Sunday, 31 January 2010

Random pics

Saja2 fling a few photos here.

1) Some fella's laundry day, taken in TBR~

2) Guess which insurance company pasted dis @ their door?

3) Well...simply "horny" ^_^

Friday, 29 January 2010

Weirdo =p

Is it jz me, or are my musical choices becoming less & less mainstream? I'm drifting into Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Regina Spektor (d old albums, mind you), n god knows wat next. Guess my picky/mengada ears get fed up of songs pretty fast.

Anyway, hv fun Thaipusam-ing 2 siapa2 yg tengah baca ni, especially Kishma! U kno hu I mean la =p

Friday, 15 January 2010

Junior Senior? Senior Junior?

New sem dah nak mula....I'm goin 1 b a 2nd yr student!!! Hehe....tak habis2 mengada wif d fact dat I'm young ^_^

Saja. Sry I wasted yr time reading dis =p

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Listen. Please.

Wow...apparently, dis issue (usage of the word "Allah") is creating one helluva fuss throughout M'sia...almost evry political leader has or will pop up on tv blabbering abt dis & dat.


Before evry1 rushes to give a piece of their mind (I'm taking a neutral stand here), y dun u all pause 4 a while & listen 2 d other party 1st?

1) 2 those involved in d publication using the word "Allah", y nt consult a few Muslim experts 1st? Ask their opinion, see whether it is wrong or disrespectful to use another religion's name for God. Even if the court/law allows it, care has to be taken when involving others' beliefs. Yea, we are legally entitled to use words bt then, we have to mindful of other religions, right? For instance, I'm allowed to eat pork bt I dun eat it in front of other Muslims like a bloody bastard.

2) 2 those Muslims disagreeing wif d issue (especially those hu act w/out thinking, tarnishing dis peaceful religion's name), y dun u pause awhile & listen? C hw exactly others plan 2 use "Allah". Perhaps its sumtin harmless like:

" Different religions have different beliefs....Christians believe in......Buddhists believe in......Hindus believe in.....Muslims believe in Allah."

Isn't dat be a simple, harmless statement serving no other purpose than to describe others' beliefs? If such a statement was wrong, then wat is it doin in Pendidikan Moral textbooks in M'sia (if I'm nt mistaken)? If d statement turns out to be an offensive one, explain 2 d relevant ppl la so dat dey'll u/stand & cease using it.

Basically, I c so many ppl taking a stand w/out really finding out & understanding d situation & its roots. Evry individual will certainly hv d tendency to c things frm their perpective; it's very hard avoiding bias whn analysing d situation. However, before dis erupts into a war, let's jz stop awhile & try 2 u/stand each other, shall we?

Listen. For the sake of Malaysia. Please.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Random thoughts (& d bashing part as usual)

1) Things aren't wat dey seem eh? Tetiba2 je ada org try 2 blow up churches. B4 fingers start pointing & words start flying, tink of dis. Thr could be many possibilities. D 1st one is obviously blaming "the other ppl". Bt then....another voice in my head is telling me dat dis could b d work of some humans hu jz wanna create tension, riots, or bloodshed. So, b4 d blame game escalates into a war, b careful, ok? D two religions hu are in a so-called "war" may actually b d victims of manipulators scheming 2 destroy our country's peace. Be very careful of wat u say.....or sumtimes, especially in d case of famous high profile ppl on tv, a plain "shut up" cn b better. U won't believe d nmbr of ppl hu could b leeching off dis incident jz 2 get a little time on tv.

2) D exam results are out. In case d news haven't gotten 2 u yet, here's d big history-of-Yong's-life-worthy-moment: It's d 1st bloody time in my life dat I didn't get an A for an English subject. I got a bloody B+. Saying I'm nt disappointed wud definitely earn me a hypocrite stamp. It's jz dat....well....I'd expected it 2 b nt a B+, rite? Haih...wat is done is done.....buat2 happy je =p
(besides, I cn still console myself wif d fact dat dis event means I've got sooooo much more 2 learn abt English)

3) Here comes d bashing part, always lurking in my blog.....I get so sick seeing blogs promoting dis & promoting dat. Dey claim 2 b personal blogs bt after reading dem 4 quite some time, I get d queasy feeling dat I'm readin an advertorial disguised as a blog. Wat do these ppl get? More readers? Money? (pls pls pls dun click on their banners =p) Call me jealous, cynical, hypocritical, call me watever u want. I believe personal blogs & non-personal blogs shud b clearly separated. I dunno wat d public thinks bt I reli dun enjoy reading posts which feel like dey've been snagged frm some magazine or newspaper article. It's d flaws which get me hooked on. I'd rather read a person describing hw she fails to wake up for class and ends up being late rather than gaze @ pretty pictures or scan thru lines depicting wat a perfect life a person has.

4) I met a student hu reli reli surprised me. Nvr b4 hv I came across a student hu comes 2 2tion rite after schl (shud b pretty tired eh?), asks questions frequently, is nvr afraid 2 admit he didn't u/stand d crap I jz said a few secs ago, never gives up tackling so many maths questions, & yet, his bloody face lights up whn he misheard me saying dat I could hold another 2tion claz @ nite (and loudly saying dat he wants 2 attend it!) Dis guy cn reli make me feel ashamed. I've been abusing my gift/ability to catch lessons in schl pretty quickly bt dis person is so determined 2 learn though he keeps getting d answers wrong. I nid 2 hv his determination in uni. I nid 2 work hard, regardless of whether I fail often or even if I find it easy. I shud stop acting dumb, saying "I dunno" whn in fact d person I've jz failed 2 help wud nvr tink twice abt digging thru books jz 2 settle my minor doubts. N of course, I nid 2 be humble & deflate my bloody ego.

5) I hate 2tion centers in general. I've seen my fair share of money-making 2tion places conducting large classes whr those poor students leave more confused than dey were than whn dey came in. Schls always give xtra attention 2 top students bt dey nvr realise hw the ones below nid attention too. Did u kno dat my fren was accused of cheating jz bcoz he was nt frm d top classes in schl? Of all d bloody reasons, guess y he was accysed of cheating? Getting less than 10 marks out of 100 in a bloody Add Maths exam. Dat is one helluva bastard/bitch teacher lookin down on d students like dat. Their wobbly confidence is alredi further tainted by d schl's ignorance of their existence. Dey work their butts off 2 get those few marks & u accuse dem of cheating jz bcoz dey aren't "supposed" to score even one mark? To hell wif u la. Rather than coming up wif accusations whr d oni proof is their "impossible marks", help dem la. Dun assume dat dey dun hv any will 2 study jz bcoz dey're frm d "stupid/naughty classes".

Well, b4 I get carried away, I'd best get 2 sleep. I hv 2 classes 2moro, involving 1 student in d 1st session & only 2 in d 2nd one. Yr 1st reaction'll probably be "Ni tentu takde students, no one wants 2 attend 2tion wif him" bt jz brush aside d possibility dat I might, I might jz be nice enuf 2 hold small classes on purpose, will ya? I'd rather hold small classes, even spending time teaching a person instead of earning up to 10 times more wif a large claz jz so dat individual, dat person our education system has abandoned, cn actually learn sumtin rather than attending a famous 2tion center bt gain notin useful. Or mayb I'm a lousy tchr & no one wants 2 attend my classes. Do u tink I cn b dat selfish & nt aim purely @ money making opportunities only? Hmmm....up 2 u. U kno me wat =p

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