Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Still In PJ....

I'm still in PJ. My dad baru sampai KL la....I'm goin bak dis Thurs a.k.a. 2nd Raya....woohoo!!!

I tink

"Making d most out of d time spent @ my hometown"

is better than

"Spending d most time I can make @ my hometown"

If u get wat I mean la...

Anyway, 2 those in Kemaman, pls get ready, k?

Get d big jamuan ready 4 all of us 2 eat, chat, & bitchy2 around...

Get secured & ready 4 our roadtrip...

Paparazzis....get ready....

Not 2 4get us group MSN-ing strangers & laughing like mad.....

I wan our annual Raya Roadtrip 2 b mega big dis yr! Attack all d houses!!!

Monday, 29 September 2008


Lazy 2 update la....but it's a must....so here are random pics...

Sunday, 28 September 2008

New Sem, New Room!!!

Im in my new room nw. Aiyo....when pindah dunno wat hw I treated my PC....tiba2 sampai new place cannot use...zZz

Format pc (lucky some files intact) so my bookmarks are gone.... :(

Any bloggers readin dis, pls leave bhind yr blog URL @ d chatbox or under d comments sction...pls & thx ^_^

BTW, Zi Ying, if u're readin dis,


Here's a special wish on my blog 2 d girl I've known since Primary One!!!!

Friday, 26 September 2008

My 100th post !!!

Note: I can't believe dis is my 100th post!!! Woohoo!!!

Soooooo many things hv happened since I started dis blog.

Wat began as a simple syok sendiri blog turned into a place whr my UTAR mates got posted in pics, fake (but hopefully funny) gossip, & nt 2 mention pop by 2 say hi @ d C'box often. Erm...not 2 mention, still a syok sendiri blog la.

I've received quite a few (hopefully true) compliments, complaints, & even threats regarding my blog (some ppl dun like being fake-gossiped...zZz).

But then, I can't exactly say which part I enjoyed most.

i) The paparazzi part whr I wud suddenly sneak up on ppl 2 snap pics 4 gossip. Dis actually resulted in me being called "stalker" by TD1 clazmates.

ii) The blogging part whr I wrote & wrote as much as I wanted 2.

iii) The I-dun-feel-like-blogging part whr many readers encouraged me 2 work harder & continue blogging. I'm probably used to the sentence: "Wei....why so long didn upd8?"

iv) The reactions of ppl after readin my posts. Generally divided into:
-No reaction cz dun read my blog
-Laugh like gila, telling me: "Dat was damn nice la!"
-Stare in shock, screaming: "When did u take dat pic?!"

I kno la syok sendiri often but I reli love it when ppl tell me dey read my blog & njoy it.....makes me love blogging even more. Rather than add ppl & testimonials on Friendster/MySpace/etc. , I'd rather write/type to my heart's content here.

Dis post marks the:
-End of Sem 2
-First day in new hse (ya, I pindah again)
-End of 100th post

Thx alot 4 readin my blog...whether ur a regular or come once in awhile.....thx anyway!!!

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Sem Break Boredom...

Wat do you do when you're alone & lonely?

Study? No way!

Bcome a junk food addict? My 50-plus-year-old mum & I alredi damn pro since secondary schl la...next option pls!!!

Wait 4 sum1 2 fill d seat next 2 mine? Lambat lagi la....

Hug yr water bottle? zZz -_-

(from left 2 right) SM...eh....I mean SMS bf/gf.....sit thr actin bored....read books

o.O Wat's happenin? I dunno wor....bt 4 sure my time hasn't arrived...

Things I will NOT DO!!!

1) Google Wu Zhun d whole day.

2) Erm....I dunno wat dis activity is called bt Im nt doin it...

Thinking...processing....bzzz....(robotic sounds & movements)....

My solution (as suggested by Ah Soon) : Get a whole season's worth of anime DVD's. Watch. Eat. Sleep. Repeat until your parents arrive in KL. So far so good la. It works la!!! :p

The 5 Levels of Communication....

Public Speaking finals...

Intrapersonal communication: Communication within oneself, either internally or externally.
Example: A demented person talking alone.

Interpersonal communication: Communication between two people.
Example: Two social outcasts finding soulmates in each other.

Group communication: 3 or more people speaking in a group where everyone takes part as both speaker & listener.
Example: A few makciks "making ketupat" (mengumpat) during Hari Raya.

Public communication: Usually one directional, a person talking to many. Reduced eye contact.
Example: A freak speaking in a fake slang in front of the class.

Mass communication: Similar to public communication, but involves more listeners. Usually pre-recorded and broadcasted through mass media.
Example: A politician creating havoc with insensitive remarks on TV.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

1U wif Michelle !!!

Goin to 1U 2 c Michelle!!! We wanna jalan2 til we drop!!!

Lazy 2 write so here are some pics....lol ^_^

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Finals Poem 2

Wrote this during the 3rd paper, Programming. D f***ing lecturers couldn't stop talking behind d class (near me) during d exam. I couldn't concentrate!!!

Talking-talking, non-stop talking,
UTAR is definitely cutting costs,
One wonders who UTAR's hiring,
While students are suffering a great lost,

Lost of concentration, lost of paper,
Lecturers chatting in d exam hall,
Can u shut da **** up pls?
Dat's wat u reminded us after all!

How do we answer our exams silently,
If your voices rings in our ears?
Please UTAR, listen to our pleas,
Save us from this fear!!!!

Monday, 22 September 2008

Finals Poem 1

Felt bored during d 1st exam so I wrote this. Resembles one of my past poems.

Dust particles fill the air,
As we are drowned by a wave of despair,

Long forgotten notes shrink in the scrutiny,
As we revise what we're long forgotten conveniently,

Various letters, numbers, characters appear,
Striking our hearts with the spear of fear,

For the long dreaded time has finally arrived,
The exams are here to take our lives!!!

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Bye-bye Sharon....

Why?! Why must u sms me 2day telling me u r leaving? I dun wanna tink bout it 2 much....l8r sure cry....

Well....I dun reli kno wat 2 write. Basically, Sharon's leaving 4 Russia. Here's a post dedicated 2 her.

I'll always remember:

-The gila2 fun we had in class (throughout d whole 6 years in school wif u)

-D constant bickering & quarelling we had 4 fun

-Your frequent trademark whine which u drag like hell (I can't imitate it in dis blog)

- D gradual transformation from miss jerawat 2 beauty queen

- Our debate year!!! Remember Batu Burok Beach Resort?

- D way we kept teasing u bout "sumone's" crush on u

- & many many more fun moments.....

Gila2 posing wif a broom (padahal x reti buat kerja rumah)

Pose dgn serba kemengadaan while studying Sejarah (notice d book near her hand?)

Charity Dinner nite....ngada!!! :P

Eh....4got one more thing. No matter where, when, whatever la, I'll surely remember dis from u:

"Yong....my hair clumsy onot ah?"

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Bye-bye Sem 2!!!

Bye2 Sem 2!!!!

(Why does TD3 manage 2 take group pics all d time?! Not fair....jealous2....)

To mark d end of d 2nd sem, some freaks decided dat dey didn nid 2 walk 2 UTAR anymore... So...main buang kasut pulak... zZz -_-

Eh....dis makcik baru realise we hv another sem coming up....kutip balik her shoe pulak....

D end of sem 2 aso marks d end of d arduous lab sessions.....

Discombobulating connections in Physics...

Obnubilating chemical symbols, equations, and reactions...

D last Phy experiment!!! Woohoo!!!

D last last-minute report rushing...

(hopefully) D last broken lab apparatus from our intake...

Buh-bye Miss Wong....not 2 mention d lab assistant hu has a nice attitude but not-so-nice Bahasa Melayu....I tak suka la dengar u cakap "I" ngan "U" masa cakap Bahasa Melayu!!!

Bye2 our Physics lcturer Miss Joanne Yap Lay Min....

Bye2 d best male lab assistant (female spot's taken by Kak Su).....Mr. Teh! Quote: Gambateh!

Miss Wong "signing authographs"....

"OK...u guys may leave....I hv 2 undergo my phenol-whitening treatment now...."

But of course.....some of us are kinda emo bout leaving the labs behind....

Back @ home: "I miss my lab sessions!!!" (Hint: Lab sessions do not necessarily involve scientific experiments. They may include other "alternative" experiments with some human subjects....hehe....)


Here I am...whining again. I'll be stuck in PJ for 1 week. Any others suffering d same fate? Come teman me la.....

Alternative: Any classmates stayin in KL willing 2 babysit a 16-yr old annoyin kid? Cntact me!!


Thursday, 18 September 2008

Sick :(

Jz came bak frm SS2.....tengok doctor (thx 2 those hu accompanied me!)

Quotes from the doctor:

"U tink u got high blood pressure ah? Dun wry.....if any1 tell u headache means high blood dun believe..."

"Waaa....yr heartbeat rate so high (I 4got 103 or 130 de) ah!!! Stress la...study 2 much ah?"

"U working or studying? (aiyo....my IC 1991 la)"

"Foundation in Science ah? Not dat hard wat...."

Basically, I'm "stressed" from "studying 2 much". Kononnya.

When taking ubat & paying....

Quotes from the Malay girl (nurse ah?):

"Eh....orang Trgnu eh? (hw u kno?)"

"Pandai mu cakap Mlayu...."

"Sy orang Perak.....blablabla orang Kelantan..."

"Eh....tengok orang ni (calls d other girl & points @ me)....orang Trgnu kita!!!"

Aiyo....all I did was ask in Malay whether my ubat take after eating onot. Liddat aso can pinpoint my Malay slang....so obvious meh? (bangga diri...hehe)

Quotes from d frenz accompanying me:

"Wat did he jz say 2 dat girl? U u/stand ah?"

"Wa....yong so fast can ngam pokpek wif d Malay girl de..."

"U sound like Malay la!"

Haiz.....ppl always kena surprise when I speak Malay. Even @ home when I answer phone calls....

Quotes from ppl calling my hse nmber:

"(in chinese) Elo...Mrs. Yong around ah?"

"(after I speak abit) Sori ah...salah nombor...sori sori (slams down phone b4 I cn say I'm Mrs. Yong's son)"

"(calls again & my mum answers) Mrs. Yong ah....why I always call wrong nmber when contact u.....always got Malay boy answer..."

Quote from my mum:

"Dat one my son la!!!"

When I go bak telling my hsemate bout my doctor trip....

Quotes from Wong:

"Huh? Wat d doctor say? U study ah? Fai wa (chinese = talk crap)"

"U aso nvr study, whr got stress from studying 2 much..."

"I always c u relax....where got stress...."

I never seem 2 b able 2 control myself, can I? Kononnya sick....blog so much crap like gila. If u read til here, thx 4 "wasting" yr time 4 d sake of a "sick" boy "stressed" from "studying 2 much".....lol...dun fall sick during d exams!!!

Wednesday, 17 September 2008


I hate holidays sometimes.

Holidays equal:

Being away from my friends
-I become energy-less

Being away from classes
-I can't c my friends often

No students around @ UTAR
-Lesser gossip gathering opportunities

But then, some ppl will ask me: "Eh? U don't miss yr family ah?"

My response: I dun even nid 2. My mum calls me (or vice versa) practically everyday la. My parents are KL ppl residing in Trgnu so dey come down effing often.

So, wat am I doin these hols? 1stly, I'll still b stuck in PJ while evry1 goes bak. I'm shifting (again!?). My new motto when ppl ask me: "New sem, new hse" :P My mum's comin down by bus 2 gila2 & go jalan2 wif me.

Back to the question. Do I hate holidays? Sometimes....not everytime. ~weird~

Sunday, 14 September 2008


Well....I was studying 4 my PS finals & I thought of this: Why am I categorized as a study freak? Why are students typically classified into two: academic & non-academic? Yea...yea....I kno dat most of u will tink of d categories "geek", "nerd", "jock" & so on but then again, these categories fall into the two main ones i mentioned earlier, rite?

So...here I am, typing something I feel like typing though I shud b studyin. 1st, let's have a look @ d problem. People always assume that students who score well in exams carry books everywhere, everytime. I disagree!!!! Hey, wait, I agree partially! I do CARRY books, jz dat I dun OPEN them. Kena lerr pakai benda berat nak hentam snatch thieves. For example (a bit perasan), look @ me. Yeah, Mr. totally-immature-kid-in-university who scored 3.85 GPA suddenly last sem. Most of d new frenz I made in d 2nd sem said dat dey thought I was a book-hugging geek. Dat's til they got 2 kno me.

I study only when necessary.
I define necessary as last minute.
I define last minute as 1 or 2 weeks b4 d finals.
Hu says I hug books 24 hours a day, 365 1/4 days a year?

Please la, stop d crappy comments. Stop labelling me as a book-geek. Is scoring a teensy-bit well in exams a crime? Remember,

Good Results != Good Studying Habits

Next, let's look @ d other category of students. They excel in sports, gaming, socializing (though I love doing dis too) etc. When exams arrive, others assume they dun give a damn bout their results. WTF la....do u tink dey r not humans too ah? Jz bcoz dey dun get pretty results, ppl label them as non-academic-ians. If dey dun pass, dat doesn't mean dat dey didn't work for it. If u c dem laughing & relaxing in class, dat doesn't mean dey dun do anytin else @ home. It is jz a matter of us automatically placing "labels" on these unfortunate souls.

So, what's d problem? Here's wat I've faced: silent stares, invisible walls, burning jealousy. Yes, I am jealous of the "other category". They can actually do well in fun stuff like sports, being free in d outdoors while I'm stuck in front of books, getting fatter due to lack of physical activity.

See, many people think that:

"Non-academics will surely be jealous of those who score well. They can get better jobs, more money, etc."

Here's what I tink.

I can carry books, but you can let the outdoors carry you.
I can excel in exams, but you can don't even need to give a damn bout such things in sports/games/socializing.
I get academic scholarships for revising for exams, but you get sports scholarships for talents which you have always been born with.

So, who has the better deal? This is analogue to the boy vs. girl case. Each side condemns & envies the other side but in reality, both sides are equal. D only problem is whether they can open their eyes.

I feel the invisible barrier between us. Everytime I pass by a "non-academic" person, somehow, I can feel it. (could be my overactive imagination). Sometimes, I think: Do they hate us because of the way the society has placed so much emphasis on education? Or do they envy me the way I envy them?

I am always the target of many lasers. Many guys call me a "lembik" guy jz coz of my results. Wat can I do? It's not like I asked my mum to give birth to a banana unable of carrying out "heavy guy stuff" like vigorous physical activity! Besides that, people keep debating whether Malaysia is too exam oriented.What do expect me to do? Jz bcoz d damned education system happens to tilt in my favour, I immediately become your enemy la. I am d bad guy. I am d bastard who doesn't deserve the recognition I received. But then again, did I choose this?

Dat day, I idiotically told a fren of mine

"I'm lazy 2 study hard 4 good results cz I kno I am capable of achieving them. So, why bother torturing myself?"

How I regret those words. Now that I reflect on myself, I think I really hurt him dat day. I dun even kno hw 2 face him w/out feelin guilty. He worked so hard 2 get good results while I sat there crapping bout how good I am jz coz I happened 2 b gifted academically. I am such a bastard. Therefore, I've decided to change my lifelong philosophy.

"If I can do it & score well wif a little effort, why not do it? While I'm @ it, why not help others too?"

After all....I'd rather work abit harder & help more ppl score well rather than goyang kaki like a bastard & watch them suffer. I shud stop d fucking kiasu attitude la. So shud other ppl hu r gifted academically. Jz bcoz dey r good @ sports & u r good in yr studies, dat doesn't mean you shouldn't help them in their studies. One day....maybe one day.....they'll help me to learn some sports like basketball. Sometimes I even wish dat I was good in sports instead of studies. If only....



I've been such an idiot!!! Here's d situation:

For d past 3 months:

Mum: Hey.....why haven't I gotten d Celcom broadband bill??? U sure u got check ah?

Me: Dunno wor....probably Celcom doin sum kinda promotion....

Mum: Siao ah u? L8r dey cut d yr internet access ah....

Me: No la....I use de so many mths aso notin happen....

In September (monologue):

Me: Eh? Why no Internet?! Probably Celcom cacat.....,wait a few days gua...

After a few days:

Me: Still no Internet?! Argh!!! I miss my blog! I miss blogging! I miss my blog readers!

-call Celcom helpline-

-I got tossed from department to department, put on hold while listening 2 crappy music-

-hangs up in frustration-

After a few days, x boleh tahan, call again. After kena toss around kau2 for a gazillion years, finally get thru.

CG (celcom guy): HellogoodeveningcelcomcarelinehowmayIassistyou? (dat's how fast he said it)

Me: HellogoodeveningmynameisYongisthistherightplacetoinquireaboutcelcombroadband? (my annoyed super fast reply)]

Stunned CG: Erm....ya...

After lots of crapping, we finally reach dis point:

CG: Wat's yr broadband number sir? We nid 2 help u check dis matter.

Yong: Actually, I dun kno it myself.

CG asks for my mum's name & IC number. Reconfirms it many many times 2 annoy me.

CG: Oh....actually, yr account's been barred 4 nt paying d bill for 3 mths.

Me (monologue): WTF?! Dat's hw long I've been using it 4 free!

Me (dialogue): Oh, ya, dat reminds me: My mum hasn't received any bills frm Celcom.

-fast forward-

CG: It's stated here dat yr address is PT205......

Me: Huh?! My hse is @ PT10548 la! How come jadi "2"? Patut lerr mak saya x dapat bil!!!

Basically, my mum had 2 go 2 d Celcom branch, pay 3 mths bill (I'll surely kena cekik when balik Trgnu), & call Celcom 2 change d wrong billing address (caused by my ugly handwriting).

And here I am, blogging as soon as my connection sambung semula.

ARGH!!!!!! I'm such a ****ing idiot!!!!!

Sunday, 7 September 2008


D finals r here!!! Let's c wat UTARians hv been up 2 these days....

Some of us r busy thinking....

Better not think 2 much or u'll grow xtra body parts... (Actually, it's Cap'n Wong under d chair)

Being grounded... (outside?!)

Meanwhile....our lecturers are quickly grabbing d opportunity (all d annoying students r busy studying!!!)


SMS-ing their beloved ones...


Studying til u fall asleep...

Watching "stuff" @ d comlab during d exams....

Sharing "stuff" in between d exams....

Last, but not least, watch your handwriting! U dun wanna kena marah/potong markah by an angry lecturer marking yr paper.....

If u'll excuse me, I'm going off 2 drown myself in Chem. Hopefully, I dun get "backside attack"-ed by a neuclophile wif a benzene ring piercing its nose and a super long branched carbon chain dangling from its neck.... -_-"

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