Friday, 27 February 2009

Two Tests Bak 2 Bak

  • tough
  • not enuf time
  • killed my spirits
Discrete Maths.
  • much better
  • xtra time
  • boosted my spirits
  • survived
  • bruised & tired
  • but happy

Thursday, 26 February 2009

New Shoes/Sandals :p

Went 2 KLCC.

Bought a new pair of...








Oh...4get bout it! Jz ask me nex time u c me & u'll understand!

I love u, Kinokuniya!!!!

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

2 d person it may concern:

Grow Up

Monday, 23 February 2009

PJ? D thought pesters me evryday. I miss my gila2 life there....

Our gila2 time @ d playground :p

Our freaky lecturers...

Some ***** noisy clazmates!!

Some totally ignoring d lecturers in claz~

Doing freaky stuff....

Last bt nt least, POSERS :p

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Blessing or Curse?

Am I gifted or cursed?

(I believe) I hv d ability to feel others' emotions. I cn accurately describe one's emotions, listen 2 their worries, counsel them, & suggest solutions. In other words, I hv slightly extra empathy compared to average ppl. I've always considered it as a gift.

Until moments like dis. It's during times like dis dat I wonder whether it's a curse.

I see her pain. I know her pain. And what hurts the most:

I feel her pain.

Don't get me wrong, it's nt dat I'm after her or sumtin. She's my fren. I jz dunno why d same thing happens 2 me all d time. I get 2 involved in others' emotions & end up getting hurt wif dem. When dey laugh, I feel energized. But....

When dey cry, I cry.

This hurts.


X abis2 ngan test. Mujur xde lab report cam dlu...

20/2 Algebra Test. Tgh2 sakit le sy t'paksa jwb soalan2 annoying 2. Dahla kecoh 1 kls ms sy tulis slh. Kena tulis smula kat blkng krts.

21/2 Jz when I thought I'd get my ***damned precious rest, datang pulak accounts replacement claz. Amik la opportunity 2 put my kesian face on....d lecturer pities me :P

23/2 Test.

27/2 Two Tests. One assignment.

So wat?
More tests = more adrenaline.

I'd be more than happy 2 work my ass off & prove dat being younger than d rest of d claz doesn't mean dey get 2 bully me. Jz hope dat I'd b juz as happy when d results come out. I ain't aiming 2 jz pass, I wanna score my 4-flat :P

Wednesday, 18 February 2009 I come!

I'm off 2 PJ 2 collect my exam transcript.

Behold....budak 16 17 yr old is back......jom kecoh2 kat PJ!


Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Assignments...It's a Group Thingy!!!

Well, presented 4 our Accounting Assignment 2day. In terms of presentation, I tink we did quite well.

Un4tunately.....we didn't reli kno hw 2 answer one of d assignment questions so we pakai hentam je....lucky one of d 3 points betul jugak.

However....dat means our marks 4 dat particular question will be sorta low. I was practically down-spirited after d lcturer's comments bout our report. Nevertheless, thx 2 d constant encouragement of my team members, I came 2 realise dat d whole assignment's a group thing after all.

We discussed & agreed on d points.
We presented d points.
So, we will face d lecturer's judgement 2gether.

U can't break us, u evil freak! After all, I managed 2 laser u during my presentation :p

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Valentine's Day

I can't stand it anymore. I confess.

I spent Valentine's Day (or part of it la) wif my GF.

Dat's rite. I hv a GF. Hey wait....I actually have had have had have had have had a few GFs. Surprised huh? I'm not telling more :P

Las nite, I followed Hema 2 pick her cousin @ d LRT station. Mana tau cousin dia tiba2 nak gi minum2. So....I amik la opportunity 2 go jenguk2 my "brother" living nearby. He's nt related 2 me thru blood la, jz dat I consider him as my bro. I dunno la if he tinks d same of me~

N 4 some wacko reason, I tink my words came out wrongly. Somehow, while in sleepy mode, I was so effing blur that I mumbled:

"I miss u so long nvr c u liao..."

I fell asleep after dat so I dunno his reaction la. Jgn2 he tink I'm gay 2wards him...nooo!! Lol...I tink he'll get my point la. Not seeing him for so long is like....missing a brother.

I miss my (real) brother. Hey wait...lemme rephrase dat.

I miss my brothers (real one & "additional ones") a lot. Reli alot.

I miss the days dey treated me like a little bro bak in foundation. I miss my clazmates.

TD1, if any of u r reading dis, I miss u a lot!!!

Well....enuf blogging 4 now. Somehow I managed 2 finish my assignment pretty early dis time. I usually finish it d nite b4 d due date or mayb dat morning itself.

I guess finishing the evening before d due date is pretty early rite? LoL :p

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Stressed Out

I'm having a bad time & I blame myself for it. Padan muka postpone semuanya. Skrg la it all comes swarming 2 me!

  • Assignment
  • Tutorial 1
  • Tutorial 2
  • Tutorial 3

To top dat up, I feel like I jz dun get some of d subjects taught in claz. So wat? Study myself rite?

Dat's whr I'm failing myself terribly.

I keep postponing my stuff, even revision.

I seriously hv 2 change my attitude.

So....2 any1 reading this, nex time u c me lazing around, do me a favour & laser/nag/pester/pujuk me into finishing my stuff, k?

I'm stressed, on d verge of a burnout. But I'll survive! Life isn't fun anyway following a darned schedule, wif evrything perfectly in time :P


Update: Thx 2 d support of my hsemates, teammates, & lifemates (fren la, not gf :P), I tink I'm bak on track. I'll finish dis ****ed assignment!!!

Monday, 9 February 2009



Woke up @ 10 a.m. 2day. Went bak 2 sleep, woke up @ 1+. Ate, washed clothes, read "Oh My Stars" by Lorna Landvik (I swear I was on d verge of tears). Went 2 slp ard 3 or 4, woke up @ 9.30p.m. Why so tired?


My super-penyibuk-attitude compelled me 2 accept Hema's invitation 2 folo her 2 Batu Caves 4 d Thaipusam festival. I even followed Thilak's uncle carrying d kavadi up d steps :P


-Christine feeling super dizzy til she had 2 go bak early-
4 some reason, she lived up 2 her nickname Penguin.
Panas2 = Pening2.

-Hafiz getting lost-
OMG....dis was d most annoyin part! He wasn't good @ sticking 2 our group in d crowd yet he used me as an excuse! (jahat!!!) He held onto my shoulder saying he was afraid I wud get lost tapi dia pulak yg sesat! Lepas tu, he held on 2 my shirt pulak. I was screaming at him 2 stop stretching my shirt. Too late. Masa balik, he accidentally pulled it, resulting in me being capable of doing a sexy pose (one side of d collar dangling below my shoulder level). Ish!!!

-Nyiam's "ganas-ness"-
She shoved, she pushed, she cut her way thru d crowd. Tak takut pun siapa2. Saya pulak mengada2 did d same. So wat? Bukannya orang lain ingt pun muka kita :P

We attempted 2 go bak ard 10pm. After much shoving (hv u been in a human traffic jam?), we reached d KTM station in time 4 d train. Mana tau we left our car keys wif Mohan. Kena la call him sambil jerit2, askin him 2 hurry. So, we missed d train & waited 4 d nex one. Masa balik memang nak pengsan wif exhaustion....stood all evenin @ Batu Caves non stop...

Will I go 2 Batu Caves again in d future? Maybe.

Will I go 2 Batu Caves during Thaipusam? Never. I'm traumatised.

Note: Hema went bak barefooted cz some bitch took her slippers which she left @ d bottom of d Batu Caves steps.

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