Friday, 30 January 2009

Britney Spears - If U Seek Amy case u guys didn hear of this~

Apparently Britney's getting complains bout her song If U Seek Amy, especially from "concerned parents". Here's d interesting snippet bout d song:

"Love me, hate me, say you what you want about me
But all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to if you seek Amy
Love me, hate me, but can't you see what I see?
All of the boys and all of the girls are begging to if you seek Amy"

Wat seems like cacat-ed grammar is actually a disguised version of "F.U.C.K me". Try saying "begging to if you seek Amy"....u'll get wat I mean.

Anyway, wat's d darned fuss over it? Shudn't dey make noise bout other songs too? Rmber song "Low" by flo Rida? Ya...catchy 4 certain bt d whole song was describing a "dirty" girl, wasn't it? Hmm....heard of The Script? Yeah...d band famous for "The Man Who Can't Be Moved"....check out their song "If You See Kay"....the F.U.C.K lagi clear than Britney's song :p

Back to my topic. It isn't hard to see hidden messages in songs. I do find it sorta fun 2 discover different perspectives & hidden meanings behind songs sumtimes. But then....most of d time, I suspect I'm d one who over-interprets songs :X

In response to C'box-ers bout The Script's song:

If u listen 2 d song, it reli sounds like F.U.C.K. Dis isn't bout whether d song's nice or not, (The Script is great anyway!), I was pointing out the presence of raunchy issues and/or profanity in other songs which have gone unnoticed. It's weird why Britney's d one getting all d attention when other artists hv hidden F.U.C.K in their songs b4....btw, it wasn't even an issue til The Sun (org putih newspaper) made a big fuss outta publicity tak pasal2....

  1. Check out d lyrics for The Script - If You See Kay.
  2. Read thru d lyrics.
  3. Pay attention to the "she" & "her" in the lyrics...who does it refer to? Is it reli a girl/woman?
  4. Experiment by substituting the definition of "her" & "she" in the songs wif other things. Do the terms refer to a specific person (a country leader)? A country? A nation? If yr mind is as overimaginative as mine, u might notice a diff. perpective 2 d song....

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

2nd stroke of misfortune

If u thought my situation couldn't get any worse, think again.

In addition 2 d painful back resulting in me limping like an old man, I woke up dis mornin wif a sore neck.

  • I slept in d wrong position, straining my neck
  • When I fell on d road after being kicked by dat bastard, d impact strained my neck

So...wat's next? You'll get a boy limping wif a sore back while his darned neck is kept straight like a giraffe due to his neck problems....

Cepat la...come visit the limping giraffe (shorter than those @ d zoos) now!!! Dun 4get gifts pls :(

Monday, 26 January 2009

A Kick In The B*** !!!


Dat's wat I wanna say 2 d asshole hu kicked me in d butt back. Here's wat happened.

  • Went 2 grandpa's hse. Boring....
  • Sis & I decided 2 go buy credit @ 7-eleven nearby. Dad protests but kena ignored.
  • OTW bak, blissfully drinking a canned drink, I hear a motor approaching frm d back. Biasa jela.

BANG!!! (it was more of a bump la)

  • I flew 2 ground. I tink I passed out 4 a few secs.
  • Woke up wif my sis screaming my name nex 2 me. Strangely, I felt calm. Tak panik pun :p
  • Calmly told my sis 2 shut up, dun worry, & stop shaking me cz I'm OK.
  • After lying blissfully on d road awhile, I gerak2 abit, check ada sakit apa2 tak, then only get up. Thank god I remembered those Saint John & PBSM stuff bout not simply moving victims...
  • Much to my embarassment, my sis lifts my shirt (on d damned road!!!) 2 check 4 any bruises. Ppl passing by semua duk tengok sis found a damned footprint mark on my back!
  • Walked home, nagging bout d bastard hu kicked me....berani dia!!!
Reached grandpa's home.Went 2 toilet, washed wounds. I'd better get an Emmy for acting normal dat time!!!

  • Tak pasal2 I felt dizzy while chattin wif my sis near d stairs. Evrything started 2 bcome dark....faster2 duduk coz pening liao....
  • OTW bak, when we passed d "tempat kejadian" in d car, I silently cursed d bastard!!!
Reached setapak home. Tahan saja muka saya coz planned 2 tell my family in d hse. Mana tau after telling them....

  • Mum: Aiyo....lucky u safe ah....
  • Dad: U c! I told u nt 2 go out! I got sixth sense dat time! (sempat lagi mengiklankan special ability dia)
  • Bro: Biasa la dat area siao2 ppl....
So, wat am I doin now? Rather than sit around whining, I chose 2 blog & curse dis bastard. BTW, d can drink I was carrying masa kena kick actually flew, spilling apple juice wif aloe vera bits (Fruit Tree brand) on my sis & I punya hair. Buat rosak saja pantang kita org xleh basuh rambut ari ni...ISH!!!

Hmm.....i tink d guy kicked me bcoz....
  • He's a psycho?
  • I'm darned ugly dat he couldn't resist
  • My sis's darned pretty dat he was jealous of me
So...sama2 la help me curse dis bastard hu kicked me 4 no reason & sped off. Or...kalau mu tak suka sumpah2 org, tlg la b'doa supaya otak cacat dia tu molek skit...

Oh, ya, b4 I drown in my complains, lemme wish u all Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Any1 there?

Is it my darned MSN or jz plain me?

These few days, signing in onto MSN is a damned chore which involves retrying, retrying, & retrying. Even when I sign in, ppl dun seem 2 respond 2 my msgs (xcept 4 a handful of them). Anything wrong wif my MSN? Or is my social circle closing?

Monday, 19 January 2009

Room 4 Rent @ Scot Sentral

Here's a long-postponed ad 4 my fren Reena.

Room 4 rent @ RM450 each @ Scot Sentral.
5 minutes walk 2 KL Sentral.
Please contact d blogger 2 get contact details on d person you should contact if you are interested in contacting her to rent d room or to get further details.

PS: Do not contact me for the contact number of the person you wish to contact if you have been fooled by the many 'contact's into thinking that this is the right person to contact for contact lens.

LoL :P

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Midnight Manners...

Hmmm...wat do my 4 hsemates do at 12a.m.???

Wash clothes tengah2 malam til neighbours wonder whether we'll jemur clothes in d moonlight...

MSN tengah2 malam til neighbours have d MSN sounds ringing in their ears...

Nyanyi tengah2 malam @ d balcony til neighbours tink there's a singing ghost...

Yang ini? Balik parents' place....d neighbours must be thanking her 4 d peace & silence....

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

17 yr old in degree?!

Technically, I am a 17 yrs old in degree. So wat? :p

Boleh la sy mengada2 dgn gelaran budak underaged yg x pasal2 sesat smpai duk kat kls degree. Ngada2 la xnk la kena buli ngan satu kls!

Ms mula2 masuk kls, memang dah havoc. Terus tepek ngan geng hok dh knl kat foundation. Pokpek non stop....sbelum lecture, tgh2 lecture, lps lcture, siap duk lecture sesama sendiri lgi...mana la tau nasib gane dpt clazmate hok senyap giler. U imagine la, during lecture silent til can hear pencil drop....kisiao punya. Tiba2 only ada those (frequent) moments whr we laugh tiba2 til whole claz stare. So wat?!

Memang dah nasib, I pulak jadi claz rep. Mujur nama course rep tak kena tepek kat dahi sy nih. Hey....Mr. Course Rep, thx 4 volunteering ah? Klau tak, sy mmg dah kena buli puas2. Set2 foundation smuanya duk pekik nama sy smpai budak2 prmpn hok STPM pun duk sengih2 tgk sy....haiz....

K la...enuf wif d nonsensical report on my degree. Cam tak sedar diri la I keep rambling here. Hopefully I'll get an external scholarship 2 prove 2 UTAR dat their darned 3.90 CGPA scholarship requirement is insane (No offense 2 Hema for getting 3.91)....bye~

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Boredom @ Setapak....

BOSANNYA!!! We're stuck @ home wif nothing 2 do!!!

Unfortunately, dis guy can't come rescue one of our hsemates (ahem...ahem....) cz his hands are kinda busy....

Our other lepak spot, Jaya One, happens 2 b miles away now...

Out of desperation....we consider joinin dis robot competition....but hey....NOOOO!!! Dah robot phobia la wei!!!

Well, let's jz wait 4 d new sem 2 start & welcome it wif a big smile!!!

-Note: D pretty set of teeth above doesn't belong to d blogger-

Thursday, 8 January 2009


Cockroach appears. Yong squeals. Shi Hooi refuses to kill any insects, let alone a cockroach. Both keep nudging each other to "remove" it. One refuses to go near it. One refuses to kill it.

The cockroach flies!!! Argh!!! Yong screams like shit while Shi Hooi calmly MSNs as usual.

After much screaming, pestering d neighbours (sakai maid no mosquito spray 2 lend me), and countless newspaper throwing sessions, d cockroach flies 2 d highest ceiling. Yong stuffs mouth wif towel 2 keep himself from screaming further due to Shi Hooi's complains bout his bising-ness.

Out of desperation, Yong nudges d cockroach wif a broom til it falls on d floor. Panicking, Yong simply flings d broom. Out of pure luck, d broom lands on d cockroach, injuring it.

Excitedly, Yong yells for Shi Hooi to sweep d damned cockroach out. After much persuasion(d damned cockroach was stuck in a corner), d cockroach is swept out. Yong cheers on, encouraging Shi Hooi to sweep d cockroach reli reli far. Suddenly, dey notice a neighbour opening their door. Barefooted, both run back while laughing like hell.

On d way bak 2 d condo unit, Yong has an urge to revenge. Grabbing d broom frm a stunned Shi Hooi, Yong rushes barefooted to the cockroach & proceeds to whack it like hell.Revenge for disturbing his peaceful nite. Revenge for torturing him mentally. Revenge for touching his precious novels.

Shi Hooi can only stare in amazement at how a guy can be more kecoh than her regarding this cockroach.

Time estimated from d cockroach's appearance til it's removal: 1.5 hours.

I admit, I am scared like hell of cockroaches.

Oh, by the way, to my dear hsemate Mel Lee, I advise dat u wash d clothes u hung in d balcony once more, maybe even a few times....due to reasons I'd rather not describe....
Random pics....

Extreme privacy when on d phone: Hair covering eyes & ears, hand covering mouth, phone pouch covering nose.

A dog lining up to buy 4D numbers?!

If u wanna give a discount, give it. Otherwise, stop showing bullshit SALE advertisements like "discount 0%"!!!

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

A few more Kemaman pics....sabar la ya?

D curtains near my bed.

My room, converted into a 1/2 storeroom after I left....

GG (Greedy Goldfish)

Z-Ton posing...

Amin puling one helluva "OMG face" (as usual :p)

Monday, 5 January 2009

Some simple shots bout d rain in Kemaman on d day I left....

Friday, 2 January 2009

Happy or Unhappy New Year?

I dunno wat I shud feel.

I got 2 A & 1 B in my 3rd sem exams. Honestly speaking, I was expecting an A- for dat subject. At most, mayb B+ la. Not a B!!!! Argh!!!

Two sides of me are arguing like shit now.

Yong 1: I hate dis! I wanted a full scholarship! Wif my freakin CGPA now, I can oni get 50%!!!
Yong 2: But u shud b thankful! Not many can get 3.85!
Yong 1: But....I wan 100%!!!!
Yong 2: No nid la....other ppl pass aso happy....u ungrateful bas ketiga wan so much...
Yong 1: ARGH!!!!!
Yong 2: STFU! On d brighter side, u can appeal, apply 4 other scholarships (stinking UTAR so high requirements), and.....
Yong 1: Oh yeah.....but....what "and"?
Yong 2: Dun 4get, SOMEONE PROMISED SUMTIN if u didn get an A for dat subject....
Yong 1 & 2: Ooooo....I rmbr....hehe :p

I can't wait 2 c d person carry out his/her

To quote C.E.@, one of my best-est frenz & partner in lasering crime: Sabar....

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