Friday, 27 March 2009

~blogging using phn...sry if nt so pretty ah dis post...~

Hmm...wonder why one gal is happy while d other's not-so-happy? of these 2 guys la!

Notice d rain clouds trailing them? 2 la...dah cakap jgn nyanyi... least not evry1's sad...a sorang tu (1st pic) happy sangat...why ah?
Lol :p

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Haiz....tired la after coming bak frm claz....

Kalu tertidur dlm kls pun ada "sleeping pose"

(Un)fortunately, we dun hv dis lecturer around 2 nag us if we sleep in claz~

BTW, it's raining....

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Jz when evry1 thought it'll b sunny.....

The rainy days are bak :P

Takpe kan? Ada gok org yg suka hujan....boleh jalan dekat2 skit.....

But then, d tests keep coming (pic taken after I hantar paper early...hehe)

Special acknowledgement: Thx alot 2 my trusted calculator, always by my side since 2002~

Sunday, 22 March 2009

What next?

LoL :P

Thursday, 19 March 2009

~It's still raining~

But then, dat doesn't stop me frm taking pics :P

D rainy weather aso didn't kill our mood 2 pokpek as usual

Besides, how da heck can anytin, let alone weather, disturb dis gal's ability 2 calmly read comics b4 tests?

Sunny days, where r u?

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Ish....x abis2 hujan la mgu ni!!! On the plus side, I luv d cold weather!

Krja rmh b'timbun2 until kalu panjat kat atas blh nmpk UTAR kat PJ...

Suddenly punya my appetite balik nak "mengganas" -> Nmpk x sudu/senduk besar dipadankan ngan penyepit kecik tu? I swear dis pic wasn't Photoshopped!

It's least some ppl still provide me d daily dosage of gossip. 2 those hu understand dis pic, faham2 la ya :P

But then...some ppl jz can't bear 2 see others lovey-dovey....jealous la tu!

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Random Facts

I ate 7 times 2day. (dunno why @~@)

I raised my voice/nagged my mum 2day. (N I'm feelin guilty T_T)

I studied 2day. (Dat's a super rare occasion!)

My headache's pestering me again.... (It's more annoying than painful !_!)

Studying 4 exams....
(Christine studying in my super messy ex-room)

Doin tutorials non-stop...
(Dunno hu dat is bt I tink it's Jin Yong)

Bt it still feel like I hv a big hole in my life.
(Pic of UTAR ceiling got hole)

I miss my foundation frenz~
(Lepak-ing in d corridor as usual)

I miss them!! (again)
(munching on cake wif our lcturer)

Well, I guess degree has a few ppl eager 2 pokpek....
(Michael steering away frm d guy on d left, Shi Hooi & Ah Teng watching & whispering on d right)

Why do I keep bumping into incarnations of Mr. E hu only read one word on d book below?
(Pic of book @ MPH warehse clearance)

Saturday, 14 March 2009

~12 hours~

Woke up @ 5a.m. after sleeping since 5p.m. d day b4. I had 12 hours of sleep!!!

Wat happened in d past 12 hours:
  • Did my Discrete Maths quiz. Had fun in d process :P
  • Failed @ making my course rep pissed (ended up getting smacked anyway)

Hema's car got stolen!!!

WTF-OMG?! We selamba oni walked 2wards d place she parked her car 2 discover dat it was missing! Dah....nak buat apa jela....

2 Hema: B strong! (N dun 4get 2 curse d damned person hu stole it :P)

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

In setapak...

BB Zai's still sleepin in claz (or elsewhere)...

Hema's still studying & remaining @ d top of d claz...

Yeong Bin still puts on his cute face...


Of course, Chloe's blur as usual :P

Sunday, 1 March 2009


Jz a few days ago, I was on d verge of giving up. Crying over accounts questions.

I'm back. I'm not giving up.

Imagine my hsemates laughing when I involuntarily cursed Accounts while cooking in d kitchen....
"U're not goin 2 get me....I'll kick yr ass!!! How dare u torture me like dis, accounting!!!"

I guess I'm eccentric :P knows? I might b eccentric enuf 2 date sum1 secretly, adorn myself wif flowers or do other crazy stuff.

Jz dun expect 2 c me wearing sunglasses & posing in d near future.


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