Sunday, 25 April 2010

Random Writings

Well, nothing much to ramble, bitch, whine, or crap here. Probably cz d timing's weird. Malam2/pagi2 cam ni sibuk nak taip....

I know I'm brash when I bash sometimes
My harsh words can be too much
Yet my aim isn't to maim everyone

Usually, there are only a few lonely souls
These people are the incomparable ones
They don't belong anywhere among us

It can be anything, all it takes is a blink
For these flies to spin their webs of lies

Sadly I can't conjure a useful cure
Killing this cyst, this horrible disease
For they alone can choose to atone
As their own harm lies in their palm

My interference is of dismal influence
So I shall observe and hope to preserve
What little knowledge I manage to gain
To prevent my own descend
Into the depths of which I might misstep

For I want for this to be undone
The pages replaced, faults erased
But alas! Time has passed!
You are impeached, my trust breached

I doubt any readers will grasp my acrimony
But I guess these are all just countless tests
Tough lessons showing me prevarications
Teaching me to strive for my own precious life.

I seriously dunno wat I've jz typed. Memang psycho. Kononnya rhyme tapi tak rhyme. Rangkap pun tak sekata. Ayat pun entah apa. I'd reli like 2 c whether any1 actually notices the hidden stuff, d wordplay, well....the basic meanings of the "thing" I've jz wrote above. C'est la revoir~

Tuesday, 13 April 2010



U kno hu u all are. Even if I don't now, I'll eventually find out. I'm watching. And so are my other clazmates hu refuse to join u in yr filthy activities. case u're saying "Macamla u x pernah buat!": I'm no angel. I've cheated before. But I will never ever make it a habit. I'll never enter an exam hall wif cheating as my main objective. I'll nvr go ard planning hu 2 copy frm, strategic seats, etc. Even if I feel terrible & helpless cz I didn't study evrything, I'll still try to answer as much as I cn on my own abilities. I'll leave questions unanswered. And whn my results come out, no matter hw low dey are, I'll b proud, knowing dat dey're mine!

Oh, ya, to those "saints" helping these "people in need", u all pun sama2 asshole la. Instead of helping ppl, u're jz making these ppl worse. U're jz making dem more dependant, helpless, and corrupted. Yea, sure, tossing answers @ ppl is so much easier than helping dem 2 gradually understand & learn d subject, bt dat's nt goin 2 help dem. Babi u.

Here's d thing: I trust ppl easily. When my trust is lost d 1st time, it'll be hard 4 u 2 earn it bak frm me, bt it's possible. Lose it a few more times & u'll get an enemy u'll regret 2 get. Jangan harap nak pujuk me bak wif yr sweet words. I'll make Blair Waldorf look like an amateur.

Eh last pot shot aimed @ some "innocent" hypocrites.....dun try 2 trick me, acting innocent. I hv proof. I hate it whn ppl buat2 like dey're nt involved, siap kutuk2 lagi orang lain, bt doin it "out of my sight". Ppl will find out abt u, including me too eventually. Lagi saya geram kat hipokrit cam ni. Siap la u dat time.

It hurts me. I hate seeing my frenz feeling down cz dey got low marks, watching some atrocious ppl smile as dey score higher marks. It used to hurt me too, bt hey, I reminded myself wat a nice, honest, and cute person I am. So, 2 those frenz hu feel bad dat dey scored low though dey've poured in their own efforts, be proud. U cn take comfort in d fact dat those hard-earned marks are yr own. Remind yrself dat semua cursed ppl ini will end up lifeless, useless, hopeless, and lots of other "less"-es. If their genitals aren't cursed to infertility by me, dey'll hv kids hu will b super ugly, smelly, stupid, and (insert negative adjectives). Same goes to their grandchildren, great grandchildren, future generations.

Be strong. Be proud. Be honest. U'll get thru some day. Jz hang in there. For dat true act in itself, thank you from d bottom of my heart.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Nak? Or tak nak?

Seriously, these few days have been killing me. Tests. Assignments lagi.

Whn I stare @ d question papers, I get d super itchy feeling 2 peek @ another person's answers or jz ask dem whether I cn copy theirs jz 2 save my ass.

Bt then, is it worth it? Wat's d point of doin dat? occasional joking-ish "Wat answer u got ah?" is fine by my standards, bt hw far is "far" to d point of overdoing perbuatan meniru?

Sy rs telinga sy ni memang tmpt favourite setan2 duk bisik2 & hasut2. Lantak ler. Bengong punya "cadangan", mintak sy wat benda2 cam tu. Patut pun Eno, C.E.O, Ain benci u all.

I guess I'd rather look @ my almost-halfway-there-but-still-terrible marks, & give a big smile, knowing dat I'm satisfied cz it's my own efforts. I do love some of d subjects; my recent plummet in results is probably jz a test frm God 2 c hw long I cn hang in thr.

I bet Mr. Lim was pretty confused 2day, tinking of d moment he gave me bak my AM test paper & I gave him bak an excited smile while seeing my low marks. At least I kno deserved my efforts ^_^

Monday, 5 April 2010

Annoying Ass.

I publish dis at the risk of being labelled as an obnoxious, arrogant student hu's 2 smart 4 himself.

Dis bloody assignment is really annoying. The answers really require thought, yet our claz is being held on a leash by a lady clutching onto a stack of paper and reciting it feverishly. Yes, she's really glued on to that so-called-holy-answer-scheme. And being typical Malaysian students, we're more concerned about our marks than actually learning something or getting the true answers. Yes, our answers may have many holes in them, yet we're still covering behind the false pretences of "correct" answers. You may hv "correct" answers, but they may be false. Get it?

Who da heck in claz cares? We all jz want our marks, rite?

I wanna u/stand dis subject, not jz blindly aim to get another bloody A. I kno some ppl are unfortunate enuf to be born wif d ability to memorise things blindly and vomit them into exams, scoring like hell. Well, @ least dey're fortunate enuf 2 b born in M'sia. What a sad state our education system is in, isn't it? Robots score while humans fail.

Hu cares la. No one does. My ramblings here will go unnoticed, not inducing even the least of the readers' concerns.

I refuse to be turned into an effing robot. Even if dat costs me my CGPA.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Thank you.

Thank you.... my parents, 4 being d most understanding, paling best parents in d world! Freedom of choice eh? my frenz, 4 keepin their mouths shut 4 me & helpin me thru dis. Mimi, 4 acting as my stress reliever (sumtimes inducer) =p

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