Monday, 30 August 2010

Happy Merdeka Day!

Happy Merdeka Day guys!

As much as I wish to fill this post with inspirational material, quotations and such, I believe some things have to be said.

I fear for our future. I fear for our unity. I fear for our country.

If only we could turn all our politicians into nice, sweet, clean people with a wish. Heck, I'll do it even if it were to take several wishes. Almost any issue can be politicised nowadays. With a little media coverage, hot comments, and finger pointing, a big ruckus can be created. Throw in people who say what they want to say whenever they want to say it and voila! Major verbal (take note, usually VERBAL only ) chaos will erupt.

Since my school days, I've been observing these happenings and yet, I still remain unfazed as I once was while munching on my keropok (no flies hidden inside, unlike the Hakimah's poor fate once), carefree during recess in school. After all, these things tend to adhere to the time-tested Malaysia cycle. (forgive my cacat-ed attempt at sketching)

After awhile, the major issue will boil down. And Malaysians will move on to another local delicacy to pop in the kawah.

Btw, the 49/69 in the photo is the reserve at the beginning of the 10th year for a fully discrete 10-year deferred life annuity-due on (50), with premiums payable at the beginning of the year for the next 19 years. Oh, ya, as usual, premiums are based on the equivalence principle.

In case u're interested,
ä50:10 = 6.9
ä50 = 11.3
10Ex = 0.44
q59 = 0.012
i = 0.06.

Back to the topic. Seeing how issues regarding race constantly pop up in our media nowadays, I really hope that we will remain united, without any segregation in the future. After all, each and every one of us helped build the Malaysia that exists today. Questions and statements meant to jolt our minds into action are fine, but mere comments thrown in just to add to the confusion and for the sake of fame should be cast aside. Please. For the sake of our country, not your bloody media coverage.

How I cherish those days when our gang of teenagers sat in class, oblivious to the school's constant reminders about eating in class during recess. Everyone shared their food. Everyone respected each others' sensitivities: no pork, beef, or occasionally meat (when a certain Ugly Betty in class went vegetarian). (Does anyone miss my mum's delicious pizza buns?) We discussed current issues, without the backstabbing and finger pointing. Everyone had a chance to speak, without fear of isolation, gang-bashing, majority crap, or being put behind bars. We had our mini freedom of speech, we used it thoughtfully.

If only our politicians could do the same.

Well, Happy Merdeka Day everyone. I'm watching fireworks in KL now. What a view! All these colours mingling and uniting together to provide a beautiful sight for people from all backgrounds, regardless of their skin colour, their children's religion, or their forefathers' place of origin.

And THAT, is my beloved Malaysia.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Violent Dreams.

I dare say I'm getting more psychotic every living minute. Gone are the days where I used to dream blissful, "U"-rated dreams.

They're all PG13 at the minimum nowadays. My dreams tend to involve lots and lots and lots of violence. I tell u, d number of headcounts is....uncountable. To think that I actually enjoy killing people in my dreams.

Beware of the short, unsuspecting geek/kid here. Pusing skejap & I'll be on u, ready to twist yr head :p

It's ok

It's ok, I understand.
It's ok, it's your prerogative.
It's ok, I'm actually happy for you.
It's ok, you have to strive to make it work.
It's ok, though I'll secretly hope it doesn't work :p

It's ok.

Don't feel bad. Seriously la. No strings attached, just simplicity. That's all :^)

Sunday, 22 August 2010


We sold flowers @ d UTAR convo ystrday!!! Damn tiring, exhausting, and life-draining la weh. But fun. I'd say I've learnt quite alot from the experience.

Too bad it was on Saturday, not Sunday....hehe....

On another note, I found myself thinking quite often: "Kesian those UTAR lecturers and staff.....hv 2 endure this so many times, again and again and again while they work in UTAR...."

Well, too bad for them. I actually dread my convo day. Scared I'll cry cz I hv 2 part wif my frenz T_T

Thursday, 19 August 2010

No matter how many times I tell you, you still do it.

Yes, I am weak. Easily hurt over such things.

Yes, you are right. You didn't mention it directly.

No, I am not over it yet. I do not deny that fact.

No, you are not bad. It's just casual to you.

I will endure it. I'll force myself. After all, I believe you're doing it for a reason. Even if you don't I assume you are. I have to toughen up rather than avoid it.

Oh, ya, looking forward to seeing you someday soon. Missed the long chats and "torture sessions". By the way, congrats regarding your achievement this weekend. I'm super happy for you, though we aren't that familiar with each other. Yet. :p

After all, I still enjoy our petty, amusing disagreements. You win.....this time XD

Saturday, 14 August 2010


I sucked in yr test. I failed epic.

But I'll try my best this time.

I love FE!!!!

Monday, 9 August 2010



Hari ni kan....while bathing....I realised dat my calves were not flabby!!! I didn't realise it before cz their size still sama....ingatkan lemak....

It turns out dat my DDR sessions have paid off!!! Sukanya XD

Well, off to do assigments & study. Mid Valley I come soon!!!

Thursday, 5 August 2010


This feels like Linear Algebra in Year 1 Sem 1 all over again.

I don't know a thing about what I'm supposed to know. It's as if the notes are meaningless to me. I can read the questions and solutions over and over again, yet it doesn't help. Still nothing. Tak faham langsung.

This hurts like hell, especially when I know how much effort my lecturer has put in, attempting to teach the whole class.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Quote: There's constructive criticism. There's destructive criticism. And there's Miss K.

It hurts each week. We enter class, fearful of our lives. The atmosphere is so sullen. Gloomy.


It hurts each week. The words just ricochet around, hitting us poor souls. The void we hoped to fill through education, the skills we wanted to learn, to gain, to experience?

The emptiness just got bigger. Darkness filled with nothing other than more darkness.

There lies a fine line between plain criticism and carefully worded constructive criticism. Yet, some fail to notice the huge chasm between harsh words and kind words. Creation and destruction. Encouragement and demotivation.

It hurts each week.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

I'm a Facebook addict!!!

Yup, I came out in second time!!! Brings back memories of my PMR day.....but wat da heck, I'm officially a FB addict, officiated by NST :p


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