( last minute for exam or engage in a kiasu war wif other registering students?)

Hope u survived my incomprehensible non stop chatter dis time. Bye2~

Thursday, 3 December 2009

And the list continues....

(sent to mum via sms)

In chronological order:

feverish headache

and now....


Benci betul.....I feel a sore throat approaching.....

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

"Ladies, you can get your tiny brains to rest. Once again the world has proven - anything you can do, I can do better."

Yet another reason to watch Gossip Girl. The evil lines.....

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Sorry =p

I've noticed dat some blogs aren't being updated in d blog roll section on d right though memang confirm update liao actually.....entah la Blogger got wat prob....sry ah =p

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