Wednesday, 12 May 2010

What happens when you try really hard yet your results don't seem to justify your efforts?

Yea, it hurts. Others can score better. Others can criticize you. Others can offer to help. Others can just watch you, not daring to say anything about it.

Yet sometimes, they just don't know what's going on in your life. They don't know whatever troubles you may have. And it's not their fault.

It may be something bugging you, which you won't even bother telling others coz u know they'll just shrug it off. It may be a family problem. It may be anything; you're just helpless to tell others coz you know they can't help and you don't want to bug them with your problems.

Or, it might just be that annoying pain in your head which refuses to go away and intensifies when you're really trying to do something useful like study. Talk about devils and demons in your head. Utterly annoying but hopefully not incurable.

Whatever it is, I guess we can only hang on and continue to do our best. C'est la vie, they'd say.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

It called out to me
Beckoned, awaiting
White rays embraced lovingly
Gently caressing, reunited

I strolled slowly, tearfully
Savouring the warmth
For ages I have awaited
Reunited with The White Rod of Bliss!

Venomous mists, jealous
Clutching, snatching at me
In vain I evade
And yet, no escape

Whirlpools swirl in my mind
And gleefully, they succeed
Relentless, merciless
Corrupting my flesh

As my insides burned with searing pain
This giant crushed me externally
Gentle, subtle, yet brutal
Actions betraying his soft voice

Fearful eyes from far away
Gasps and sighs resonate
Fears will only rest at my death
For my pain is for their gain

And then, I fall
Deep into the darkness
Ironic, for just moments ago
I bathed in white light

A final stumble
Wings limp, yet I fly
And then, forever gone
The end.

Monday, 3 May 2010

After wat seems like ages, akhirnya I muster d energy 2 type sumtin here la. Lazy betul. Exams reli sapping my energy, especially ASM. Can't wait 2 finish it & lay my hands on my beloved Microecons textbook. Macam baca buku cerita.

Here's my prediction: I doubt dat I'll manage 2 score a B or even higher for my ASM. So, I'll prolly hv 2 repeat it 4 d sake of dat VEE thingy. Nvm la. Jz try my best. I jz hope I dun bcome a zombie permanently (yea, I'm alredi experiencing it now) dus 2 dis sub. Super annoying la wei. It's nt dat I totally dun get it, it's jz....I'm nt interested. Sorta hate it actually. Prolly cz I dun c any fun or meaning in it. Mayb cz I despise d lecture sessions. Mayb cz of d large claz. Mayb......we're jz nt meant 4 each other =p

Anyway, dat's nt stopping me frm going on. Fight jela, ya?

Oh, ya, if I nid a break or a laugh frm all these stress, thr's always a nice giant in d hse wif his antics. Sorta fresh 2 hv a guy in d hse, dah 2 biasa surrounded by 4 girls all d time. Well, especially a guy hu has no qualms abt squealing like a *****, hitting girls, causing my wife 2 kena miscarriage twice, and last bt no least, imitating d dance moves in Bo Peep Bo Peep (T-ara). Dat last one has definitely got 2 b captured on video one day. Epic.

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