Sunday, 20 July 2008

Unhappy & Angry

Yea...yea...I kno I dah lama x update. Jz wanna clarify things here.

1) My bro's been diagnosed wif mild Parkinson's Disease. Kinda kills my blogging mood.

2) I wud reli appreciate it if u (any1 concerned) jz OPEN YR GOD DAMNED MOUTH & tell me 2 remove yr pics!!! No point harassing me la, u asshole (one particular idiot) !

Quote from Mr. W:
"U should aso put some of ur photos on ur blog, then only fair for all..."

Other quotes:
"Why u put pics of sleepin ppl?"
"Violation of privacy la"
"Crap crap crap"
"Bla bla bla"...

Here's wat I tink: Dis blog is 4 fun, not serious personal attacks on any1, not degrading any1, no weird2 disgusting stuff. Pls la, if u feel uncomfortable/ashamed seeing yr "photogenic" face in my blog, go ahead & tell me 2 remove them.
(Technically, u cn follow Thilak hu B'tooth-ed more pics of himself 2 me :P)

Dun go around crapping & making noise bout me "invading others' privacy". Dey didn't even marah me (dey even enjoyed it, thx guys ^_^).

U pulak go gatal2 mulut try 2 "protect" other's "privacy" izit? Summore mengarah2 wat 2 put on my blog. Eh, meI kno la my face not so photogenic (I dun wan ppl's monitors 2 crack when displaying my face).

Watz d point of me blogging if I'm going 2 fill it wif my pics only? Kinda perasan, isn't it? Unless I'm a hansome freak, lain la cerita if I'm posting my pics.

4 those hu skipped d crap above, here's d simplified version: An idiot's harassing me 4 ridiculously claimed reasons. I'm angry. So he'd better shut up unless he wants d Foundation 2 c a mad 16-year old kid kick his ass.

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Triple date!!!

Hmm...rather than report gossip bout Mr. T all d time, let's move our focus 2 another event:

Three ppl caught in a triple date!!!!

Presenting.....d pics...

Nemo waitin 4 his date(s)....

Eagerly anticipating their arrival....

Here's d 1st date: Miss Vasanthi!!!

2nd date: Miss Poh Ha!!!

But wait!!! Who's dis??? Haiz....jz a penyibuk sticking wif d 2 girls la...Miss SM -_-

Unfortunately 4 d girls, d date wasn't as interesting as they thought...

Even Miss Vasanthi is yawning while listening 2 Nemo nag & nag non-stop...

Miss Poh Ha can't stand it anymore....SAVE HER!!!

That's when d paparazzi arrive!!! Nemo refuses 2 comment & merely poses 4 d cameras....

Even snapping pics of d paparazzi....

However, Miss Poh Ha refuses 2 let d paps take her pic!!!

She even verbally attacks our reporters!!!

Bcoz our reporters were busy recording their date, they decided 2 "talk" 2 each other silently instead--> thru sms -.-"

Meanwhile, Miss SM is being ignored by d trio....she spends her time sms-ing her frenz...

When her frenz x balas2 her messages....dia pun sibuk nak mencelah 3 org yg tgh dating...

Kesiannya....kena pulau mcm tu je....

Meanwhile, the trio are busy cam-whoring....

Our secluded girl resorts 2 eating in silence....

OMG!!! Watz happening?! Unfortunately....our cameras ran out of batteries suddenly....4 more info, ask d trio "wat happened" :P

2 bad....our batteries died @ d "critical moment"....til d next update....buh-bye....originality rules!!!

Gossip Revived!!!

Thx 2 d handsome considerate Mr. T, we'll be seeing more gossip updates!!! Mr. T has finally agreed 2 allow me 2 post fictional gossip bout him ^_^ He even Bluetooth-ed some pics of him 2 b posted (coming soon)

This basically means dat d gossip isn't coming 2 an end. So....2 other ppl planning 2 "continue" dis gossip line...SORRY :P

icywhinygnome's alter ego: Get your own gossip, you copycat ***hole!!!

Sorry...kinda lost control over my "other side" jz now. Sorry 4 any profanity involved :P

I'd like 2 extend my warmest thanks 2 those hu provide me d motivation & energy 2 keep this fictional gossip running...thx guys ^_^

Oh, in case u were wondering, dis post doesn't hv any gossip pics. Why ah? Lazy la! :P

Monday, 14 July 2008

The end of the scandal....


Just as some guys were even betting how long this (fictional) relationship would last...dah ada bad news...

Mr. T has warned me not 2 post any more pics of him. Turns out he isn't as sporting as Miss 3.8833 regarding their (fictional) relationship.

I'm so sorry 2 those ppl hu lost their bets (and personal belongings)...

Well.....wat else can I do except....
End these fictional gossip stuff
But start new ones!!!
Hey, nobody said u are d only person worth blogging about in out claz! Tak nak publisiti percuma, biarlah...malas nk layan :p

In d meantime, pls b patient as our blogger, icywhinygnome & our reporter, Miss Christine go searching 4 more gossip....

This may take awhile as our scientists nid 2:

Go thru application forms 2 gain permission from d ppl involved in pics (in case d same problem occurs)

Carry out chemical tests 2 determine d suitability of the gossip material...

Wat?! Awalnya ada orang apply??? U eager guys/gals better hope dat more gossip appears soon!!! Kalau nak cepat lagi, snap la banyak2 gambar & send 2 our blogger/reporters!!!

BTW, I hav (half) fulfilled Mr. T's wishes. He asked me 2 "Take away all pics & stuff connecting me with Miss 3.8833". Fine....I removed his pics & name....but I replaced them wif "censored" pics & names. Faham2 la....I did "take away" his stuff rite? :P

Once again, sorry guys/gals.....jangan marah kat saya, k? Kalu nk lepas geram, shoot icy looks & angry glares @ Mr. T 4 making me kill such a fine scandal...

Friday, 11 July 2008

Indecent Act!!! (continued)

Why has Miss 3.8833's excitement when reading d l8est gossip....

Turn into sadness like this?!

Wat has happened 2 their relationship???

Is Vanaysya d cause of their split???

OMG!!! No!!!! Turns out dat Mr. T was involved in d scandal dat day!!! Here he is, caught!!!

Another one of d caught offenders!!! (Pss...notice our reporters stalking him behind)

Is he:
-A reporter taking pictures (bcoz of d camera)???
-Another caught offender (bcoz of his outfit's similarity wif Thilak's)???

Hu will b Mr. T's new soulmate??? Stay tuned~

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Thank you (1) !!!

Dis post is specially dedicated 2 d fantastic readers of dis blog!!! Thx 4 helping me spread d news & (fictional) gossip!!!

Gathering 2 c d l8est gossip....

Explaining d complex relationships & scandals involving our clazmates....

Jotting down & reporting any suspicious activities....

Calling frenz 2 spread d gossip!!!

SMS-ing frenz 2 spread d gossip!!1 (even tengah2 lecture)

Thx 2 all of you, d lives of these ppl hv been "enriched" wif d colourful tales & news flying around d Jan '08 intake!!!

Readin gossip in groups...

Readin alone...

Staring at dunno who punya pics...

Even d freshies are addicted 2 daily gossip updates!!!

Once again, thank you!!! Spread d news!!!

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Indecent Act!!!

Waaa....u guys/gals memang x sabar2 wanna c d next update!!! Mentang2 la I malas letak gosip baru 4 one day only, u guys start 2 make noise!!!

Getting bored 2 d point dat u actually read d lecture notes......

Massaging others coz your fingers tak tahan wanna go on9 4 more gossip....

Gaining a caffeine addiction...

This girl dah tak tahan lagi!!!

Gimme more updates or I'll consume your mechanical pencil!!! is it.....
Caught in an indecent act!!!

Evry1 rushes 2 get away!!!

Akhirnya...kena tangkap jugak.....tak sempat lari....

Why!? Why did I choose 2 listen 2 my fren & follow him here 2day?! Why?!!!!

Gadis2 ini disyaki berumur antara 80 hingga 90 tahun, diseludup dari luar negara....

Saya tak tahu apa2!!! Jgn tangkap saya!!!

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