Saturday, 30 May 2009

Missing Them Again

Listening to The Corrs album (old CD I grabbed from Kemaman)......reminds me of secondary school, tuition, MTG, outings wif Ainul (dun get me wrong).....then all d memories start flooding in....

I miss u all. I miss our times together. I wan a god damned super huge reunion.

I can't believe I'm crying now.

Here We Go Again....

Ok.....long time no blog....nid 2 release so tension & marah2 abit.

Wat da hell is up wif our education system? Merely applying cosmetic changes in hopes of fooling d public eh?

Evry yr, we hear students & parents lamenting bout their kids' lack of scholarships.
Evry yr, some smart ass in d ministry will come up wif a lame excuse.
Every yr, Malaysia will make a great fuss over this matter, only to forget it after a few months.

I'm sick of dis cycle.

Imagine d scenario as a race. Participants can choose hw many laps dey wanna run & are graded on hw fast dey run each lap. After d recent complains, d race organizers say: "Hey, let's limit d number of laps to a max of 10 only! Dat'll b fair!"

Ahh....but then....wat's d point of limiting d number of laps? Wif d current standards, there will be thousands of ppl hu score A's in all their laps. Here's one more thing: How da heck will any1 kno d organiser/judge punya judgement scheme? Are d timekeeper & judges really unbiased in selecting d winners of the race? Why are so many ppl capable of faring well in d race? Is the track so small & easy dat many ppl are scoring? Or....can those thousands of scorers really run well? Here's one more matter I'm sure many ppl are asking: Why do some ppl hu didn't manage 2 run so well in d race get multiple medals (scholarships) while others hu run better get nothing?

I was a straight A's student in secondary school but honestly, I doubted myself. Heck, I still question myself occasionally. IMHO, I dun tink I would hv scored dat well if d honest standards were used. However, seeing my recent degree results in uni (3.1179) which definitely aren't among my classmates' top scores, I felt happy. At least I know whr I stand. No false impressions bout hw I did in d exams. D amount of satisfaction I gained from dat is far more than getting great results bt wondering why I didn't get the scholarship I "deserved".

There's no point beautifying d race track. No point merely claiming dat all d racers are judged equally regardless of the teams dey represent. No point issuing statements in order to calm the public, hoping dat dey'll forget d issue after awhile. There's no point faking it all. After all, the angry racers treated unjustly will simply go represent another country, earning big bucks there. When u call dem bak, claiming dat dey are unpatriotic, tink again. Dey won't forget how their own country treated dem.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Of all the things 2 ruin my holidays....

1) When I try 2 check my results on9, UTAR says: "You are not authorised to view this page.". Then, hu's goin 2 c my results? UTAR alone? Hw am I supposed 2 kno my results?! Can't dey jz admit dat d results r being processed instead of faking an authorization?

2) D timetable which our clazmates planned so carefully has been screwed up by UTAR. Las time UTAR kononnya said we cn plan our timetable 2 suit our convenience. So.....after picking a nice schedule, imagine our shock that UTAR changed it! Wat's d point of planning d darned timetable anyway?

Before: No classes on Friday.....woohooo!!!
After: One class daily on Thursday, Friday, & Saturday.

Some blame d smart asses in our course hu didn't register 4 nex sem's subjects, causing d officers 2 make alterations 4 dem. Some blame d officers 4 finding out last minute dat d time slots dey allocated weren't even free for d lecturers. Some (I'm most probably included in dis group) blame UTAR.

Let me remind u wat d most popular (among students) UTAR slogan is: choice.

Unfortunately, it seems dat even our choices regarding our studies require sudden meddling from UTAR. Let's change the slogan to:

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Damn U Upstairs!!!

Sapu2 & bersih2 d whole hse.

I dunno hu's d damned bastard/bitch living sumwhr upstairs my condo, but.....

I HATE U!!!!

Benci betul!!! Evrytime I clean d balcony sure got cigarette butts & ashes!!! Argh!!!

Kalau nk sngat hisap cancer stick 2, pergi la! Xyah la gatal ngat tgn buang ke bwh!!! Uncivilized barbarian!!!

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Exams-Ipoh-Taiping-Ipoh-Kampar-Setapak-Kampar-Setapak Trip(s)


Dis post is d one wif d most pics I've ever posted in a single blog....kpd org yg malas, sila skip :P

Well, I basically hopped in HC's car after d last exam (brought my luggage 2 exam!), hitched a ride 2 Ipoh. Makan puas2, stuff ourselves, then we sent SM bak 2 Taiping. Ate there (imagine....4 ppl ate 7 dishes & 6 bowls of rice!). Then, went bak 2 Ipoh.

On d next day, we went 2 c Jag @ Kampar. I was super burnt out so I slept in Jag's room while Jag, Vishnu (his fren), John, & HC went jungle trekking. Dey failed 2 convince me 2 join cz I was super tired. Besides....I had other plans d next day :p

Went bak 2 KL after dat. HC was siao enuf 2 send us straight 2 Jusco 2 eat & 4 me 2 reunite wif my beloved arcade!!! Then, balik rumah rest.

D next day, we (Chris-Chloe-Hesmond, Mel, Ming Sern, Shi Hooi, & Me) gathered @ KL Sentral. Buat kecoh saja Chloe arrive 2 mins b4 d train left (blur as usual). Then, we humiliated ourselves by getting kicked by d conductor frm one end of d train 2 d other....turns out we sedap2 plopped ourselves in d 1st class coach :P

Then....duduk2 few hours and.....arrived in Kampar! LoL....I went thr bak again 2 go jungle trekking (energized dis time)! So....let d pics begin....

Goin uphill....honestly, I was d lembik ass in d group. Stumbled & staggered behind d group slowly like a person who didn't exercise in ages!

Jz as I was abt 2 collapse from exhaustion, we arrived @ d 1st spot! I didn't take any pics cz I was 2 busy recovering & taking deep breaths. Not 2 mention d whining bout getting my clothes wet.

But then.....dah mula geram so I jz splashed through d water & got wet fully. Dis time, although I was still d slowest, I ada alasan.....Ming Sern slipped & injured his legs! So...(jahat jahat) I went slowly @ d bak of d group, "teman-ing" him while d plain fact was dat I sucked :P

2nd stop: Group Pic!

D 2 ppl nt in d earlier group pic cz dey were busy jalan2-ing....

Well, d ppl in my pics had 3 choices whn I called out 2, holding my cameraphn:
  • Act normal --> Candid shot
  • Pose --> Posing shot
  • Turn around stunned --> Blur-faced shot
So....dun blame some of dem 4 posing in d pics, k?

Mel posing...

Chloe posing...


And d girls...notice d blur face in d bakground...dunno facing whr :P

These 3 ppl climbed up 2 dat place...I considered doin dat but takut la...

Only one person in dis pic noticed me snapping & instantly posed :P

However, dat poser didn notice her husband drowning ?!

Well, since thr were no wild animals 2 feed....dey fed the donkey (inside joke)

Ming Sern...


Well...d sky was sorta dark & we were:

"Eh...goin 2 rain ah?"
"Nvm la...wait abit more..."
"K lo...relax here summore...."

Suddenly, thunder bunyi once only, we jumped & scrambled....LoL

"Faster faster....gogogogo!"

Sleepyheads in d KTM otw bak...


D following parts contains pics I gatal2 took myself. Kononnya nak jadi amateur photographer la ni. So....skip d rest of d post if u wan~

Simple point-and-shoot shots of d surroundings...

I did attempt 2 take close up shots of animals...dunno u guys/gals tink nice onot la...

A lobster-like thingy...

Butterfly on Shi Hooi's blouse

A super stubborn butterfly. It kept taunting me, flying evrywhr when I tried 2 snap a pic of it. When I kept my phn, sedap2 only it sit still. Finally managed a shot!

Tengok....flying away summore...

D puddle whr d butterflies gathered...

Well....I guess dat's d end of 2day's post. U guys/gals sure penat de c so many pics....more 2 come soon!

200th Post!

Sori skit sbb delay ya....pc rosak. Bru je htr gi baiki ari ni~

Yaay.....exams are over!!!

Hmmm....from d pic in d last post, I hopped to...


Tiba2 here....

N finally bak here....

More details? I'll post l8r....lazy la. Dunno whether wat HC said is true (my blog actually has visitors) @~@

BTW, "Happy 200th Post" 2 myself....mengada :P

Sunday, 3 May 2009


I'm nt at prima setapak now...guess where?

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Annoying Blunder Causing Dumb Emo Feelings Gathering Here...

Do any of u get struck by d emo feeling occasionally, feeling utterly dumb cz u jz can't seem 2 u/stand a thing u study? Feeling like a total useless ass?

I guess i'm d only one.

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