Wednesday, 26 August 2009

U ditch me, & I ditch.....

Ainul Mardhiah Ubaidillah!!!!

Berani mu gi Poland x kabo ke aku!!! U asked me 2 send u ms kat KLIA & I agreed. Gane pulak mu x kabo2 ke aku yg mu gi dh?! Ish!!!

Biarlah. Dh jd gitu. Since mu ditch sy w/out warning, I'm goin 2 ditch some1 too. Baru sedap skit tgn gatal sy nih....

Saturday, 15 August 2009


Another killer week is coming!!! 2 tests on Monday, 1 on Friday, & 1 more comin on Saturday!!! Benci!!!

Well, the fact that so many tests are coming only serves to further encourage me to procrastinate, won't it? So, here I am, typing hell knows what. So many annoying problems have been flooding my mind lately, caused by equally annoying people. On one hand, there's a bunch of people who deserve the orang-paling-hipokrit in the world for saying one thing & doing another.

On the other hand, there's one guy: Mr. Annoying-As(s)-Hell. I jz dun understand how da hell such an annoying jerk can exist in this world! Dat day, I was actually considering:
  • >Wat's d possibility dat such an annoying person exists on Earth?
  • >Wat's d possibility dat d person would come to UTAR to study?
  • >Wat's d possibility dat d person would end up in d same campus, faculty, course, and tutorial group as me?
And yet, I'm unfortunate enuf to be bestowed wif d presence of dis nuisance in my life. There's d fact dat he:
  • >Loves to pop unnecessary, long-winded questions (especially during the final claz of the day) while d whole claz is itching to go back.
  • >Stops halfway while asking his question, attempt to explain his question, confuse the lecturer like hell, piss the claz like hell, and finally ask us to forget wat he was asking jz bcoz he himself didn't kno wat he was asking.
  • >Come sticking his face within centimeters of yr face, spooking the hell outta u whn he asks u stuff.
I could go on and on rambling bout dis annoying fella but then, he would have already graduated by then, assuming dat I dun kill him 1st. Even then, I dun tink I'll b able to continue blogging bout his annoying traits while I'm in jail for killing him, rite?

Well, here's a bunch of photos (not sleeping ones ah!) showcasing d several poses my clazmates hv:

Chris, sleepy mode. (Dis isn't a sleeping photo!)

Victor Lim, "thinking" mode? (Actually it's his way of 'sitting' in claz la)

Kishan, god knows pose number wat. Dis fella can come up wif poses naturally anywhr.


Miss Hema, wif a pose I seriously can't describe. Well, I hv 2 admit her head looks sorta like a rose.

BTW, I've further updated my other blog.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

After a week's hiatus, my bloody pc I'm back. Sadly, after only one day, my pc buat hal lagi. Kena lerr hntr gi kedai skali lg...haiz...

Anyway, I'm in d blasting mood. Get the password from me.


After reading d post, u'll probably be wondering wat da hell's wrong wif me. So wat?

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