Sunday, 30 November 2008


All we need is a little understanding. A little misinterpretion can cause many probs.

I was collecting my 1-week-in-the-sun-til-almost-faded clothes when I noticed d azan for the nearby mosque reaching my ears. Dat's weird, I thought. I rarely notice it. Kot2 sy dah lama ngat duk kat Trgnu. But then, I start thinking. Why da heck do non-Muslims hate d "noise" of d azan? Why do many Malay kampung kids make fun of d Chinese language in a rude manner? Why do we perceive d Hindu act of piercing themselves & carrying d kavadi as crazy?

Simple. We misunderstand. Sure, many ppl can say "We nid tolerance la! No nid lengthy understanding!" Ah....but then, d justification is simple. Toleransi semata-mata tanpa penjelasan boleh, tetapi sukar dibentuk. Kalau kita dh fhm nape sorang buat cam tu, takyah le nk srh kita wat mnde2. Mmg dh boleh fikir ngan rasional nk terima ke tak.

Understand dat d azan is a Muslim call to prayer. U/stand dat each race has its own unique language, not weird sounding gibberish u cn make fun of. U/stand dat as painful/weird/crazy as it may seem to you, people are free to practice their beliefs. In fact, why not take d opportunity to learn more about other cultures? Kalau cam tu, senang je nk tgk apa yg rasional & apa yg tak.

If only our ministers u/stand d needs & whims of the public. If only those fat asses sitting in expensive cars & shaping d country's future realise dat selfish greed brings notin after death. Pls la u/stand d simple fact dat yr personal wealth only lasts til yr death. Improvements to d society's welfare will continue for generations. Unfortunately, dey all only seem 2 u/stand dream of d fact dat such positions come wif great responsibility power.

Wat else can I say? Haiz....if only u could u/stand my feelings....

The Most Natural Face Search 2008

~I confessed to my mum. I lost 1/2 of my ODM watch~

Why?! Hey, wait....HALF?!

Well, many of u guys kno dat i bought a fake one @ Petaling Street. I combined it wif my black ori watch so I had a black watch (ori) wif orange strap (fake) & a white watch (ori) wif a black strap (ori). Unfortunately, I lost d white+black one. NOOOO!!!!

However.....let's move on 2 wat happened ysterday. I went 2 Jaya One las nite 2 take part in a lucky draw for "The Most Natural Face Search" event. I oni had 2 vote 4 one of d contestants...pray hard....and hopefully, get d watch.

I managed 2 bring bak my voting card so dat I could take pics of it 2 show dat ppl stuck in PJ can still hv sumtin 2 do other than mope around....

Shown in d pic are: d place whr I wrote my details, d prson I voted 4 (Elizabeth), & d winner (Cynthia).

D most eye-catching & crucial part of d advertisement card...

Now, one might wonder: How da heck did i manage 2 bring bak my voting card? Don't d management ppl keep all d vote cards???

D answer: I won d watch!!!! From 10 lucky ppl, I won a freaking ODM watch!!!! Woohoo!!! Unfortunately, a TE1 guy won too bt I dun wanna name him cz he wasn't present ysterday so dey gave his prize 2 someone else :(

So, hw many ODM watches do I hv now? Well, technically, 1.5 Ori & 0.5 Fake. Weird huh?

~ Note: Thx 2 Mel Lee 4 waking me up in time 2 attend d event, vote, & WIN :p ~

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Sem 3 Exams Are Here!

Instead of d usual text filled posts I've frequently posted dis sem, I'll post more pics & fake gossip cz many readers remind me 2 do so (apparently dey missed d gossip part alot)....

Here come the exams!

OMG!!!! D finals are stalking me wherever I go!!!

No more annoying last minute consultation for Miss Tyng Tyng dis sem...

Lesser time for "extra-curricular activities" for most of us....

Lesser time for inter-university battles...

Lesser time to lepak & pose ard @ d playground...

More stressed ppl cz of exams (or izit cz dey can't c their loved ones in claz?) comment de -_-


Dat doesn't mean we can't "have fun"!!! Here's a super hot pic 4 u guys/gals 2 interpret yrself.....muahahaha :p

Jangan salah faham ah...look closely & u'll c dat it isn't (yet?) wat u tink it is....BTW, dis pic was uploaded due to the request of d GF of d guy in d red shirt....hehe....

Thursday, 27 November 2008


Many frenz hv asked me dis question:

Why are you so obsessed with a degree scholarship?

Eventhough I do hv 2 admit dat I naturally love studying (it's d only thing I'm slightly gifted in), thr's another reason which I tink many ppl don't know.

My parents.

Here's a simplified list of reasons why I wanna get d scholarship, & help my parents save money in d process.

  • Dey place their children's welfare above everything else. Extra emphasis goes to education. When any of us wants to buy any academic books, dey will pay 4 it w/out question.
  • Dey've sacrificed evrything possibly 2 pay 4 their kids' education. Many of my frenz are shocked when I tell them dat my parents sold their house to pay for our uni education. Yes, dey live in a rented house. Yes, my father is driving a company car, not some fancy car.
  • Dey encourage freedom of choice amongst their kids. None of us were forced to study courses we weren't interested in. My parents were nvr influenced by other ppl saying "Eh...I heard dis course nice eh...send yr kid la..."
  • Evrytime my parents tell me nt 2 stress myself 2 get d schlship, in simply adds my determination to strive for it. It's simple: I spend a little extra time & effort paying attention in claz instead of sleeping. I spend some time revising. I buat muka tembok ask questions which evry1 seems to tink " dis aso dunno". In return, I save a few thousand ringgit for my parents.
  • Dey never stress us to work like shit 2 get good grades. As long as we try our best, dey're satisfied. My parents usually call me, saying "Dun study 2 much eh....I dun wan a son wif good grades but sot oledi."

Hopefully, any weird2 comments bout me being a scholarship freak will be gone by now.

I wan to work for the scholarship.
I wan to prove dat I can do it.
I wan 2 show dat having a brain which is younger by one year is not a problem.
I wan 2 help my parents.

But most importantly,

I wan 2 satisfy my academic craving.

After all, I am a partial geek/study freak @ heart :p

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

1. The first part of the shopping mall's name which I went to ysterday. 1 Utama.

2. The number of times I went to dat mall in one day. Went once after claz wif d TD1 guys, went bak 2 PJ, ate dinner, & went again wif another batch of frenz.

3. The amount of time (minutes) I took to cook during the dinner get-together ysterday. Since evry1 had 2 cook I x tau nak buat apa, I took d leftover yolk from d eggs other ppl used & simply fried it. So....dey couldn't say I didn't fulfill d compulsory cooking requirement (in a sneaky way).

4. The time (a.m.) at which I went to sleep ysterday today. (went 2 claz acting like a zombie 2day)

5. The number of people a Kancil is supposed to be capable of carrying. Even 4 ppl aso sudah sempit weh.

The price of a movie ticket at TGV. I watched Madagascar 4 d 2nd time wif d TD1 guys cz dey knew I was 2 scared 2 watch Quarantine. (actually I tink dey were scared of d idea of me clinging 2 them during d scary scenes)

The number of ppl we managed 2 squeeze in a Kancil when we jalan2 tengah2 malam. Even managed 2 overtake many cars :p

Monday, 24 November 2008

C.E.@ !!!!

~I can't believe we've been bloggin 4 so long bt we didn't notice each other!!!



If u guys ever wondered whr da heck I learnt 2 laser in Bahasa Melayu, here's my tok guru. We met in Form 2, 'clicked', & bcame fast frenz after dat. He helped me develop my Malay laser & vice versa for English. Sounds weird bt we were basically d gossip kings in schl, knowing evry single tidbit of info :p

Dun 4get 2 visit his blog eh....his writing style might be abit weird to some most of u guys/gals bt trust me, it's much nicer 2 read cmpared 2 d darned formal blogs our freakin liars/parrots/hypocrites politicians are pretending to write on d C.E.@ words above to link. Btw, he's dat guy hu commented on my "DOTA Outsiders" post.


Finished d darned Management presentation 2day. 4 some reason (probably I set 2 high standards), was farking pissed off leh. Evry1 aso kena tembak dat day:
  • My groupmates
  • My noisy clazmates
  • Unsuspecting UTARians I happen 2 pass by
  • Unknown drivers on d road hu block my way crossing d road
I guess my PMS (post management syndrom) teenage hormones aren't satisfied wif wrecking my emotions yet....

BTW, 2 those hu were shocked 2 hear my voice's volume drown d whole claz's chatter, u haven't seen many more sides of me. Dun tink a small kid can't have a big voice.....( I wasn't shouting, k. Jz believe d fact dat I hv a loud voice :p )

Sunday, 23 November 2008

I miss _____!

I miss u Kemaman guys/gals. Dat includes you ppl in d same claz as me(CEO, Z-ton, Eno, Reena), those sama umur wif me(LZY, Wenxi, Z-ton-again), many others(Sharvina, Cah). I jz can't stand d thought of us living apart & not having d time 2 c each other. BTW, I'm comin bak around d las few weeks of December.


I miss my Sem 1 hsemates. Sporty Connie, cute Kah Yan, sweet Su Yi, funny Yan Ru, & d super leng chai guys (lazy 2 type names la) hu tolerate my noisy O2Mania-ing tengah2 malam...."ting" anyone? (dat's wat dey called my microwave oven)

I miss my Sem 2 hsemates. Wong, ultimate pokpek partner in dat hse (unlimited crapping between us). Joe & Ang, d two roommates hu always close their room door & laugh tiba2. (wonder wat happens all d time). Angie, d pretty girl hu never fails to surprise me wif her childish antics. Tee Hui, thx alot 4 yr precious help! Ying Keat, d guy hu always allow me 2 pester him 4 fun when I'm bored no matter wat time izit.


I miss my teachers/lecturers. One fact remains no matter where I study. Teachers/lecturers love 2 gossip. In my secondary schl, we hv a plethora of tchrs (Rose, Grandma, Diamond, Sabar, etc.) while in uni, we hv our dear Tyng Tyng.....merata2 gosip...

I miss my sis & bro la. Why am I d only one stuck in PJ while u two get 2 stay in Subang? Not fair!!! I luv d moments when our parents come 2 KL & I get 2 eat dinner wif u two, even if we always tend 2 squabble.

I miss my parents. Can't wait 2 c them la wei....I'm so jealous of those ppl hu go home often. Dey nvr seem 2 appreciate d precious time dey spend wif their family...


Last, but no means least, I miss her!!! For those ppl hu manage 2 find out hu izit, u guessed correctly onot? U kno why I miss her. She funny, smart, kind, nice, beautiful, sweet, pretty, understanding, childish like me, & so many more things!!! She's always been there for me since d beginning, is currently here for me, & hopefully will be there for me in the future.....I absolutely love her.

Due to annoying unlimited random guesses from miss wenxi such as "laptop", blog", & most amusing, "CGPA", I hv changed d rules.
Ppl hu guess correctly will get a reward from me: I'll try 2 introduce HER 2 u.
However, guesses must be accompanied by screenshots from dis particular post proving d reason(s) for your guess. Enjoy d guessing game!!! :p

Friday, 21 November 2008

DOTA Outsiders?

Frenz might wonder why da heck I'm rarely on9 nowadays. Simply put, d answer is: I'm nt @ home.

>>>I'm sick of being left alone @ home while most of d other guys go DOTA-ing. I told them many times dat I retired bt d reality is,

~I jz cant stand d idea of burning money in dat lousy Hotnet CC oni 2 ramble bout how I masacred other ppl (which I'll conveniently 4get after a few hours)~

>>>It's like burning $$ for something temporary with nothing for me in it. Sure, some might argue the "mental exercise" it gives (I hv 2 admit dat) but then, I jz can't bear d thought of burning $$ in a lousy CC for it.

>>>D fact dat these ppl spent their parents money on expensive laptops wif killer graphic cards, superb speakers, screens even wider than my fat face, & wireless capabilities doesn't seem to mean anytin 2 them. Pandai2 wanna burn $$ in dat crappy CC while u can use yr laptops....

So, wat da **** am i doing? Well...

  • Planning, organising (stop d POLC stuff la!) and enjoying weekly cooking sessions @ Shi Hooi's place
  • Reading & exchanging novels wif frenz (it sounds geeky but trust me, you'll get addicted)
  • Last but no means least, hanging out wif frenz hu actually spend time...well...hanging out wif frenz. Jimat duit & obtain more stuff 2 pokpek

Yeah, I might miss out on joining d "group" of frenz tapping crazily on keyboards evrynite bt I'm not sorry I chose dat option. I'd rather do other stuff which doesn't involve burning my parents' money dat way.

I'm nt condemning u guys 4 choosing 2 enjoy yr nite life dat way. I'm jz defending my choice regarding nt doing d same thing. I've noticed some guys hu look @ me in a weird way & refuse 2 mingle wif me jz coz I dun "do wat evryone's doin". Well, I dun care. I'd rather save my money 4 something else.

Please, if u do tink dat ppl hu dun join yr happy little group DOTA-ing are outsiders, be my guest. We'll c hu's d one locked outside classes 4 being late frequently.

Why Stare @ Me?

I've been getting weird stares from d May intake students quite frequently these days.

Could it be....
  • My CGPA (which isn't dat high compared 2 our seniors) helping me grab unecessary attention, thus having them label me as a geek?
  • My squeeky voice when I speak wif my clazmates (those hu kno me will notice dat I speak in diff. tones, depending on situations)
  • My quirky personality, acting all childish & jumpy wherever I go
  • My super weird hairstyle which isn't a hairstyle 2 begin wif. I'm jz keeping it long 4 a while so dat I cn cut a new hairstyle la wei....
I suspect it's d last option. In fact, I've noticed many ppl staring @ my hair especially when it's messy. I jz cant care 2 style it nowadays. Malas la. Besides, saya bukannya gatal2 nak gi dating2 ngan mana2 perempuan pun....xyah melebih2 stail rambut.

~Let's jz admit it. I can't style my hair even if u give me 100 bucks to do it. I'll end up looking like Goku in Dragonball~

Sunday, 16 November 2008

The Best Groupmates

I never learn from my past.

Kononnya nak menyesal after rush assignments like shit in d past, turns out I repeat d same thing during web page assign.

I'm not putting d blame on her but our group member tiba2 sick during our crucial last minute rush. Probably my fault for bringing the swei luck to my group.

The super-noble-self-sacrificial group member of mine refused to give up. She didn tell any1 she was sick (even her roommate). Tengah2 malam force herself to do her part of the assignment. Then, she realised she couldn't type a single sentence word.

U'd expect her 2 give up, rite? No.

She woke up in d middle of d nite, trying 2 force herself 2 do d work she was given. Then, she fell asleep.

Guess what she did the next day (day b4 due date). Give up? Confess to us? Ask us to help her? Yes? NO! She brought her laptop 2 class, still trying to do her work.

At the end of the day, when our group viewed the parts of the assignment we completed, she stood thr watching, acting normal even though she still couldn't manage to do her work no matter how hard she tried.

Give up? No.

Carrying her freakin heavy laptop bak 2 her hometown (she had 2 go bak cz got sumtin), dat freakin monster girl wanted to do her work bak @ d hometown.

Meanwhile, worrying like shit abt d state of our assignment, I tried 2 call her. Fail...stupid coverage tak ada. Her roommate finally told me dat she seemed sick dat day.

I cudn do much xcept SMS her. Then oni she confessed. Buat penat saja she push herself.

Wasted precious time - ok.
Dealt a blow to her health - unacceptable.

I ended up trying to rush d assignment dat nite. i failed to do so. She must hv passed her sickness 2 me. Tengok2 she pulak feel better & manage 2 help in d assignment. Unwilling 2 push myself, I went 2 slp early dat nite.

Woke up d next day 2 find out d rest of d group members were coming 2 my place 2 rush d assignment last minute. Did d rest of d assignment in a few hours. Imagine this...

-A bunch of guys calmly eating b/fast despite having an uncomplete assignment due that afternoon-

-The fastest cut/copy/paste/screenshot/crop/edit/type ever done by a team-

-Superb coordination -> One guy plan wat 2 type. D other listen & type. Other guys go print completed pages 1st. Another guy use laptop do another part of the assignment-

Honestly, I am damn proud of our team.
Wif all the postponing, noise, problems, rushing, we managed 2 coordinate excellently. Not to forget our gila team spirit and one group member who manage 2 do some of the assignment while being sick a few hundred kilometers away.

Therefore, I'd like 2 take d opportunity to:

-Thank my groupmates for constantly tolerating my whining crap & childishness-

-"kow-tow" 2 my groupmates 4 having the best teamwork I hv ever seen in my life. I shouldn't even hv thought abt solo-ing this assignment-

-Saluting the groupmate who strove to do her part of the assignment though she was sick-

-Apologise to any1 I hurt physically (group leader's spare tyre being poked often) & mentally (scolded evry1 like shit). I tend 2 get super cranky & unbelievably evil during last minute rushes-

So, 2 other bastards/bithes ever:
  • complaining about yr teammates
  • scolding them unnecessarily like me
  • tinking dat yr group mates are unfair
  • tinking of using sickness as an excuse for not doing work
Shut up, will u? I'd feel proud any day 2 work wif d same 4 ppl as I did in dis assignment.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Dun Worry....

Dun Worry......

Dat's wat I told my assignment

Here's wat happened:

3 days b4 due date: Didn't read assignment questions. Jz asked fren 2 briefly explain 2 me wat dey were.

2 days b4 due date: Did 1st question out of 6 or 7 in the assignment. Finished in around 5 hours.

1 day b4 due date: Went 2 Sunway Pyramid jalan2 ard 2p.m. During d 20-30 minutes taxi ride 2 Sunway, discussed all except 2 questions wif one of my groupmates, Shi Hooi. One taxi ride was all it took 4 us 2 jot down our answers on paper. Scared the shit outta my other groupmates when dey found out I did oni d 1st question summore had d guts 2 go jalan2 but told them "Dun Worry" as usual. Asked Jack & Louis 2 figure out answers 4 d 2nd last question.

24.5 hours b4 due date time: Reached home ard 11.30p.m. Typed some of d answers, threw d rest 2 Shi Hooi, went 2 sleep.

10 hours b4 due date time: Woke up 2 find dat we have 2 more questions 2 go.

9 hours b4 due date time: Went 2 claz calmly.

6 hours b4 due date time: Took Shi Hooi's laptop & did assignment during d lecture conducted by d assignment punya lecturer.

4 hours b4 due date time: Lazy de. Passed d rest of d work 2 Tim.

1 hours b4 due date time: Rushed assignment after claz wif Shi Hooi, Jack & Louis. Told Tim 2 go bak cz he stay damn far. Then oni realise we haven't done appendices & references section. Dey rush those sections while I mati2 pun mau check d assignment's grammar. My degil-ness actually caused delays.

10 mins b4 due date time: Eh...was it 5 minutes b4 ah? Nvm la...rushing dat time. Went 2 news junction 2 print. Held Shi Hooi's laptop in one hand, typing wif d other while walking. 4gotten dat we letak Shi Hooi's sleeping pic as her desktop background. Buat malu saja when open @ Newsjunction.

15 mins after due date time: Passed d assignment 2 our lecturer. Luckily she so nice and pretty. All went bak, tired like shit. I slept til 10++am. d next day.

Fun? Dis is d most fun punya assignment rush I've had dis sem.....Sem 1 & 2 aso rush like dis but not as "geng" enjoyed every minute of it.....d adrenaline....and d total burnout allowed me 2 sleep kau2 ^_^ I'd love 2 go thru dis once more. Any1 wanna volunteer 2 become my degree assignment partner? Those wif hypertension & high blood pressure need not apply.

Friday, 7 November 2008


Boredom. One simple word can evoke so many responses from me. It is limitless. It is ever present. It is a strangling, corrupting feeling I despise.

Sources include:
-Lack of any1 ard 2 chat wif
-Lack of any topics 2 chat wif d ppl ard
-Lack of anytin 2 do
-Lack of enthusiasm in claz (either from lecturers, students, or both)
-Lack of goals/things to do in life

Effects include:
-Excessive drowsiness
-Inability to do anytin other than stare into nothingness (Blur-ness disease)
-Transformation of a perfectly active, happy-go-lucky person into a zombie
-Increased tendency to blog in order to release tension.

I'm bored.

W/ends & Hols

Many ppl ask me why da **** I love classes & despise holidays. The reasons are simple:

I get 2 c frenz before, during, & after classes. Be it chatting, sharing crap, or basically anytin, it's d presence dat matters. Nuf said.

So....why hate w/ends? Dun u hv frenz? Well...nt if all of dem happily go bak 2 their hometown(s) or relatie's houses. Even those living in KL dun even stay nearby. Then, it's time 4 me 2 rot of boredom for 2 days.

I really dread long hols. It's nt dat I dun even contact my family.....dun get me wrong, my mum pesters me several times a day jz 2 slam down d phone b4 I can say anytin cz she wants 2 watch her favourite TV show :p It's d damned fact dat I feel so far apart from my frenz. Goin bak 2 my hometown leaves few options 4 me 2 pokpek. My high schl frenz are all gone 2 their respective uni's....while my uni frenz are in their own hometowns....zZz....

So...why da **** am I crapping here? It's simple: I dread living w/out my frenz. Period.

Monday, 3 November 2008

Tak Sedar-Sedar

Haiz....sampai sekarang pun tak faham2!!! Berapa kali dah kata, jangan study last minute!!! Ni tak sedar2 diri!!! Nanti kau menyesal baru tahu!!! "other side" nagging me as usual.....LOL :p

Studying 4 2moro's mid-term test on Management. Apparently I didn't kno thr was one til 2day. Suddenly punya after lecture Miss Quahci remind us: "Rmbr 2moro's test venue ah!". I didn't even kno ada test, apatah lagi nak cakna venue kat "study" lor ^_^

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