Monday, 30 November 2009

Smlm bkn main happy lg sbb kedai 2 call sy, blh gi amik "package" sy....mana lerr tau, tetiba je sakit.



Any1 hu cn c me nw will kno @ a glance dat I'm sick. Mr. so-hot-in-here-why-u-shivering-haha Yong is wearing long pants, a jacket, & occasionally socks. Wat da heck? Sum1 yg memang tak takut sejuk suddenly wearing all these? Weird huh....Hema says I look like an Eskimo....

Well, @ least I'm sick now, nt during d finals la (touch wood)....

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Ramblings of an old man...

I was lookin ard 4 sumtin 2 write & I saw d Up DVD on my PC desk (sry ah HC, nt yet return 2 u).....

Descriptive/Narrative Essay

I swear she would have enjoyed this if she was alive....screaming happily in the air, free. As if on cue, the wind whispers in my ear, reminding me that I'm not alone. How did i end up several hundred feet up in the air, stuck with a talking dog and annoying boy? Who cares? I'm too old to think about these matters.


The wooden boards voice their dissatisfaction with creaks and groans but I can't blame them for straining under the load. After all, I am in the same predicament. Who would have thought that over the years, that young boy, full of zeal would turn into this old man struggling to take a few steps? Heck, even switching the television channel kills my fingers now.

I miss her.

The fight for dominance of the television. The scent of her shampoo as I embraced her. The light rays bouncing off her lush auburn hair. The eternal moments spent together. I struggle to hold on to the memories as my mind ages. It's like trying to keep sand from slipping through your fingers. As hard as you try, some grains eventually escape, lost forever.

I guess everyone will have their time on Earth. When they're gone, the best thing we can do is to cherish them. After all, life goes on.

Seriously boring & unpolished la dis piece. Biar lerr....saja gatal2 type abit oni ma =p

My Ass-A's.....

Dun get d title wrong ok? I'm jz gatal-ed 2 spam random essays here when I feel like doin so. Saja =p

Thursday, 26 November 2009

The Horror!!!






I'm such a bloody sceptic!!! Went 2 watch 2012 ysterday......Hema & I were pointing out all d discrepancies we observed throughout d movie. Over-zealous science students eh?

"Eh...whr cn liddat one...technically it'll b like dis..."
"If dis one can will be like...."
"Dis one memang melebih2 ni!!!!"
"Wat la dis tu pun ada..."

I reli enjoyed d shooting session!!! Nex time, I better duduk sbelah Hema....blh tembak puas2!

Btw, whn u watch 2012, pls numb yr mind abit & ignore d cacat-ness of its facts & its (sometimes) crappy acting. Sit back, watch d effects yang melebih2 kaboom-kabaam-fly-here-fly-there & all those destruction d public seems to be so addicted to watching. God knows hw many times I was annoyed with d explosion, cheesy predictable dialogue, & OMG-u're-seriously-trying-to-make-me-cry parts....haih....tengok je la ya?

I'd rather watch Esther murder the world in 3 years time. More drama & definitely better acting frm dat superb actress.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Simply throwing a photo here (took it randomly otw 2 Jusco). LoL =p

Monday, 23 November 2009


Note to public: Beware of Yong Chyn Wei.

Approach with caution....
  • Highly dangerous human specimen --> Handle with caution
  • Volatile emotionally
  • Known to explode for no reason
  • Calm at times, easily provoked on unknown occasions
  • Can cause serious burns on victims if left untreated

  • Exudes an obvious "Don't come near me aura" when in "danger mode", especially when awakened from his nap
  • Telltale signs include: Sour face, constant angry expression, sharp eyes
  • Please approach with caution

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Well...obviously la ada new template! Gatal2 tangan 2day.

In fact, my hands were so itchy dat I walked 2 Jusco, bought ingredients, & went bak home 2 make sushi wif my hsemates. Uber nice...siap invite2 lagi Ah Wei....

I shall let the pics do d talking (more on FB) =p

Well...after all d trouble & stress...we're finally here!!! Approaching d end of Sem 3 I guess....

Memang lama tak pegang kalkulator...entah la reti guna ke tak....well, @ least I hv my ever-reliable hsemates 2 pester....

who might just kill me wif their killer stares.

Well, at least thr's a pretty nice morning view...

Evening view....

and of course, nite view =p

Will nex sem b as fun as dis? Better keep my fingers crossed.....

Monday, 16 November 2009


I'm back! My bro fixed my pc =p

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